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666 Reasons To Hate Call of Duty

Last posted Jan 08, 2013 at 07:03PM EST. Added Jan 08, 2013 at 05:34PM EST
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I actually kind of like Black Ops 2 and have nothing against the other games.

I would discuss my view on call of duty in more detail but this is obviously the wrong thread because it’s a biased “Hate on call of duty because it sucks” instead of a reasonable discussion thread about the series which is just plain sad, So I won’t brother to watse my time here and just give my two cents. :|

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5) The worst fanbase ever. I’m dead bucking serious. It may even be worse than Directioners, Sonictards and Wolfaboos. Nobody can type for shit, they’re sore losers, they curse every two seconds, they get extremely butthurt when you insult CoD, they call everything “gay”, and THEY SUCK AT THEIR OWN GAME. Need I say more?

6) Anti-Christ

(Honest opinion though: I’ve had a bad experience the first time I’ve played online on MW2.

But Black Ops is fine and I generally like the zombie games they have included.

World at War is dabes. )

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