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The Last Video Game Character you played as is now your best Friend

Last posted Jan 25, 2013 at 03:50PM EST. Added Jan 09, 2013 at 06:33PM EST
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“When you’re being paid more than three times the expected salary for unskilled labor, you learn not to ask questions. When inhuman screams can be heard from further down the assembly line, you close the door and take a lunch break. When the door flies off its hinges and a mangled combination of man and machine comes charging in – lunch break is over.”

I have a welder who fights off biomechanical cloning experiments
Larger chance to survive the zombie outbreak

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Freinds with… Commander Shepard.

The second we disagree about something and a renegade prompt pops up I am getting the fuck out of there.

You all shall become my bitches as we conquer this world.
And on to the next. And the continuation of this cycle will proceed without interruption, and no one shall have the powers to stop both of us, if not one of us!

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BF3…no specific character. Next to last game I played, GT5…again, no specific character. Before that…

Great, my best friend doesn’t even speak English. FML. Good news though, I have a friend!

She doesn’t talk much. She kinda just shouts all the time. Oh well, looks like i’m protected for world eating dragons for a while.
edit: Actually this guy, but I felt you all might appreciate my dohvakiin a little more…

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