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Any tabletop wargamers here? Tabletop wargaming thread.

Last posted Jan 17, 2013 at 05:50PM EST. Added Jan 15, 2013 at 10:00PM EST
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I was wondering if anybody here was into tabetop wargames like warhammer 40k/fantasy. warmachine/hordes, flames of war etc. if so how did you guys get into the hobby scene, what do you collect/play, what factions etc. ill start on how i got into it.

I’ve been collecting since i was 9 (now am 21) years old, started with 40k space marines (what a suprise), then i expanded to play skaven for warhammer fantasy when their new codex came out.
Over time i got bored of these games cuz of stupid bullshit rules and overpowered new army releases. so i eventually went to a private hobby store and started collecting warmachine since it was the main hobby in the store, but its was a new love for me. however, with the new 6th edition rules for warhammer 40k came out it also renewed my passion for my first game and i still play both.
with many different games at the store, i eventually wanted more games to play, i got into Flames of War, Infinity, and now curently getting into malifaux.

Post pics of what you got if you want to or ask anything on wtf i was just talking about.

anyway, here are some examples of my work


I used to collect back when I was ten I think now im 19, I got really into it loved the fiction read loads of books and collected the codexes.

The thing that mainly started me off into it was my uncle giving me a pretty respectable Space Marine Dark Angels force (Land Raider, a few rhino’s loads of marines and 3 dreadnoughts) I went over to my local Gamesworkshop and used to play table top, it was great fun made some real good friends which I still have upto this day. I got bored of the space marines after a while though and started collecting a Tyranid force which also grew to quite a respectable size which I won quite a few games with if I remember correctly, I thrashed this eldar player a ridiculous amount of times.

I used these armies for about a year then we all decided to start to get into something different again and went Warhammer, where I once again gathered together another decent sized Skaven army. this faze didn’t last too long though and I soon found out that I preferred 40k. casting spells and such in fantasy just got too ridiculously confusing and eventually we soon lost interest being at that age.

After a few more years the shop went downhill financially and started employing staff who were quite frankly pr*cks, they would just go around screwing up peoples games. after this point we switched interests (once again) and budged to Flames of War in which I only had enough time to make a 5 tank strong German panzer group before the shop closed all together. since then me and my friends have never really got back into properly, we were planning to have a few games and start it all up again so we started rebuilding our armies in which I made a small Imperial Guard force, but it ever happened and that was months ago..I havent sold anything though the time I put in is worth a lot more that money

So all in all Ive got
A pretty armor orientated space marine force
A large strength in numbers Tyranid army
A small but capable Skaven force, with a few rat giants
A 5 tank strong German force for flames of war
aaaand a 3 squad strong Imperial Guard army

So there you have it, thats my history in warhammer


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