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Help! This music SUCKS!

Last posted Jan 20, 2013 at 06:54PM EST. Added Jan 18, 2013 at 06:23PM EST
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So I just started to go to the gym…and apart from being torn into pieces, there’s something that has been bothering me..and it’s the shi**y ASS music that they play every time I go there. They told me “dude you are getting a bit fatty, go to the gym and you will EVENTUALLY enjoy it”
MY SWEET ASS, an hour of Nicki Minaj, one direction and Gangnam style over and over again like endless ring of death…If THAT isn’t enough, I look like this Pikachu

Oh KYM users, will you share your glorious music taste with me? So I will have a shitload of music to listen with my cellphone the next time I visit that poor-excuse for a gym…
I pretty much like everything, except dubstep (at some degrees) and rap (nowadays)

Eh. They have the radio playing 24/7 where I work and people always tune into the same channel that plays the same shit. Usually Op Shop and her crazy ex-girlfriend folk music, Bruno Mars and his try-hard JB wannabe music and of course One Direction…always fucking One Direction. I’d rather listen to Gangnam style constantly than that

CLYDE (Joe's Nightmare) wrote:

To tell you the truth?
My music taste sucks.

Show me, hit me with the worst you got
Back in my high school days, everyone was listening to skrilexx and modern stuff while was listening to JAZZ, TOM FUCKING JONES AND ELVIS
C’mon, it can’t be that bad

But Nicki Minaj is good.

Lol, downvoting me for an opinion? Have you even listened to her verses? Some of them are fire.

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Well I dont know what kind of music you like, I’ll let this one just in case
<iframe width=“420” height=“315” src=“” autoplay=1" allowfullscreen="true">

Dr. MEDIC! wrote:

Well I dont know what kind of music you like, I’ll let this one just in case
<iframe width=“420” height=“315” src=“” autoplay=1" allowfullscreen="true">

As I said :"almost everything except some dubstep and nowadays rap
I DO like orchestra..can’t say the same about the movie where you got that

I agree, last time I listened to “Stupid Hoe” my ears set on fire, I had to literally sing in my head “Still Alive”

When I workout, i listen to various artists including
- Led Zeppelin (All Albums)
- AC/DC (All Albums)
- Guns N’ Roses (All Albums)
- The Buzzcocks (Only have “Singles Going Steady”, but others are probably fine)

Just throw one of these on a Pandora station, and you should be good to go, or just download it.

Jesus Christ, my music taste makes me look like I’m still in middle school.
Oh well, I’ll list artists I like to listen to when I’m walking/going on runs:
- Panic! At the Disco
- Fall Out Boy
- Paramore
- Gorrillaz
- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
- From First to Last
- Pink (mmmmm… good pop…)
Every now and again I like to listen to Skillet and Flyleaf as well.

Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

Dubstep and rap are your exceptions?

Fall under my wing, young apprentice.

You need your Viking Metal.

Your Woodkid.

Your Badebeebadabi.

Your Daft Punk.

And to prove not all rap-ish stuff is crap.

Now go forth and Even Lift, Phaget.

Nowadays rap, I do like the good ol’ rap since I listened to MC Hammer every godamn day of my pathetic high school life…
And then the teacher asked me what was I listening to, everyone would have said “Skrilex” but nooooooo, I said “Hammah Tiem”, “It’s not unusual!”, “MEDIC!”
Oh high school…How much I DON’T miss you

We used to listen to mortal kombat soundtracks at the place I used to do karate at. I can’t remember what the songs I really liked were called but I’m sure they’d be appropriate for working out as well and would easily drown out the stuff you ain’t trying to hear.

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