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ITT: Unpopular Opinions

Last posted Feb 05, 2013 at 10:29PM EST. Added Jan 19, 2013 at 07:04PM EST
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Twilight is the best book ever, the movies are aswesome too, Kristen Stewart has such an amazing reaction faces, her acting makes Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood look like shit.

Reaction Faces will be always funny, same goes for Advice dogs.

9gag > 4chan

OP is such a good guy

Most modern liberal beliefs are terrible ideas
Website karma is the dumbest thing ever made
The mods/admins on this website don’t do a good job
Reddit is cancerous
Linux is a god-tier OS
and last, but not least…

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The mods/admins on this website don’t do a good job

The thread’s topic is unpopular opinions.

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Games like “The Walking Dead” and Phoenix Wright shouldn’t be considered video games, but rather interactive movies.

I kid you not I actually believe this.

EDIT: @BSoD Abortion being wrong, Advice Animals needing entries, and Call of Duty being good.

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I prefer consoles over PC.

Why? Because their simple. Yeah, I know a decent PC won’t put you into extreme debt, but when I see some asshat bragging about his $2,000 setup and arguing how the “console crowd is nothing but inferior scum”, I can’t help but go back to playing local multiplayer on my console while everyone else has to shove their computer in their car and drive over to their friend’s house to play over a LAN connection.

TL;DR: Both consoles and PC have their advantages, so shut your mouth, PC elitists.

Teh Brawler wrote:



The mods/admins on this website don’t do a good job

The thread’s topic is unpopular opinions.

Well, I was serious about what I said.

EA Games is the nicest american company

Valve sucks, they never care about what their customers or comunity think

COD is the best game of the century, shit games like…PFFF Portal 2? Halo? Uncharted? Overrated shit

I think women should wear hi-jabs.

Gays should receive the death penalty

Women should not be allowed to go to school

Everyone should convert to Islam.

And that Dungeons and Dragons is boring.

Bronies are perverted zoophile manchildren.

Furries are yiffing creeps.

Dr who isn’t even good

Homestuck sucks

9gag is awesome

MLP is a forced meme

I ain’t even waiting for HL3.

>Britain should have sided with Nazi Germany
>women should be de-sexualised
>Nationalist socialism should be the future of Britain
>I cant stand every new or existing entry being done over by mlp
>all foreigners should be deported along with the Jews

I really can’t tell which of these opinions are jokes, and which ones aren’t. For example, in the third post above this, “I cant stand every new or existing entry being done over by mlp” is a perfectly reasonable opinion to hold. When you say something like that alongside “Hitler was right and all foreigners should be deported”, it’s a bit worrying to say the least.

As for my own:

  • The Lord of the Rings movies dragged on a bit (and I’m not even talking about the extended cuts)
  • Star Wars is kinda overrated
  • I don’t see the appeal in The Beatles
  • I can’t stand Facebook
  • Nightclubs are awful
  • Eating meat is, at least in some of the most developed countries, morally questionable to some degree
    (If that last one doesn’t attract some negs, nothing will)

Oh, and coffee is best strong, black and without sugar.

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Über Mephisto wrote:

Skyward Sword is an emerald Jesus-tier game.

That’s hardly an unpopular opinion. Everybody loved Skyward Sword.

Anyways, I liked the prequels.
sue me

Harry Potter is shit. Let me just say from the bottom of my heart that I hate Harry Potter, and the entire seven books. I hate Harry, I hate Ron, I hate Hermione, I hate Dumbledore, I hate Haggrid, I hate every single one of those quasi-English faggots. I hate the the context, I hate the diction, I hate the archetypes, I hate the setting, I hate the fandom, and I hate Rowling. I am so sick and tired of Harry Potter I can’t even take it.

New Spongebob is funnier than the plain boring stupid plot-ass Old episodes

Nickelodeon is great, except that retarded show called..err..The legend of Korra? Seriously? What were they thinking? Instead of Fanboy and Cum Cum and now we have this shit

Toonami is shit and will be always shit

There are no good fandoms.
Ponification is never, ever necessary.
You’re not funny because you posted one of the same 30 “OP is a faggot” pics everyone posts for a brand new article.
Nintendo’s last great console was the SNES.
There are no Sonic the Hedgehog games worth playing that aren’t on the Genesis.
Pokemon is just as bad as Call of Duty.
Gravity Falls isn’t anything special.
Neither is Adventure Time.
Or Regular Show.
No 4chan boards are worth visiting except for /mu/ and /wg/.
No subreddits are worth visiting except for /r/cringe and /r/earthporn.
Both liberals and conservatives can be idiots.
People use the word “hater” as a substitute for anything smart to say.

I could go on all day.

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I think OP didn’t do a great job of explaining what’s supposed to be going on here (i.e., he didn’t.)

His post, however, said “I think that Regular Show is better than Adventure Time.”
So I’d say that the thread is: Post unpopular opinions that you actually hold. So if you don’t actually hold the opinion, then there’s no need to post it. That should help with the confusion.

As for me, I think Facebook is awesome. (It’s an unpopular opinion in Web Culture.)

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