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Artists of KYM, are you up for a challenge?

Last posted Feb 10, 2013 at 05:33PM EST. Added Jan 27, 2013 at 12:28AM EST
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I have a friend who is looking to get (yet another) tattoo. She has in mind what she wants to a decent degree, but she’d like a more artistic rendering of the very basic rendering she made. For now I’m just trying to gauge the interest here on if anyone’s willing or wanting to help with this. If she likes it, she will be getting the tattoo, so your art will be there for a rather long time. The tattoo artist will probably change up whatever you do draw a bit, which is to be expected, but otherwise it’ll be your art on a semi-permanent medium! If it looks like there is enough interest, I’ll post up what she wants.

I would like to see what she has in mind, to see whether I’d be interested. My mom and aunt have matching tattoos that they had me design.

Cale Guy wrote:

Be careful now. All Most of these “KYM Artists” cannot draw for shit.

On the topic of a permanent mark on your skin, I’m obliged to agree with this. No offense to the artists here, but several of you aren’t tattoo material, and I rather not see OP’s friend or your work end up on a “FAIL” image macro.

As for OP, The Art Thread For Everyone contains quite a variety of work, so should help in giving you an impression on who you can trust.

Ha, well this is obviously something they are going to see and approve of first. She may not like any of them :D It’s not like it’s a contest or anything, she just wants something, she may wait and just go to the tattoo artist and have them draw something up, she isn’t getting this done right away or anything.

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Okay, so finally have the time to post this up. Here is what she wants, word for word:

So it is pretty straightforward. Chip stack for the spine of the dragon to a certain point (artistic license can be taken). With the card suits on either side in those empty space sections. That pink pic is just a card back. I don’t need it to look exactly like the card back, but I did want some extra “stuff” around the dragon in the background. A little filler. Normally there are like little waves of shading put in according to what the tattoo artist thinks will look best, but I don’t like relying on them to free hand and come up with something I will like on my body till I am burnt to a crisp and cremated. So the artist can come up with something else for the background to make it a little more robust. The dragon I like because my other dragons are similar in style (very wispy, sharp edges, girlie). I wouldn’t be opposed to scratching the card back idea. Some lotus flowers or cherry blossoms would be okay too. Depends on how it all looks. I might wind up just getting no background as sometimes (like my others) it is cleaner looking to me just to have the main piece without all the pomp and circumstance around it. The last pic is an example of the fluff they add in that I am not interested in. I don’t have any color in any of my tats. But for this one I might be convinced to get the Red hearts and red diamonds for the suits. Maybe a red line going down the spine. Ignore the colors of the chips. They need to be all black with the white squares.

I could go to the tattoo shop and get one done for $20 bucks but they never listen to me. I had one commissioned before and it didn’t look like I wanted. Despite the many drawings I brought in. As far as size goes… if you fit it on a standard size piece of paper they can reduce or enlarge as needed. I am not entirely sure how big I want it to be as it has to fit in between some tats.

I then asked her, Do you want it to be more a realistic look (like textured scales and stuff) or more cartoony? The artist on this site tend to be more cartoony, but there are some that are definately good at more realistic work.

She responded with well the dragon to look exactly like the one i posted. could be fatter or more filled in. but that style. not cartoony at all.

Here is an image someone already made for her as an idea, she likes it but she’s trying to find the best one she can.

She said she will try and answer any questions as best she can you have about the piece, so feel free to ask. Thanks again to all of you, she really appreciates the help.

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