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Short questions, long-ass answers

Last posted Mar 01, 2013 at 09:03PM EST. Added Feb 17, 2013 at 04:27PM EST
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Game is simple as 1-2-3.
I make a short question and you will answer it in the longest way you can. If you have no idea of how to begin, I recommend to watch this video first and later come back:

The first question will be…What’s your favourite movie?

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     meh  wrote:

fuck you

Woah just woah man….That certainly is one hell of a insult against me and everything I believe, in fact, it’s such a great insult, It rustled my jimmies and lowered my faith in humanity at the same time. Truly, I have been defeated by a superior user who, by the use of a clever F word, managed to win at everything. Just look at that complex sentence, the very example of the English grammar, such a words hide a message that only mortals wish to understand.

     meh  wrote:

fuck you

ahem My dear gentlemen, I do believe the phrase you wished to use to express you utmost and utter dissappontment with the original poster was more along the lines of “fornicate thyself.”
It is my utmost duty to remind you that in light of the original poster’s instruction, you would be most wise to speak in a manner deem fit of being highly educated.

Getting back to the subject, I would like to express my likings towards the short film demonstrated above. Also, keep in mind that english is my second language, so it is very certain that you find a couple of minor flaws in the following opinion.

Our fellow user Wascot, in the first post you will find above, asked us which feature film belonged to our favorite preference. It might be difficult for my self to choose, since there is quite a large variety of genres and techniques used in the film industry, ranging from Third Dimensional animation to Live Action Films. However, I would have to side with Pixar’s beloved Toy Story, both the debut and the sequels; because as a child, it was one of the first films I had the pleasure of wittnessing. And about a decade after its release, the third part demonstrated the emotional link I had towards the previously mentioned film.
Now, I have a doubt wether I should interrogate a new question for the next user, or if everyone should answer an identical question.

In any case, I ask you: Which musical piece belongs to your favorites?

On a side note, I would like to add that typing the text you just finished reading (or in some cases skipped, following the laws of the meme known as TL;DR LOL) expensed quite a large amount of time. This conversation improves your manners and brings you an extensive vocabulary.

Thank you my fellow gentleman “trained person responsible for providing medical care” Ivo Eggbotnik. But I must insist that I can’t tolerate such a behavior provided by this user called "Trained Person whose function is to provide a moist meal made by organic products and meat. Clearly he wanted to express his hatred against my person by saying a phrase commonly associated with the sexual act between members of the opposite gender but the meaning of this very sentence is in fact wishing a cruel destiny to the person. In response, I must openly mock his ill-conceived attempts to emerge as the victor in this website.

EDIT, which means I saddly sent this post without adding crucial information and at this very moment, I am able to do such a thing: Unfortunatly I was unable to ask the question provided by Sir Digoxin since when I was pressing the keys that indicate the computer what digital letter I have the intention to put, at the very same time that Digoxin was doing the exactly same action.

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Indeed, such a man is no gentleman, but rather an imbecile who would wish to bring the human spirit down with remarks of profanity portaying said sexual acts. It should not be condoned by any party, as it demonstrates a clear lack of grammatical skill and intelligence when a man cannot speak in a manner denoting high intelligence and proper education training.

The fact that the “trained person responsible for providing medical care” Ivo “Round body containing the fowl’s species and some reptile’s ovum” and Wascot denied any kind of knowledge towards my statement found a pair of posts above makes me question if you took enough time to read the aforementioned statement.

I, in fact, took a prolonged period of time to carefully not miss a single post in this thread, I simply choosed to not express anything so my opinion would not overshadow another users statements. But since your question deserves the right to be answered, I shall do that in this moment.The question was “what musical piece finds a place in my memory as the beloved one”, and I must say that I am quite fond of “Don’t Stop Me Now”, a musical piece that belongs to the rock genre, performed by English rock group Queen.

I must express my disapproval that can’t fully express your thoughts in our delicate language

Doctor Spark wrote:

I, in fact, took a prolonged period of time to carefully not miss a single post in this thread, I simply choosed to not express anything so my opinion would not overshadow another users statements. But since your question deserves the right to be answered, I shall do that in this moment.The question was “what musical piece finds a place in my memory as the beloved one”, and I must say that I am quite fond of “Don’t Stop Me Now”, a musical piece that belongs to the rock genre, performed by English rock group Queen.

I must express my disapproval that can’t fully express your thoughts in our delicate language

I believe you meant to use the word Chose instead of the word Choosed, which happens to not be a word.

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

I believe you meant to use the word Chose instead of the word Choosed, which happens to not be a word.

Oh foolishly fool actions perfomed by me! I regret for such a grammar error.

Do feel concerned Collector Wascot. It is of no major consequence.

EDIT: Oh dear, it appears I have mistakenly submitted an incomplete reply to your concern. Rest assured, Collector Wascot, that I meant no worry, I had intended to scribe “Do not feel concerned.” My apologies for my most erroneous misake.

Last edited Feb 17, 2013 at 06:15PM EST

Gentlemen, while loathing to be the bothersome intruder who so commonly interrupts such fine conversation as is to be had here, I must make an observation: very few of you are expressing your opinions regarding the motion pictures or, as so cleverly suggested by another, the pieces of musical art that are preferred by each of you, respectively. May I suggest that we, leaving behind other concerns, directly apply ourselves to discovering the answers to said questions, and, in the manner most suited to each of our tastes, expounding upon them here?

Now, as to another matter of considerable weight in situations like this, is this the sort of enterprise where we are to only answer one query every page, or is it rather a two-sided blade, which is to say that each participant is expected (though not required, as all definite requirements for inclusion in this forum have been thrown away; this is explored elsewhere, and I shan’t belabor the discussion) to propose his own question to the group, (or, perhaps, only to the poster immediately following) following his response to the question already posed by another?

Allow me to explain the very purpose of this thread, one user makes a simple question which should or not be answered by the fellow members of “Acknowledge your memetic concept that spreads through the internet”. Should the users answer such a question and , as an option, make their own so we have room for more discussion and, of course, to fully use our delicate speak.

The last question was:
“Which musical piece belongs to your favorites?”, coming from fellow user Digoxin.

Last edited Feb 17, 2013 at 07:46PM EST

Although I enjoy many a piece, I must say that my immediate favorite belongs to the title commonly referred to as “E.G.G.M.A.N.”. My number one reason for this particular musical piece being listed as my favorite is that this piece is the main theme of my personal favorite villainous identity commonly referred to as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, AKA “Dr. Eggman”. It is for this very reason that I enjoy this piece, at it tells of the villainous personality of the aforementioned character known as “Eggman” and his most inner desire to possess the spherical rock commonly referred to as “Earth”. I will now proceed to place upon this area of discussion a moving picture which documents the aforementioned musical piece.

Now, as an inquiry of any user of this forum to who it may be of interest:

What is a particular favorite animal of yours?

Last edited Feb 27, 2013 at 10:14PM EST

I must say that from the eight million species on earth, that my personal favorite is from the kingdom of Animalia, the phylum of Chordata, the class of Mammalia, the order of Carnivora, the family of Felidae, and the genus of Felis. It belongs to the species of living creatures known as Felis margarita, and is most commonly referred to as either the sand cat or the sand dune cat. Not only are they simply possessing the distinct qualities that one would define as “cute”, but they live in the harsh desert environment. The previously stated fact that they live solely in the harsh desert climates shows that these small creatures possess a second set of qualities that would also define them as “tough”. Not all creatures can possess both qualities at the same time, it’s quite a sight to see one do so. In conclusion, I find that this creature being at the top of my list of animals that I prefer over other animals.

Fellow user Ivo The rodent mammal adorned with pointy fur, your question turns out to be quite difficult for me to answer. I have a female Doberman Pinscher living with me, and she has gained a major sentimental value for me and my family members. We refer to her as “Deedee”. She is quite an obedient and hygienic canine, but before she joined our family, we used to coexist with felines. I don’t seem to recall the exact number, but they also hold a very special place in my pulsating organ responsible for the circulation of blood.

I can still hear the musical piece used in the film found at the top of this page, refered to as “An encounter with the entrepreneur of sensory shapeshifting with purpose of infiltrationary actions” playing in my subconcious as I write this forum reply.

Now, I will proceed to question the next user who reads this message: Do you feel an attraction towards any other human being? If you do, do you feel enough confidence to ask this person if he or she given the circumstances would like to be in a conyugal relationship?

BlackWolf, The Midnight Pirate wrote:

I’m surprised that Verbose hasn’t graced this thread with his long ass comments yet.

I think the words you were looking for where: I find myself stunned to realized that the user Verbose has kept himself from visiting this conversation and enlightened it with his exquisite conversational abilities.

Digoxin’ question…
I am indeed, sorry gentlemen If the following words may sound a bit “oversentimental”, a word which may exist or not but at the moment I don’t have any wish to search it.
At the moment, my very person is lonely ,without the presence of a member of the opposite gender. I blame the place whose function is to provide education techniques and such, known as high school, a place where my most horrendous memories become true. In fact, this “high school” barely managed to improve my ability to understand and learn about the knowledge that hides inside this mysterious world….Only increasing my disgust towards those who had the pleasure to ruin the very first day I stepped into that place…The feeling of joy and happiness from my younger memories as a kid became extremelly crushed that moment, these loud poor irish men would often insult me, mock me, treating me like some sort animal, despite their hatless nature and their untalented souls. I’d like to take a moment to personally blame those hatless members of the opposite gender from this so called “high school”, thanks to their devilish humorous intentions, I find myself unable to trust to women in these days…

Oh, Wascot. I back your statement up. Some female individuals believe they have enough authority to mock their opposite gender just because of the senseless “rule” established by feminists saying that only homosexual males would damage a woman by physical or psychological means. I have only kissed once in my short life, and the prepubescent girl (at that time) had a boyfriend. Almost every female classmate I had would think I was weird because I was usually very silent and reluctant to participate in any activities that involved people other than my 2 friends. To this date, I can’t say I had a girlfriend.
I would also like to point that you forgot to inquire the next user that would visit this sofisticated thread.

I do say, has this foreshortened part of this forum fly out of what subject we were to be speaking of?

I relapse in my memory that any persons whom have participated in this aforementioned part of this forum were to pose an interrogative statement whereas it is short and the next person to add his/her part of this thread whereas he/she must reply to said interrogative statement with a lengthy response which must rejoinder the aforementioned interrogative statement.

This is crazy, I mean, do you really expect me to type a wall of text? I mean, I could use Filler Text for crying out loud, but Oh No! I have to type! I can’t believe rules sometimes, well you know what? I give up. I will just use filler text. But now that I think about it, filler text is kind of bad. I mean, does it really fill something? Oh great, now you got me arguing on the internet.

量子 Meme wrote:

What is the meaning of life?

It’s a short question with a possibly long answer.

There is no meaning of life itself… However, there is an answer to the combination of life, the area of space known to us as the universe, and all things therein. That answer is an even numer with two digits, the first digit is the number known as four, the second digit is the number known as two. It has come to my attention that all humans know of this simple truth, and therefore your question, while good intentioned, was unnecessary.

Thank you my fellow champ of good breeding and social stature..
Allow me to provide all of you with a proper question , which is a subject that has been traveling through the minds of every citizen that has access to internet or to general information.
A company responsible for developing games and sales of both hardware and software is about to release an interactive entertainment computer whose function is to provide it’s user with the joy of videogames and cinematographic pieces, this company is known as “Sony Computer entertainment” and this specific device for playing video games is known as PlayStation. It should be noted that this “console” will be the successor to the “PlayStation 3”, gaining the name “PlayStation 4”.
“I would like to know what is your opinion about the release of this videogame console. From one side we have fellow gentlemen who are invited to position themselves into a connected series of rail vehicles propelled along a track to transport cargo or passengers, in a humorous way, these fellow gentlemen call it “Hype Train”.
In the another side we have another group of people who simply choose to wait for a different videogame console developed by a another company. This company is known as “Microsoft” and the videogame console is called “Xbox”.

Last edited Feb 28, 2013 at 05:14PM EST

Why my dear boy, it is frivolous that you should ask such a thing. All you need do is simply post a rather short-of-length inquiry to any available user who my happen to observe this area of discussion. Observe as I give an example of a brief interrogative:

(Paraphrasing original poster Wascot’s rather lengthy inquiry)

What do you think of the PlayStation 4 that is coming out soon?

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