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ITT KYM Invents a Sport

Last posted Mar 16, 2013 at 03:22PM EDT. Added Mar 16, 2013 at 01:21AM EDT
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A couple days ago, I took up as a pet project the concept of crossing over football and basketball. I’ve filled up almost an entire page at this point with my poorly-spelled scribbles, but that’s only a tiny fraction of the amount of work I’m gonna need to do in order to finish the “rule book”, not to mention, you know, getting people to actually play it on a specially constructed field.
Anyway, while I was doing this I had a great idea: Why not collaborate with others to create something entirely new? Of course this website was my first choice of where and with whom this would happen, so here we are now.
In the first “round” of this process, you can do two things:
1.Give your own personal idea for a new sport, boiled down as much as you possibly can. For example, soccer would be “two teams try to kick a ball into a net”, basketball would be “two teams try to shoot a ball into a hoop”, and so on. The reason for that is that I want this to be a team effort, with all of us throwing in our own thoughts, not just one guy telling us how it’ll be done. (Plus, if what you’ve come up with is so convoluted that you are physically incapable of shortening it to this length, you should probably trash it).Also, keep in mind that this should be new, so make it as unique as possible, not just (x sport) with/without (y).
2. Show your support of someone else’s idea. Pretty simple, but try not to add onto it just yet- either simply say “I pick this”, or come up with something new, because at this point you can’t have it both ways. Keep in mind that I’d like this option to be chosen by most people, because I don’t want 100 different things vying for attention.
Once a fairly clear favorite emerges, or it’s been so long that we absolutely need to move on, I’ll choose the winning concept and we’ll move on to “round 2”.
If we follow all these rules as well as the KNM Forum Rules, I really do think we can get something accomplished. With that in mind, have fun and play ball!

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Not a bad idea, but before we get started, you want me to change “KNM” to “KYM” for you? That’s the commonly used acronym for “Know Your Meme.”

Also, this is almost the denoted definition for a thread in JFF in terms of it being an explicit participatory project. Want me to move it for you?

Crossover of Lacrosse and Basketball:


(I don’t know.)

Two teams try to score baskets as if they were playing a normal game of basketball.
Except they’re not playing basketball.
They’re playing lacrocketball.
And they’re using lacrosse sticks.
And the ball isn’t the size of a basketball.

And the basket is smaller, which takes more coordination and cooperation.

The End.

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We should combine wrestling with volley ball.

two sides
score by pinning the ball on the other side of the court
Extra points for suplexing or pildedriving the ball.
Can be single, or a tag team.


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