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@Juvia, Gray and Erza
Enchantress: I’m glad that you are all okay! The forests are less dangerous after the Alpha wolves decided to travel to other lands but sometimes a little situation or two happens. As long as our hearts are togheter, I’m certainly sure nothing bad will ever happen to all of you. I’m sorry if I say this again but..I really missed you.

A huge wide smile appears on the young fawn’ face the moment Erza mentions the Druud and its members.

Oh I’m so glad you managed to befriend the centaurs! They are such a poor creatures aren’t they? I think violence is not always the answer but I can’t force them to go against their own culture which saddens me a lot. Speaking of that, there is a old saying related to them: “A centaur’s road is paved with the corpses of the fallen”…you see what I mean?

After the tornado hits.

May the wisest of the Wildwing race clear the skies and clear our path. C’mon, I can sense where they are! This is fun!

With the balloon destroyed, the blue tribe members would be attacked by every member of the Wildkin around. As the mages try to attack the wildwing warriors, more of these eagle beasts start to appear, coming from every tree and piercing the skies with their powerful wings. Before the warriors are able to cast another spell, they slowly retreat not becouse of a shield, becouse a important member of the tribe is making her way towards the mages. The Shaman should be able to feel the full force of nature focusing in a single carefree spirit. An intense light starts to appear between the trees, slowly heading to the location of the shaman and the Firewarriors.
Finally, the bushes start to move, the canopy shadows dissapear, a cloud of wisps starts to follow the erratic wind and the grace of the forest spreads everywhere along with the touch of happiness and laughter. With a hop, skip and a jump, Enchantress reveal herself. The first thing that the doe does is turn around and say the following words to Juvia, Gray and Erza.

Judging by their auras and weird clothes, I take it they are friend of yours right? The scholar I presume?

OOC: Well..according to some unnecessary and unimportant research, today is the day where a particular uses celebrates his respective birthday and becouse we all care about each other’s life..I made a special surprise for him..
Dear Zarathh..
This is a real present I swear.
No kidding, no trap door or shotgun under the pillow, I guarantee you that you will get a gift by the time you are done reading these words.
Are you ready?
I’m sure you are.
I wasted like 5 hours in this piece of art.
Becouse I know you care a lot about how much my life sucks that I completely waste my entire time in this thread.
Anyways, are we ready kids?
“Yes captain, we are ready!”
Alright then.
Here, have the present.
Its a very special one.
Deploying surprise in 3..
Hold on, I lost the box.
Nevermind here it is.
Now its filled with cat’ fur and porn magazines.
Deploying surprise in 3..

I made it all up..
Hey if it makes you feel any better, I have never ever really cared about you, or your family, or your social life or anything related to you.
Anyways, becouse I’m actually feeling less souless today, I will throw some confetti in your honor.
Confetti that was supposed to be in my little nephew’ party but I was too selfish to use it.
well, here it is.. the last confetti box.

Happy birthday mate, hope you get many presents, cake and churros.

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Jan 14, 2014 at 05:20PM EST

OOC: Thanks a bundle, man. It means a lot. It really does.

Jan 14, 2014 at 05:24PM EST

OOC: Actually, it was just the Shaman and one firewarrior. Balloons only carry two.


Firewarrior:(What are these?)

Shaman:(I have no idea, but I am sensing a lot of mana. Meaning…)

The Shaman turns to the four

Shaman:Who are you four?

She would attempt the tribal language had she not sensed mana from them.

Jan 15, 2014 at 05:07AM EST



A month has passed since the beast of a man, the taker of all the souls, the inmortal pestilence that hunts the field of battle, searching for souls to purify, searching Death itself and spit on her face while staring into the abyss that if you gaze for too long as gazes into you!..anyways..A month has passed since THE VETERAN and some unknown jobber with metamorphosis powers PILEDRIVED THE HELL OUT of entire HELL BEAR CLAN. Their tiny heads GOT CRUSHED SO BLOODY BAD, THEY LOOK LIKE SQUASHED CUPCAKES OR LIKE GUYS WHO JUST HIT IN THE FACE BY A FRYING PAN. They will think TWICE before facing the DEATH seeker, the GRIM reaper..the SOUL..sweeper..and the little civilian that calls himself “Elfman”.

Anyways, Veteran lives not only to defeat the Master that created him, whose name cannot be revealed now, but to feel the thrill of battle, the carnage of the fight, the adrenaline travelling through his veins as he grabs the neck of a poor bastard and slams him to the ground..and also, to help a friend of his that is actually supposed to be his greatest nemesis, Tager. Unlike the Red Devil, Veteran is short tempered and as jumpy as Natsu. If violence is required, the gigantic luchador will happily piledrive anyone on his way just to deliver a show to the crowd.
However..the Red Devil’ serious attitude is something strange in Veteren’ eyes, who see people as fighters and their personalities as gimmicks. It was a matter of time before the Veteran met people who shared his point of view..
In the first days, life in Magnolia was BORING, SO BLOODY BORING THAT SUDDENLY, AGE OF MYTHOLOGY MUSIC WAS A VIABLE OPTION…Piledriving ogres was not amusing, the Ogre Magi’ magic was annoying to face and punching a hellbear into submission was not as exciting as the first time he did it..everything got old so fast. He tried to spend his time in numerous ways such as trying to read every damn book that Tager recommended..Sherlock Holmes, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, etc..
Failed in the second day.






By buying a LOCAL FARMER’S WAREHOUSE, getting rid of THE DAMN BOXES INSIDE OF IT, asking for the Elfman help and then PAINTING THE DAMN PLACE so people could SEE the colors of DEATH. And last, but not least important, asking for EVEN MORE HELP and build A RING of HONOR, a ARENA of gladiators, a FIGHT arena, a WRESTLING ring.
And then FILLING EVERY DAMN JOB REQUEST in the city, inviting people to join the recently created FIGHT CLUB.

It was a tremendous success..well..not exactly..
Veteran got a reaally small group of students: 15. After the harsh training? 8. After Veteran said: “About time we are ready to start the REAL ART OF WRESTLING”? 4..

Eventually, this unimportant piece of information would end up in Tager’ ears..along with this ridiculous poster:


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Jan 15, 2014 at 01:57PM EST

OOC: Okay since no one seems to be wanting to move the plot along in the dungeon since everyone is hurt… Here’s a timeskip. And start interacting with each other for Heaven’s sake.



Everyone who was hit by the shrapnel should be fully healed and at least somewhat functional again. Motor functions should be fine, but clothes and robes should still have holes of varying sizes in them from the shrapnel.

Ragna dusts himself off with both hands, getting some stray pieces of shrapnel that got stuck in his jacket off of him.
Ragna: Goddamn it… This jacket isn’t easy to fix, you know!

Noel finishes fixing her hair back to the way it was before the ambush happened.
Noel: Is everyone here okay?

Makoto: You guys can still move, right?

Tao: Tao feels great, meow!
The protector of the Kaka clan runs about in circles around a single spot, signifying that she’s okay.

Jan 15, 2014 at 03:19PM EST

Granatir; I came out of that one just fine… Just a few scratches which I could easily heal.

Divilux: You’re just saying that because we were at the back.

Pyralis: Actually, he is more durable than the rest of us… Of course, being at the back helped. You saw how we couldn’t even concentrate enough to heal ourselves. With that said, we’re fine now, thanks for asking.

Tahrdan: I was not expecting a freaking earth elemental trap! This does not bode well…

Tempestia: I don’t think ANY of us were expecting that… and the way you’re talking makes it sound like the trap took you out as well.

Tahrdan: It did. That’s how I know it was earth elemental.

Tempestia: I’m not sure if you guys recall this, but our own elements do give us some resistances and weaknesses. The problem is that every single one of us 6 is a different one of the 6 elements, so one of us is going to be weak to SOMETHING

Noctan: I don’t think they care about stuff which for some reason only applies to us. Let’s get going.

The equilibriumancer takes the lead, Eclipse (his axe) at the ready, and alert for any more traps.

Pyralis: Hey, wait up.

The other three Order mages on the front line follow Noctan…

Granatir: All of us should get moving, they’re going to get themselves killed if they’re not careful…

Jan 15, 2014 at 03:27PM EST

0.9999...=1 wrote:

Sweet buttery Jesus, is this thing still going!?

We were very close to ending it off, but nooooooooooo. This fucking thread still keeps getting brought back to life by a goddamn miracle. Thanks a lot for making this thread, and I hope you never make another “Be your avatar” Thread ever again.

This pretty much sums up my being trapped here in this thread.

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Jan 15, 2014 at 06:49PM EST

We need to be more careful from now on. That explosion could’ve wiped us all out… Also, we need a plan. One to three of us should probably scout ahead. I nominate myself for that task. Anyone else have any ideas?

Jan 15, 2014 at 07:03PM EST

(Uhg, getting harder to keep up. So for next room you guys enter, Laika will entertain you all.)

Flynn spams First Aid, Raven spams Love Shot, and Karol spams Nice Aid Smash. Everyone is back to near full health within a few minutes.

Karol: “That explosion was scary…”

Flynn: “I’m using this.” he eats an Orange Gel, refilling his TP by 30%

Raven: “Ol Raven is getting too old for this…”

Judith: “… Guys, the door upstairs is locked… looks like the key to it is someplace in the dungeon itself.”

Flynn: “… Alright, everyone be careful then. Follow me.”

Flynn raises his shield and begins leading everyone else down the corridor. This time he has the timing to raise his Magic Guard if he hits another one…

But he doesn’t hit another trap, and gets dumped into whatever environment my substitute feels is suitable for his sideshow

Jan 15, 2014 at 07:05PM EST


Before you all are a pair of huge steel gates side by side, they both look incredibly old and battered. There are also two guards present, one of them is stood by the right gate whilst the other is stood by the left, in front of these guards is a lever sticking up from the ground. These “guards” are actually Shadow Creatures…they stand still and lifeless whilst they watch the approaching hero’s with their blue lamp-like eyes

Stood between the two gates and atop a podium is a Knight, he is outfitted in highly decorated fullplate armour.
Knight: Where’re you lot off to?
His voice couldn’t be any more unfitting for his noble appearance
Knight: Don’t you lot know the rules of the dungeon?
He takes a small handbook out from his bottom pocket and flicks it open
Knight: Ah!
He taps at the page
Knight: ahem “The maximum headcount for any team of hero’s venturing the dungeons must not exceed that of…11” there are like 5 million of you here, what’s going on?
He places da rulez back into his pocket
Knight: Not a chance are these gates gonna open with you lot here. May I suggest cutting down your numbers into something more…abiding…
He snorts up a load of phloem and gobs it out at the ground beside him
Knight: Hurry it up, then we can get back to it…

When the hero’s finish filtering out their uneeded attendees’ the Knight pipes up once more
Knight: Brilliant! I’m a man of rules you see and rules need to be followed. Gates!
The Shadow Creatures pull their respective levers which in turn open the massive pair of gates
Knight: Spiffing! If I were you I’d split up equally and tackle them both for maximum lootage…

There you have it…

2 gates

One on the right and one on the left

OOC: About a maximum of two characters per player, keeping your pairs together will also be preferred, this means delay in posting will only effect one dungeon and not two.

OOC again:
Bigger teams means bigger posts which means more time spent writing them, time that not everyone has.

Back in the good ‘ol days we had easy to manage groups of people who talked with one another and used teamwork to overcome obstacles, conversation and interaction was commonplace and on some nights we would have multiple posts. These days however we just have this big stampede of hero’s running through arks and beating the shit out of everything that stands in their way, add on the fact that hardly anyone dies….it makes the entire situation real trivial looking.

We need to take the play style back to when it was actually good, practical and not completely entrenching, there isn’t anything more daunting than having to write out a post for dozens of individual characters I mean it really does get ridiculous.

Just please, enough characters now. I don’t mean as in stop introducing characters (because I don’t want to impose those kind of restrictions) I just mean have smaller groups at your central control. Retire and cycle characters, anything to stop these massive groups of roaming hero’s from forming.

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Jan 15, 2014 at 09:11PM EST

@Wrestling club,

Tager gets the message from Veteran about the fight club. Right now he is back at base, reading a book when all of the sudden he hears Veteran’s voice pierce his eardrums.
Tager: What the hell?!
Tager wasn’t prepared for the sudden interruption. The giant fumbles with the book and drops it on the floor. The message also begins scrolling down the insides of his glasses so he can see the words as well as hearing it at the same time.
Tager: So you finally did it and built a fight club…
The Red Devil sighs heavily, but also smiles at Veteran’s composure. He has taken a liking to his once-nemesis over the months.
Tager: Come in, Kokonoe. Do you have any opinion on this?

Kokonoe chimes in over his comms.
Kokonoe: Don’t know, don’t care. But I do need you to head back to Magnolia and fix the beacons. The connection’s been a bit fuzzy lately.

Tager: Roger.
The Red Devil makes his way out of the room he was lounging in at base and heads to the hangar area. Tager should arrive to Magnolia in 2 posts.


Ragna scowls up at the knight standing guard.
Ragna: Tch… Fine.
The Grim Reaper crosses his arms and turns to the group.
Ragna: I don’t know about any of you, but I’m going.

Noel: I’ll go too!
Noel leaves Makoto’s side and stands by Ragna.
Noel: Don’t worry, Makoto. I can handle myself now.
She smiles over to her best friend.

Makoto: … Okay. I trust you, Noelly. Just be careful, okay?
Makoto smiles back at her.

Tao: But Tao wants to go too, meow!
She looks saddened that Ragna wouldn’t pick her to go with him, hanging her head at the fact.

Ragna: Maybe next time, Tao. I’m sure that there are a lot of these left to go…
He leads Noel over to the right passageway, standing in front of it.

Jan 15, 2014 at 09:45PM EST


OOC: Yah, sorry, but it turns out i wont be as busy on here because some stuff going on at home, and so i will not participate in the dungeon so i dont hold u guys back.


Shorty after they get up to the knights, Lucy checks herself if she is ready, but she looks inside her key pouch and notices one of her golden gate keys are missing. Se begins to panic because they are extremely important keys and loosing one of them is a serious offense to her contract with her and the spirits.

Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Happy don’t descide to join the others so they can help her look for her key, starting from were the explosions taken place and heading back to were the enterance is.
@Enchantress and the Shaman

Erza: No, they are not with us. Though still, where is he anyways?

Juvia: I hope he is alright.

Suddenly a large traveling wagon appears nearby. It is driven by a really large purple furred boar with large curved tusks. There is an old man in his 60’s driving it. He is dressed up in a white and blue robes, short gray hair and a rather large curly mustache.

Scolar: Were these high powered winds caused by those giant birds?

Gray: Yah, glad to see your safe old man.

And because its late, i’ll just skipp all of the pointless introductions of my guys to the Shaman, scholar and such and briefly explain what they are doing.

Elfman is doing weight training and workout routines with some of the fresh students. Some of them are also wizards who are looking to improve their physical abilities so that they are more in tune with their magics.




Elfman had put in a sizeable investment with Veteran to make this happen. And as you can tell, it is an investment worth every jewel. No more weakling wizards who can’t do shit with their bodies other than eating, shitting and sleeping while solely on their magic to do their work for them. This place also has many other features for everyone’s convenience that is still in the works, like a hot spring bathing area, showers, and some others.

Jan 16, 2014 at 12:09AM EST

Well the fight club is in the middle of nowhere, in a warehouse that is way too close to an abandoned farm that looks like the kind of place not even the trolls dare to visit. The place is huge, filled with spiders and their webs, metalical pieces to build god-knows-what that probably once belonged to the old owner of this warehouse and finally, the equipment and ridiculous amount of stuff that Veteran needs to torture his students..and also teach them in the arts of wrestling. The Elfman and Veteran needed like an entire week to build the ring becouse of the luchador’ enourmous weight and becouse most of wreslting moves involve slamming and punch the ground. The walls are painted red, with a single black line in the middle and tons of posters that show WWF stars, known wrestlers..and Tager. Elfman would have noticed that Veteran has a huge respect for Tager: You can’t literally say anything bad about Tager while Veteran is around if you still want to keep walking without having your spine connected to artificial mechanical legs. The warehouse also has a small bar so people could get a drink and eat something before getting grabbed by their necks and slammed to the wall. (It has also everything you mentioned Asura)

(One of the many posters found in the fight club. Curiously enough, this one is in the darkest part of the place and people can barely see it. It has no name, no sign, no identification and not a single way to know the name of the wrestler in the picture. When asked about it, Veteran would slowly turn around his head as his eyes are about to pop from their sockets and say: “I have no idea..”)

Elfman has been repeating the following words since the Veteran’ school appeared in Magnolia:

“As far as I know, normal people dont fight a hellbear for breakfast or punch a ogre for launch. You need to calm down a bit.”

More than half of the students left becouse of: Broken bones and important injuries, standarts against violence, complete hate for Veteran and Elfman and mere cowardness. Getting yelled by a giant fat luchador and being LITERALLY forced to lift a Thunderhide’ skull, which is as heavy as a bloody wonder why so many people left. While the Elfman got the physical training right, Veteran expected people to instantly learn a “brainbuster” the very first day. A guy broke a leg while trying to execute a hurricarana, another one got his foot stuck in his mouth while trying to perform a moon assault, and more painful injuries and “ridiculous mistakes” as Veteran would say.
Despite his friend’ dissapointment, Veteran is proud of his work as a teacher. Only 4 people remain and they are great fighters, probably at his same level: The first two are magicians..and then there are these particular last two that I cannot mention yet…


Veteran: Hmpf..they had enough for today I think but that doesn’t mean we are done YET! Its Friday night and the abyss demands a WORTHY sacrifice! HAHA, lets have a short match! Elfman..our last match ended in a draw but I AM GOING FOR REAL RIGHT NOW..

Spotlights are turned on, the ring awaits for the arrival of the contestants and the heat of wrestling can be felt in the air.

The Veteran merely uses his jetpack and flies towards the battlefield until he reaches the middle of the ring. After landing and making the ground shake, the Veteran strikes his iconic champion pose as he waits his opponent..but the Elfman does not appear..instead one of the most dedicated students that the club has.

Once a normal lumberjack, tired of having to deal with ogres, wolves and beasts that no man wishes to face every miserable second of their lives, feeling sad for his job partners who shared his sad destiny and returning to his home every night, covered in scars and day he had enough and when the fight club offered to train people to defend themselves, he was the first student Elfman and Veteran ever got. Extremelly dedicated to wrestling, he focused in the physical training more than anyone else and he was the first student able to execute a tombstone. Insprired by the wise Wildwings who saved him from the wolves he USED to fear, the mask of the Griffon raises from the arena to protect the unprotected. TIZOC makes his entrance.

The eyes of Tizoc face the mighty stare of the Veteran. The dangerous thing about the fat luchador is not his natsy ability to start a grapple out of nowhere, but the deep and complex psychological games he likes to use against his opponents, scaring them to death and leave nothing but a empty carcass behind.
Unlike the Veteran, Tizoc does not share his jumpy persona. In fact, he is very serious most of the time…

The bell rings, the students yell, Elfman laughs and the fighters make their fists clash. Tizoc starts by using a short neck strike but the Veteran quickly dodges it and grabs the birdman with both of his hand. Tizoc is lifted and german suplexed as the Veteran laughs like a evil villian who just killed the main hero parents after they saw a fricking opera, who likes opera anyways? Instead of landing with his head, Tizoc uses both of his arms to do a short flip. The match lasts for about 30 minutes with both fighters not willingly to give up. None of them managed to land a single grapple and most of them end in nothing. Last chance. Tizoc lands after a failed diving hurricanrana and the Veteran has a chance: Punch on the chin, kick on the guts, a strong uppercut and finally, after Tizoc stumbles in pain, Veteran jumps towards Tizoc while doing a small spin and drop kicks him out of the ring. The famous Skid Row Throw sends Tizoc flying across the place. As Tizoc dissapears in the darkness, Veteran laughs and taunts him..

But the mask of the griffon knows no tricks and he has been planning this for too long.



Veteran’ left arm slowly raises and he gives Tizoc a thumbs up before trying to get up after the “Big Fall Griffon”, a deadly signature throw that was OBVIOUSLY inspired by Tager. Veteran laughs as he handshakes Tizoc who got a well deserved picture.

Veteran: Why do you keep lifting so much? This is YOUR fault Elfman! Joking, good job kiddo…now help me dang it, I don’t feel my shoulders..Hold on..(CRACK) There we go!

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Jan 16, 2014 at 01:07AM EST

OOC: I… really cannot cut myself down to just two because of the fact that my characters are actually rather weak in comparison to the others. OYH notwithstanding, of course. I don’t mind cutting it down to four, though. The three I was intending to keep using, and the newcomer. After all, what’s the point of introducing a character and never getting to use him?


Pyralis: Wh-what!? This is the first I’ve heard of anything like this!

Noctan: Well, I suppose it’ll give everyone a chance to do something…

Granatir: But I have a feeling it won’t give us all a chance to proceed…

Tahrdan: Then why not let those of us who don’t have access to all 6 elements go?

Tempestia: Fiiine… but what are us two going to do?

Granatir: We could always explore this world ourselves…

Pyralis: Or you could just return to where we came from, and monitor our progress… Maybe see if the others have returned yet.

Granatir: Alright, then. I completely overlooked that.

The two archmages Warp back to the Order HQ…

Divilux:And now what will we do?

Tahrdan: We can split up into two pairs, then. I feel we should go for maximum possible elemental coverage, though…

Noctan: I guess I’m going with you, then.

Pyralis: Yes, that makes sense.

The four split up. Tahrdan and Noctan are going to the left; Pyralis and Divilux to the right.

(OOC:I think there’s only 4 of us actually proceeding, one of which is only controlling a single character… This should be a decently small group for your liking, right?)


The Shaman proceeds to introduce herself… sort of.

Shaman: I am a Shaman, the religious and war leader of a tribe. We do not refer to ourselves by name or know what we are called by others. Our identifier is blue. After arriving on this world some time ago, my tribe has established a settlement and I have been exploring since. I can tell that you are powerful, because I can sense a lot of mana coming from you…

She decides to ask them a question and explain why she’s asking.

Shaman: Do any of you have the ability to raise the land without there being a slope or cliff already there? I wish to create some protective walls for the settlement, but my land manipulation spells are unsuitable to the task as the land is flat.

Jan 16, 2014 at 05:05AM EST

Enchantress: Glad to meet you Shaman! A war leader you said? I hope you understand that is land lives better without any kind of conflict right?

Says Enchantress as she pounces the poor wizard and covers him with her arms. Any kind of injury caused by the Wildwings or another creature would be inmediatly healed by the wisps that fly around Enchantress. After letting the shaman free, Enchantress inmediatly notices the scholar and his purple furred boar. She starts to pat the boar’ head and scratch his chin. However, she inmediatly turns around the moment the Shaman asks for a mage who can control the earth.

Enchantress: Why would you hurt the already perfect land that the nature generously gave you? I can help your clan but I will not ruin the lives of other creatures for your own survival. You have to understand that this little green world is always hurt by people like you..Hmpf..Careless humans who chop every tree they find just to build the hearts of their own houses and another plenty of things they never use. Where is your tribe campment exactly? Maybe me and my friends can help.

Aiushtha’ eyes emit a shiny green color as she talks to the shaman. Nearby plants and trees start to increase their size.

It keeps happening

Jan 16, 2014 at 11:47AM EST

Shaman: By land manipulation I merely meant raising or lowering the land. The thing about any trees that my followers cut down is that they start regrowing very quickly. I have not yet figured out why this is, but it may be due to the mana flowing through the world… And I am not at war with any of the local tribes, but rather with three that are very much like my own. They are similarly commanded by a Shaman. As for creatures near the tribe, there are none.

Firewarrior:(Are you sure you can trust them?)

Shaman:(They have done us no harm, so…) Sorry about the interruption, this firewarrior was just asking me a question. Anyway, the settlement is…

The Shaman takes a moment to use her mana-gifted sight to locate the settlement, and then she turns to face the direction it is in

Shaman: …that way. You’ll know it when you see the guard towers surrounding it. The towers are there so that should any of those other three tribes arrive I shall be ready for them and able to quickly render them harmless. As proof that I mean no harm…

The Shaman actually removes her mask at this point. The others can clearly see she has shoulder-length black hair, and her eyes have a blue glow to them – the glow of her tribe’s mana. After giving everyone a chance to look, she puts her mask back on. Making sure that none of the feathers lining the edge are out of place.

Jan 16, 2014 at 01:07PM EST

@shaman and Enchantress.

Erza: Well, sorry, but none of us practice earth magic. We cannot help you with that.

Gray: Were were from, we know a few people who can use it, but it is a long way of traveling back there.

Juvia: We can still join you if you need our assistance.

Erza: If that is okay with you professor?

Professor: nooo nooo not at all. There is so much to see in this world that I cannot simply overlook anything. he brings in his carriage. to the group. come aboard everyone, lets go. You can lead the way miss shaman.

Erza and the others get on board the carriage through the back to make their way.

Erza: Would you like to join us Enchantress. Besides, you know these lands better than us.

Elfman cant help buyt applaud TIZOC for his preformance in this match. Having go from zero to hero underneath their guidance almost brings a manly tear in his eye.

Elfman: You are truly a man TIZOC, you made me proud. Hey Veteran, hope your not too injured.

Jan 16, 2014 at 07:29PM EST

Veteran: HEY! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY INJURED? PFF..THE ABYSS CANNOT BE STOPPED AND..alright my back hurts like hell I admit it.
Tizoc: I believe that is the result of the match you had with Tager and the “Croc” am I right?
Veteran: Ha, the Red Devil was on fire that day. We were the perfect tag team duo, syncronization at its best, all of our moves were connected and our minds were linked! Croc was tough yes but we had the teamwork and the ATTITUDE. Luckily, you got that ATTITUDE too Tizoc. Remind me to never taunt your mask again!

Everyone laughs, well..except Tizoc who just chuckles and crosses his arms as he helps Veteran to get up. After a reptile-like monster called “The Croc” faced him and Tager, Veteran got a serious spine injury. Despite having endless weeks to heal, an herniated disc requires a heavy surgery and a lot of resting and repose but as a man who is addicted to fighting, Its practically impossible for the Veteran. In fact, how the hell does he even manage to walk around with that injured disc?
Veteran inmediatly asks for a bag of ice while Tizoc talks to Elfman.

Tizoc: Thank you. If it wasn’t for both of you and this harsh training, I would still be a scaredy lumberjack asking for help. If there is anything I can do or if you need help with something, the mask of the Griffon is at your service. Take care.

Tizoc silently heads to the main entrance and opens the warehouse’ gigantic doors. Moment of dead silence. Loud footsteps can be heard and the doors are opened again.

Tizoc: Fine FINE! I’m not that cold okay? DRINKS ON ME FOR GOD’S SAKE!

@Shaman and Fairy guys
Enchantress: To the land of the Druud we go! Why you didn’t told me that you lived near the centaurs? Let’s go!I will use my hoves if thats okay with you..I don’t want to hurt this poor little thing’ back..

Says as she scratches the boar’ chin even more.

Better hurry up before the Wildwing’ ancient members notice us!

(Tardy you are free to say how the hell we arrived to the Blue tribe. Expect Bradwarden to show up sooner or later)

Jan 16, 2014 at 09:28PM EST

@Wrestling arena,

It has been a while since Veteran has heard from Tager. The wrestler did get a message from him saying that he would be there, but this was a few hours ago. The Devil always keeps his promises, so he should be here soon.

All of the sudden, everyone inside the building can hear what sounds like a high-powered jet engine crossing overhead. The sound is loud, so you all should be able to hear it.
All of the sudden, the floor of the arena is shaken by the impact of something akin to a meteor from outside. The force was so much that even the ornaments on the wall shook. If Veteran was paying close enough attention, he could hear a familiar noise that sounds like Tager’s gauntlets when the pistons activate… Complete silence follows this… all except for the sound of brutishly large footsteps. The footsteps stop once they get up to the door of the warehouse.

Slowly, the doors begin to open from the outside… Everyone can see a very large figure with the outline of Tager standing in the doorway, but there is someone in front of him…

Kokonoe: This place could do with a remodel if you ask me
There she is… The one and only Professor Kokonoe standing in front of her gigantic mechanized contraption known as the TR-0009. Kokonoe is dwarfed by the mass of Tager standing behind her.

This is a rather intimidating sight. It would be surprising for anyone to see Kokonoe out of her lab. Taking a lick of her lollipop, she begins to look around.
Kokonoe: So what do we got here?

Tager: Greetings, everyone.

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Jan 16, 2014 at 09:52PM EST

Pretty much Veteran’ face when he sees Kokonoe standing in front Tager:

Veteran’ jaw was just launched into the orbit along with his hype. Hell, it has been a looong time since Tager left Magnolia and naturally, the luchador is happy to see him..despite having the terrifying being of pure hatred known as Kokonoe. There are two things that scare the Veteran: The Undertaker and Kokonoe. His face is a mix between happiness and terror like a guy who just saw a zombie clown getting hit by car..great analogy huh..He starts to sweat out of control and everyone near him can notice this. With an extremelly forced smile, the kind of face that guy makes with a gun on top of his head, he greets Tager with a manly handshake.

Veteran: It has been a long time brother! I thought you were setting some cameras around just to keep control of the beasts around the planet such as the stalky guy. Anyways, how you doing?..also..hurm..Its err..nice to see you err..again miss Kokonoe..

Tizoc: Ah finally we meet the Red Devil! My name is Tizoc, bearer of the mask of the Griffon .Truly, the Veteran description of you was extremelly accurate: “A red fearsome beast of a man, infused with metal and pure rage powered by mere madness and self determination”.

Veteran: Hehe..(Whispers) shut up already..(Cough) Alright, I did tell them a thing or two about the little fights we had in Mobius. Darn those were some dark days that deserve to be left in the past and never come back..Anyways, welcome to the Fight Club. We started with 15 and now after two painful weeks..well..we only got these four but they are pretty good. How about a little match for the old times? Maybe you and Elfman can show the students how things are done in the big leagues! If thats okay with you..miss Kokonoe..(shivers and prepares to hear an extreme amount of bitching)

Jan 16, 2014 at 10:26PM EST

Shaman: I guess I could show you the settlement for now…

They head towards said settlement. The Shaman had issued orders for some more balloons to be constructed… making particularly sure to not completely cut down any trees. It only takes three wood to build a balloon anyway. The balloons await the group just outside the wildwing territory. 5 of the balloons have one brave in them already, a sixth has two in and a seventh is empty. The Shaman and firewarrior get into the empty balloon, and indicate that the others should pick a balloon with a brave in and get in. After they do, the 7 balloons are flown back to the settlement by the braves (or firewarrior).

  • From above they can clearly see what the settlement is like. Large huts sprawl out over a large area, though no huts or towers are among the trees. There is one Guard Tower close to the circle of stones that are the Reincarnation Site, and the Shaman proceeds to travel to it. The large huts are of 3 different styles. These three styles are a horizontal shape, a sort of l-shape, and rooms of decreasing size one above another. All these huts have a fence around them. The other buildings of note are the u-shaped Warrior Training Huts, of which there are three, the imposing Temples, of which there are two, the three Firewarrior Training Huts, which are tall buildings surrounded by a wall, the lone Spy Training Hut… This is a small building, only as tall as many of the huts. Spies are being employed as messengers on Charity… Finally, the Balloon Hut covers a wide area. It is impossible to miss, due to the long ramp extending from one side. There is a small dome-shaped building off to the side of the platform the balloons are built on, which is octagonal and has covering around the edges. The balloons are taken to the Reincarnation Site.*
Jan 17, 2014 at 05:34AM EST

Jotaro: I’m sure you two can take it from here.
Josuke: Wait, TWO? Who’s going back?
Suddenly, A portal opens under Doomguy’s feet, and he falls through the portal.
Ken:… Convenient, but worrying.
%{color:brown}*Another portal shoots up under Jotaro’s feet, and he’s sucked in as well.*

Josuke: JOTARO!
Jotaro contacts Josuke through the conveniently located radios that Falcon managed to swipe for the people without Codecs before earth-2 got blown the fuck up.
Jotaro: Don’t worry. I’m fine. The green motherfucker’s here too. If you need any help contact me, okay?
if outside communication is normally blocked, it somehow opened up momentarily for Jotaro to tell Josuke that he was fine.

Ken: Let’s get going.

Jan 17, 2014 at 06:02PM EST


You continue down the right path. After a minute or two of walking down the passageway you arrive at its exit…

You find yourselves stepping into a massive round circular arena that is surrounded by empty seats, it’s rather dark in here due to its enclosed nature so you can’t help but feel somewhat trapped, this feeling is only heightened when the passageway you entered in from closes up behind you by means of a large iron portcullis. The air is rather stale and damp, whilst the arena itself is surprisingly quiet. The ground beneath your feat is made up of hard stone slabs, each of which are covered in either blood stains, scratches from weapons or a mixture of both, it is now obvious that this place is some form of proving ground but for who exactly remains a mystery…

As a group you make your way across the arena, your footsteps breaking the peace of the abandoned cavern. Opposite you and set into the arena wall is the exit and seeing as there is nothing here you naturally head towards it to continue your journey…

But then it happens…the exit is instantly enshrouded in a thick white and impenetrable fog……you hear the sound…..

You back off from the centre of the arena and spot three forms beginning to take shape in front of the gate, each one emerging up from the ground and slowly materializing into existence…

On the left…

Paladin Leeroy
Little is known about the mysteries of Lordran, the same goes for Paladin Leeroy. A high ranking member of the Way of the White and the first to suffer the curse of Undeath among them, with the legendary treasures, Sanctus and Grant, he set off on a lone journey to Lordran to seek out knowledge concerning the all consuming Curse

He is equipped with the unique Sanctus shield for defence whilst in his right hand he wields Grant, a nerve shattering mass of enchanted steel mounted atop a double-handed handle, a Great Hammer class and Divine weapon. Due to the hammer being a product of the Way of the White it is very effective against those of the Dark.

He readies his shield whilst resting Grant upon his shoulder, the hammer is very heavy after all…

On the right you have…

Knight Lautrec of Carim
A scheming character indeed, adherent to the Goddess Fina he believes that the god of beauty truly loved him as he forsook everything to be forever in her services, a fact that is further proved by the design of his armour itself, the chestplate resembling that of the embrace of the Goddess. The legitimacy of this relationship is never proven and is often considered to be a simple delusion…then again interaction between gods and humans is common in Lordran meaning such a happening is not entirely far-fetched

He wields a pair of Shotels, curved scythe like blades that he is greatly skilled in using…

And finally, taking the centre…

Havel the Rock
Outfitted in his signature rock armour and wielding the tooth of an Everlasting Dragon as a weapon he is an unstoppable force, he doesn’t take anyones shit and definitely does not screw around when it comes to battle.

You have a moment to act before these three make an advance…
(OOC: AKA react to environment and enemies, nor do I really want to introduce and attack in one post. Anyway I think that is against rules)

Meanwhile up in the stands…

…are Executioner Smough and Dragonslayer Ornstein, both of them have decided to take a seat and enjoy the fight seeing as no one else is here to appreciate it. Smough’s great hammer is resting by his side as he cheerfully stuffs his face whilst Ornstein has stabbed his spear into the ground beside his seat.

They aren’t here to fight but if they are provoked they will take up arms and proceed to attack in the name of Gwyn.

Smough gleefully belly laughs in anticipation…

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Jan 18, 2014 at 11:53AM EST

Pyralis was the first of the two Order mages to head to the right to enter the room. He stepped forward cautiously, as he’s been in enough of these sorts of places to know that a wide open area like this is never as safe as it seems.

Pyralis: We should proceed with caution…

Divilux: It seems safe to me.

The lumimancer starts to hurry ahead, and is most likely the one to trigger the appearance of the three they now face.

Pyralis: And you’re supposed to have common sense?

The elemancer facepalms at this, and seeing that the three appear to be ready for combat, draws his own sword. Firebrand is glowing a faint orange, though it can only really show in dark areas like this.

Divilux: It really did seem safe to me!

Upon saying this, he draws the Argent Peacemaker, and is currently deciding who to aim at…

[color:orange}Pyralis: Wide open areas are NEVER safe if they seem empty! …This does seem somewhat familiar, though… I can’t quite put my finger on it, however.

Jan 18, 2014 at 01:08PM EST


Ragna and Noel both step into the arena room. Noel starts to cough because of the drastic changing in the air upon entering the room. Ragna is the first one to notice the weapon marks on the thick, stone slabs that make up the walls.

Ragna holds an arm out in front of Noel.
Ragna: Stay back…
The Grim Reaper looks slightly unnerved by all of this. He doesn’t know what to expect. Ragna then uses his other hand to draw Blood Scythe off his back and hold it.

Noel coughs some more.
Noel: Th-The seithr is thick here…
Another cough passes by before an aura of green surrounds Noel. She has put up a protective barrier on herself to ward the seithr away from her, but there is still enough around to activate the Nox Nyctores and Ars Magus.

And then the invasions happen… Upon hearing the sound, both Ragna and Noel jump back from the center of the arena and take up their combat positions.

Ragna now has Blood Scythe held in both his hands, looking ready to fight. He also has an angered scowl on his face from the sudden interruption.

Ragna: Are you going to say anything, you mute freaks?!

Noel reaches around to her back and grabs Bolverk from inside the red gun sheathes. Taking them out fast, but gracefully, she gives the one on the right a check to see if it has ammo.

And then the one on the left…

After checking, she holds the guns in front of her, one facing downwards while the other faces upwards towards the sky. When she clicks them together, a small, white wave of energy can be seen emanating from the place where both the guns were. Spinning around, she gets in an attacking position, holding one gun higher than the other.

Jan 18, 2014 at 02:32PM EST


Paladin Leeroy and Havel remain silent, Lautrec however…
Knight Lautrec: Well, what have we here?
The group of hero’s then ready their weapons, Lautrec takes a step back in apprehension..
Knight Lautrec: Keh keh keh. Are you sure about this?
Havel then takes a knee whilst clutching a Talisman in his hand, faint whisper can be heard coming from his helm as he peacefully recites the incantation before rising to his feet once more, only now he is practically shining with a white glow. He has cast the Great Magic Barrier Miracle. Whilst active this Miracle will nullify 90 percent of all Magic damage he sustains in the upcoming fight, couple this with his already incredibly resistant armour and it makes him nigh on invulnerably to Magic type attacks.

Paladin Leeroy on the other hand stands quiet…

He is currently gauging the weaponry of the 2 mages

@Ragna & Noel,

It’s no good…Havel breaks form and charges head on at Ragna and Noel, his shield is raised effectively making him into a unstoppable battle tank of pure strength and power, each of this steps shake the ground like small earthquakes as he moves forth like the avalanche of might that he is. Taking advantage of this moving shield, Lautrec quickly follows behind, protected by the brutish mans advance

Upon making contact, Havel enters straight into an almighty overhead swing at Ragna, the power behind this move is incredible and will be almost impossible to block and certainly impossible to parry. If struck Ragna will be utterly smashed, if it misses then the Dragon Tooth will continue downward before crashing into the floor of the arena. Either way this attack goes, Havel will follow up with a quick horizontal swing, an attack that will also cause considerably damage if it makes contact…

Lautrec heads for Noel. He executes a roll before letting off multiple swings with his Shotels, his attacks are swift yet very aggressive and due to the design of his weapons, unblockable. After his initial attack he executes another roll and prepares for Noel’s counter by swapping the Shotel in his left hand for a Parrying Dagger. He gives a final sneaky slash with his Shotel before readying for the return…

@Pyralis & Divilux,

Whilst the the loud advance of Havel was taking place, Paladin Leeroy decided to make his move upon the 2 mages, Pyralis and Divilux.

Seconds before making contact he places the Sanctus shield upon his back and two-hands the Greathammer, he swings at Divilux first, the attack is similar to that of Havels downward smash yet it packs less of a punch….but don’t take him for granted, he is valiant warrior driven by faith and incredibly strong, his attacks are still very difficult to block and will most likely stagger an opponent if a successful hit is made.

After his initial strike he rolls out of the way and takes Sanctus from his back, with one hand alone he swings Grant horizontally at Divilux in a wide sweep, directly afterwards he raises his shield and prepares for any counter-attacks…

Jan 18, 2014 at 07:14PM EST

@My Team:

Flynn, Raven, Ken, Josuke, and whoever else takes my path…

And are immediately dumped into… well, a sort of distopian heaven lets just say.

Raven: “… I got a bad feeling about this.”

Flynn: “In a purple… no wait, this is Mana!”

Flynn takes a look over the ledge, and drops an empty bottle down it… and watches it fall out of sight.

Flynn: “… This may be obvious, but don’t fall.”

Flynn takes point again…

Looking up, they can see a swarm of Angels flying around like bees. Just hope they don’t spot you…

Raven: “I see a city up there… looks… like it’s completely made out of metal.”

Flynn: “That is likely our destination. The paths seem to spiral up into it.”


Duke: “Then hopefully you can hold your breath.”

An energy circle appears around duke, before forming into a spell circle and an elaborate array of magic symbols surrounds him and a tornado of pure energy. He raises up his sword as a massive amount of energy pulsates out of the sword.

The Seither Poisoning in the area of effect returns to it’s gas substance and is blown away.

Duke: “Well now, that worked far better than expected.”

He turns to leave…

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Jan 18, 2014 at 08:18PM EST

Ken: I guess we should begin to get going, then.
Josuke: I don’t like the look of those angel-thingies up there…
Ken: I agree. It’d be for the best if we could avoid them.
The two start the journey to the Metal City.

Jan 18, 2014 at 08:55PM EST


While the duo of warriors were charging straight for them, Noel took the few seconds of time to set up some shots.
Noel: Optic Barrel!
Her green eyes begin to glow with a golden hue to them. She raises one gun and fires it not at Havel, but around him and his predicted advance.

Each shot leaves behind an orange, glowing symbol of the two guns crossed. Each symbol floats about 4-5 feet in the air and there are about 10 of them in total scattered around the surrounding area.

When Lautrec makes a roll towards her, she is quick to react. She crouches down and fires off a volley of shots around her feet to try and trip Lautrec up.

When the slashes from Lautrec’s shotels come into play, Noel fights back with a deadly dance of grace. She uses Bolverk’s weight to fight against the force being put on by Lautrec. The weapons clash and metal sparks. The guns are sufficient for fighting against Lautrec because of the weight of them.

They’re huge for pistols; almost going down to her ankles when the guns are held ather side completely.
When the second roll comes along, Noel suspects that she will be rolling straight for him and responds by throwing Bolverk like it’s a boomerang. The gun leaves her hands, and comes back to her, but to no avail… She is open for the strike from Lautrec and gets cut across the side.
Noel: Gah!
*But she still keeps fighting… The next thing Lautrec knows is that he has a gun pointed straight at him.

Noel: Chain Revolver!
Noel develops a completely pitch black aura around her. She slides forwards, jamming the gun up against Lautrec’s chest and pulling the trigger.

She follows this up by spinning and pointing the other gun at him…
Noel: Bloom Trigger!
An even bigger blast of energy is loosed from Bolverk when she pulls the trigger. This one is enough to make Lautrec stagger if it hits him.

After the second shot, she launches herself with a kick into the sky close to Lauturec.

*After the kick is done with, she lands a meter or two away from him. 10 seals still lay around the battlefield, waiting for someone to get close to them…


Ragna: … You got balls.
Ragna watches as Havel charges at him.
Ragna: But I ain’t scared of you!
When Havel gets close and comes down at him with the giant Dragon Tooth, he jumps backwards out of the way. When the horizontal slash comes along, Ragna raises Blood Scythe in front of him to block it. The two weapons clash, but ultimately this ends in Ragna skidding along the ground with nary a dent in his sword. The force from the second attack also put his feet in ruts, with the stone of the arena caked up behind him. He yells out at Havel, trying to distract him so that Red can get a free strike in on him.
Ragna: I’ve fought flowers scarier than you!

He glances in both directions, still on high guard. He spots a few of Noel’s glyphs floating around the area too and begins to walk backwards towards them while keeping his eyes set on Havel.
Ragna: Come get some!
Ragna is ready for nearly anything that Havel has to throw at him.

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Jan 18, 2014 at 10:06PM EST

I will arrive at 6PM tomorrow so hang in there baby

Lets say that Tager DID agreed to fight the Elfman becouse: I can’t wait for Zarathh response and becouse why not, Tager already fought Veteran so It would be the same thing except Elfman has weird metamorphosis powers. Anyways the lights are turned off again and only the ring can be seen thanks to spotlights. Tager would patiently wait for his opponent to show up but he would start to notice several things: That the huge silhuette of the Elfman is practically missing and that Veteran is endlessly laughing. The luchador finally decides to explain what is exactly going on:

Veteran: You gotta understand this my ol’ friend..the thing is that I never had a chance to truly fight the Elfguy and we only wrestled these puny hellbears for the laughs. I promised to myself that I would have a match against Elfman but with the whole fight club thing around, we never got the match that we were waiting for…Soo..since the Elfman will need all his strenght if he wants to stand a chance against THE BLACK OOZE, THE PRIMORDIAL FEAR FROM WHICH NIGHTMARES AWAIT THEIR PLACENTAL EXPULSION..we decided to send you someone else…

Tizoc: I would gladly take her place Veteran…I think she had ENOUGH training for today and her techniques are not that-

Veteran: Will you SHUT up? Your ruining the big surprise..Elfman shh stop laughing damn it.

Tizoc: But I don’t think this is-

Veteran: I pay the taxes here and I can say that SHE gets to face the Red Devil…well..not actually..ughh..LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN ALREADY.

And a single light is turned on just to iluminate the darkest part of the bar and a small student that was literally hiding there. With Tizoc, Veteran and Elfman standing in the same place, It was practically impossible to see her. The smallest and youngest member of the fight club didn’t even noticed Tager and Kokonoe arrival, with her attention fully directed towards a big plate of rice and an endless hunger that rendered her unable to hear the loudest voices in the entire planet. With only sixteen years old and a laughable height, Hinako slowly turns around and looks at the gigantic red monster waiting on the ring as a single spotlight iluminates her.

While innocent and weak at the first glance, Hinako was actually the first member of the fight club who was able to lift Veteran. During the first week of the Fight Club, she had the strenght of an average human of her age which was pretty weak but her determination managed to overcome the biggest obstacles that her teachers offered. Following Elfman’s teachings, Hinako gained a really small degree of magic but despite being a tiny portion of sorcery, It grants her a tremendous and very large amount of physical strength. Much to Veteran’ dissapointment, Hinako followed the arts of Sumo wrestling and , unlike Tizoc, she never had a gimmick to begin with. *
*Hinako happily enter the ring and bows respectfully to Tager.

Its an honor to meet you, Mister Tager! Veteran has talked so much about you such as the way you talk, behave and react to things, Its like he wants to imitate you or something!

Just like the beggining of sumo match, Hinako stomps on the ground and throw a handful of salt to the air before smilling at Tager.

Will you let me start please? I’m not as good as big bro Tizoc.

Match starts and oh god, Hinako inmediatly targets Tager’ feet. Unlike Tizoc or Veteran who are not fast opponent, Hinako size and speed allow her to become a very dangerous wrestler to face. Completely ignoring Tager’ weight and size, Hinako throws the Red Devil behind her AS IF HE IS A FUCKING RAGDOLL OR SOMETHING FOR FUCK’ SAKE, HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

If Tager managed to recover in the air, Hinako would try her best to position behind him and suplex him. If Tager just falls on the ground and he gets back, she would just stand with her arms wide open, waiting for a punch or a senseless rush.

OOC: No time to add details, sorry :(

EDIT: I did have time to add details, fuck yeah
EDIT 2: I HAD ENOUGH TIME TO ADD A MUSIC FOR THE RIDICULOUS FIGHT ABOUT TO BEGIN. lets see if I have enough time for Enchantress response. If you dont see Edit 3, thats means I ran out of time
EDIT 3: ENOUGH TIME FOR ENCHANTRESS RESPONSE YES. Now maybe if Asura and Zarathh are fast enough, maybe I can react tonight.

@Shaman and Fairy Guys
Enchantress: How wonderful! A peaceful community near the centaur’ territories! I think Brad will totally love to have such a lovely place around. So Shaman, how did you and your tribe arrived here? I cannot contain my excitement to hear the story behind this town!


Hinako is not a midget, she is just small in comparition with Tizoc and etc.

I am not into loli. I main Hinako in the King of Fighters..Its a fighting game not a hidden hentai flash like those that Asura watches so much in CENSORED

In-game, Hinako can light guys that are twice as big as her. Fighting game logic, where you can beat a god with your own fists.

Centaur’ territories are VERY close to the Blue campament Tardy, I did checked the map.

Goodnight guys, I will see you tomorrow!

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Jan 18, 2014 at 11:03PM EST

OOC: Your wish will be granted, Spark.


Before the fight.

Kokonoe has taken up residence on a bench. She summoned a laptop so she can set up the cameras remotely since they are rather close to the area. When Veteran greeted her, she didn’t seem to care all that much and just told him to put a sock in it. She isn’t entirely thrilled about being here, but decided to tag along nonetheless.

So since Asura hasn’t posted, I guess I will take it upon myself to say that TAger won in the match against Elfman. It was a close one, but Tager came out on top. After the match, he straightens his glasses up and listens to Veteran’s explanation about what’s going on.

And then Tager’s opponent is revealed…

The Red Devil immediately looks onwards at Hinako with a concerned look on her face.
Tager: B-But she’s just a teenager! I don’t like fighting women or children!
As Hinako steps in the ring, Tager remains defenseless. He looks down at Hinako as she enters the ring and backs away from her.
Tager: I’m sorry, but--
The Red Devil is grabbed by the feet and is thrown up into the air behind her.
Tager: Wha-?!
He was too surprised to recover in midair and instead crashes down onto the ring’s floor with a loud THUD, now laying there in a heap.

Kokonoe looks up from her laptop and stops typing. She heard the commotion and decided that this needed her attention…
Kokonoe: Get up, Tager.
She looks a frustrated at Hinako, and then looks at Tager lying there.
Kokonoe: Get up and kick her ass! That’s an order!

The Red Devil slowly gets up off the ground, standing back up to his original staggering height of almost 8 feet tall.
Tager: Roger, Kokonoe…
He will never disobey direct orders from Kokonoe since she saved his life all those years ago. He is completely dedicated to serving her, and if there is something she wants done, Tager will have to do it.

Tager: Combat mode: Initiated. All systems green.
The Red Devil stands at the ready to combat his opponent.

All of the sudden, he extends both hands at her. If successful, he would suplex her with less strength than usual. He doesn’t want to kill her, after all. If it somehow ends in a grapple stalemate, he would keep up aggression in it, trying to push her back so he can get in a grab.

Jan 19, 2014 at 12:02AM EST

@ Spark

OOC: ok fine.


@Tardhan and villiage

The wagon follows the ballons to the villiage with Erza still inside of it. Gray and Juvia went inside the balloons. They are quite surprised to see the villiage from where they are. Juvia shows some excitement since she thinks this is a balloon ride of love with Gray.

Gray: So, were are we headed exactly?

Juvia: Can our friends in the wagon come inside the village without the balloons?
@Tager, veteran and gym.

Elfman is currently recovering from his fight with the red devil. He can still walk, but with some limping. He sits next to Tizoc.

Elfman: Damn, he got me good. Lets see how he fairs up against this little girl.

Hinak then enters and begins her fight with tager as she tosses his ass like a doll. Tager laughs a bit while clutching his stomach from his injuries.

Elfman: Hahahaaaaaa… She is one gal you never want to mess with. Don’t underestimate her Tager, she is almost as tough as both me and Veteran put together.

Drinks the beer he has along with Tizoc.

Continuing search of the missing key.

Jan 19, 2014 at 01:08AM EST

OOC: Looks like there are three things to respond to… Though I am seriously concerned that I’m about to be subject to spoilers…

@the battle

Divilux… isn’t prepared to be focused on yet. As such he quickly tries to back up, firing away while he does so. Because the gun fires shots charged with light energy, they are not particularly effective. He barely escapes the first blow, but is flung far to the side by the sweep. While these attacks were being performed, Pyralis, accurately judging that the opponent has high strength, proceeded to cast Wildfire. As a reminder, this spell will debuff the strength of anyone it hits, regardless of fire resistance You can absorb fire and still be debuffed by this spell.

(OOC: Would that hammer be considered light elemental?)

@left path and potential spoilers (Why yes I have recently been playing ToS but not gotten to this point yet.)

Tahrdan and Noctan look around. Noctan… has a bad feeling about what’s up ahead. After all, he IS dark elemental. And since it’s a high place

Tahrdan: .Oh no…. not again…

Noctan: I’m getting a real bad feeling about this place….

Tahrdan: Why couldn’t we have gone to the right!? Why!?

Noctan: If we have to drag you forward AGAIN… Besides, it’s just as likely we could have ended up here on the other path as well. Get your acrophobia under control and GET MOVING!

Tahrdan: Y-Yes… Just don’t look down…

Tahrdan has acquired the title “Acrophobe!”

“Wow, this guy REALLY doesn’t like heights… We may have to drag him with us.”


Shaman: Judging from the width, there may be difficulties in getting that ‘caravan’ you speak of between the huts, but it should be possible. As for your question about how we got here… I don’t really know how to explain it to one who does not see or control the mana like I do. This is not the only world the tribe occupies. Other worlds it occupies are much smaller, and at peace. Usually the other tribes have been driven off, but occasionally there are alliances made on specific worlds. Those other tribes are much like my own, so you do not have to worry about the nearby ones, I will not attempt to destroy them unless they attempt to destroy my tribe.

(OOC: It’s really not explained HOW the Shaman travels between worlds.)

Jan 19, 2014 at 06:54AM EST


Havel went Hollow long long ago, any and all attempts at trying to aggro him further will be useless as his mind is filled with nothing more than blind insanity.

He spots Ragna back off and decides to take up a more able fighting style, He places his greatshield upon his back and double hands the Dragon Tooth so that he can exert more power on his offence.

With much more speed and a third more power he takes a quick leap before bringing the hammer down once more upon Ragna, this attack is a leaping heavy move and can’t be blocked nor parried and has a long reach, if it makes contact it will cause considerable damage and initiate a stun. If this move misses then the hammer will continue down and crash into the floor.

Either way, Havel the Rock connects the attack fluidly with another vertical smash and then another, each swing making a great advance and pushing Ragna back further and further each time leaving hardly any room for a counter, and even if a counter is given it won’t stop the Rock, after all, his Poise is incredible thus making him hardly even flinch at the attacks he takes..

(OOC: Havels Greatshield and Dragon Tooth are both fully upgraded +5’s, bare this in mind)


Lautrec was apprehensive to being with so when he spots Noel crouch he makes a quick backward leap to avoid the trip up before sprinting forth to make contact.

The Knight of Favour has a tough time contending with Bolverk but nonetheless manages to hold up against Noels incredible swings with quick movements and clashes, the shape of his Shotels making it easier to block such large weapons but also draining his stamina at a worrying rate

When Noel aims the gun at his chest point blank he already luckily had his Parrying Dagger ready and equipped…

He quickly parries Bolverk which leaves Noel open for attack, he takes full advantage of this and initiates a riposte in the form of a few quick slashes with his Shotel. Each attack will make contact and cause a nice amount of damage to Noel.

The second shot, Lautrec fails to act against and is struck by the blast, thankfully his armour is incredible and manages to take the hit but not without breaking his poise and completely draining his remaining stamina. He staggers back in exhaustion…
Knight Lautrec: You…despicable…
During Noels jump he reaches into his pocket to retrieve an item….

Quickly nailing some Green Blossom he gives himself a substantial boost to his stamina recovery rate, within moments he is feeling fully reinvigorated and ready to fight once more…

He keeps his Parrying Dagger equipped and takes a step forward, he goes straight for a kill and attempts a decapitation move before following up with quick kick to bring about a stagger and then a heavy diagonal slash that ignores any attempt at a block. His attacks are much faster than before as he seems to be running off an unlimited supply of energy…

(OOC: His two Shotels and single Parrying Dagger are +12 weapons making them highly upgraded pieces of equipment. His armour is fully upgraded +5 and with the Twinkling Titanite. This type of Titanite is imbued with an unknown power that gives it incredible defensive properties hence why he was able to sustain point blank shots from a gun)


(OOC: Yeah, Grant is a Divine weapon, that basically translates to Light)

Leeroy shields up against Wildfire, negating most of the damage done but still taking a fair amount from the spell. He is also wearing Havels Ring, after all the Ring isn’t unique and was somewhat mass produced for Havel’s army of rock soldiers during the Age of Fire so when the spells de-buffing effect takes hold it has a less powerful effect than predicted. But still, he can feel the drain on his strength so places Sanctus upon his back so that he can 2 hand the Greathammer and actually use it propely. You have taken away his ability to use the weapon single-handedly…

With Divilux temporarily out of the way he advances on Pyralis. He charges forth and goes for an overhead smash but instead of actually striking with the Hammer, Grant emits a massive blast of incredibly powerful energy that will send all and everything caught in it flying aswell as causing high damage, this shockwave sends a small tremor throughout the area and is rather deafening. Right after this AoE attack he makes a leap towards Pyralis and this time executes a proper overhead swing, this time bringing the Greathammer down with incredible force. If it hits you will be either mashed like potato or hurt real bad…

(OOC: Grant is a fully upgraded +5 Divine class weapon. Sanctus is +14 whilst his entire set of armour is also fully upgraded. Twinkling Titanite is used for his weapon and armour making them very damaging and resilient to damage)

Jan 19, 2014 at 12:09PM EST

Red takes his chance to circle around Havel…
Reaching into his back pocket, he pulls out three throwing knives, a ninja-specific weapon designed to exploit their ability to throw weapons for massive damage without using anything important.

Wait… I need something heavier…
Red instead pulls out a one-handed mace and throws it with enough force to crack a bull’s skull several times over with enough force left to open a new bottle of ketchup without running it under warm water. If Havel doesn’t dodge it, the mace should easily knock him on his ass.

Jan 19, 2014 at 12:18PM EST

(OOC: The fact it’s light means that Divilux won’t be affected as much as Leeroy would expect, then. Divilux is himself light elemental, so he has some passive light resistance. There’s also one other benefit to it being considered light, which I do intend to have DIvilux exploit as much as possible…)

Pyralis is flung away by the blast of energy, though he does attempt to roll a bit so that he may quickly get up. He does so, with some difficulty, and just barely manages to evade the next attack…

Pyralis: This isn’t good…

Pyralis really needs someone to distract Leeroy so that he may cast a healing spell on himself…

Unnoticed by either one, Divilux gets up…

Divilux: That felt… like a light attack? That gives me an idea…

Divilux thrusts his right hand in the direction of Pyralis, as a light glyph appears at his feet…

Jan 19, 2014 at 01:15PM EST


When Havel takes the time to put his greatshield upon his back, Ragna takes this chance to use his own bag of tricks.
Ragna: Blood Scythe!
He holds Blood Scythe in both his hands. In almost an instant, the sword goes through elongation and a transformation sequence that turns the broadsword into a deadly scthe with a crimson red energy blade made of seithr.

When Havel comes down for the next blow, Ragna quickly jumps to the side with Blood Scythe active. After this, Ragna jumps over Havel to avoid the next attack while still having the range of the scythe on his side. In midair, Ragna swings the blazing red seithr downwards at Havel, attempting to hit in the middle-to-upper range of his body.

If it makes contact, a cloud of purple energy should be formed around Havel so that it drains a portion of his life and gives it to Ragna.

Now behind Havel, Ragna would followup with a mighty swing from Blood Scythe at Havel’s back. After the second swing, Ragna would jump back and have Blood Scythe transform back into the normal sword.


Noel isn’t the bulkiest person around, but she isn’t that frail either. She has no choice but to take the first hits from Lautrec when he parried her. There are now a few wounds and cuts on her stomach, but she still keeps fighting.
Noel: Hah… Hah…
She is breathing heavily though. The cuts did a decent amount of damage to her.

When Lautrec comes in for his second attack, Noel’s aura begins to glow the same deathly black as it was before. Upon this happening, she dodges out of the way of the decapitation attack by spinning and going completely around to the back of Lautrec in a flash.

She clicks the white guns together… and they become a large shotgun with the normal attributes of the pistols that she holds at her waist.

She pulls the trigger, taking a free shot at Lautrec from behind with Bolverk. Lautrec should be very close to a cluster of the floating mines that were put out earlier. If one gets too close, they will explode. They also explode after a period of time, too.
The defensive option is the best way for her to go now…

Last edited Jan 19, 2014 at 03:01PM EST
Jan 19, 2014 at 03:01PM EST

Despite her size, Hinako manages to reach Tager’ hands and start a grapple stalemate. As Tager keeps pushing, she starts to quickly lose the balance and the strenght of the grip. She slowly looks up just to stare at the gigantic red behemoth in front of her. Her arms start to shake and she drops to her knees but she still refuses to give up and manages to maintain the push. However, its a matter of time before the Red Devil gets a chance to initiate a grab. In the words of Veteran: “He is a fearsome beast who eats emotions for breakfast and then he uses these emotions to pull out the deadliest techniques.” The last resort. She allows Tager to push with all of his strenght but using his own weight against him and taking advantage of her smaller size, she manages to leave the Red Devil with his arms wide opened and stuck in the ground. Before Tager is able to quickly recover and grab her, Hinako jumps towards Tager’ face and crushes the poor guy face with a powerful headbutt.
She lands behind Tager while stroking her head.

Ouch ouchy ouch!

If the Red Devil doesn’t react fast, Hinako would pick Tager’s leg and pull upward with both of her hands, causing him to fall over and land on his back. If Tager turns around before Hinako has a chance to grab his leg, she would try to kick his right knee, force him to fall on his knees and start a headlock.

Meanwhile Veteran is confused..He wants Tager to win but he doesn’t want to see Hinako lose. He is literally switching between sides over and over again, not being able of where he bloody belongs. As Hinako headbutts Tager, there is a mix of happiness and horror on his face.

Veteran: Godamn it- YES, THATS MY GIRL- no wait Tager NO FOR CHRIST SA- Show him what sumo wrestling can do Hinako!- PILEDRIVE HER!- NO- YES…Darn! This is like watching Edge against CM Punk! I don’t want anyone to lose!

Veteran laughs while grabbing a beer and sitting next to Elfman. Both of them are laughing and cheering

Meanwhile Tizoc is just..staring…Not a single part of him moves..He is like a frozen statue standing in the middle of a garden.

Tizoc: Elfman, you are the most reasanable one so could you-

Veteran: HEY!

Tizoc: Could we take a small break and let her rest a bit? Personally, I don’t think this was such a great idea. In fact, I would gladly take her place if you allow me to-

Veteran: Oh c’mon! The match just started! Quit whining already, you are starting to sound like her dad.


A loud war cry that would probably pierce the hearts of the cowards is heard along with the sound of an stampede, millions and millions of hobes stepping on the ground and leaving nothing but dust behind. From the south, a huge amount of centaurs approaches the Blue tribe campment and being creatures of war, they have absolutly no problem in crushing and destroying anything and anyone on their path. Gray and Co. should able to recognize Bradwarden, the Centaur Warruner, leading the group towards the entrance. Centaurs are very strong foes, able to take several hits before going down and rushing into the battlefield like spartan bastards who barely recognize the authority of death.

???: These proving grounds shall be littered with the dead! Onwards my brothers, make your hoves run red!

Enchantress grabs Shaman’ shoulders and pulls him towards her. Her charming smile is completely gone and she looks very nervous and angry.

You did talked with them right? Please tell me that you came to an agreement with them, or that you made a contract with them or some sort of peaceful law with them for nature’s sake!

Another loud war cry is heard as one of the many Blue tribe towers goes down.

Erza, Gray, Juvia..will you please distract Brad’ brothers so I can talk with him before this land is covered in blood and guts? Once they start to fight, they won’t end until this lovely place is turned into ashes and only Brad can stop this madness. Don’t hurt them please..under that violent and rage-filled exterior, they are just missunderstood creatures that are still trying to find their true place in this green world.

Notes for Tardhan and Asura:
Centaurs are fucking hard to kill.
Their legs are so strong, a single kick would be enough to leave anyone out of combat.
They can stomp on the ground and stun their enemies, allowing them to get a very easy kill.
They don’t use mana, just mere old ultra violence.
Bradwarden has a champion’ belt, the great belt of Omexe. Since he won in an ancient gladiator arena, he is always wearing that belt. You should be able to recognize him by that belt and becouse one of his horns is torn apart.
They dont block attacks, their armor does it for them. Melee attacks would end in the opponent hurting himself.

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Jan 19, 2014 at 08:51PM EST


Kokonoe is trying her best to drown out her surroundings and work on setting up the cameras. She wants her faithful construct to win, but this noise and shouting is making her irritable. She keeps quiet for now, but Veteran can feel malice radiating from her.
Kokonoe: Come on, Tager! Don’t disappoint me!
She smashes her hand down on the bench that she is sitting on.


When Hinkao pulls off the headbutt to Tager’s face, it felt to her like she just rammed her head at a solid steel wall. It would have hurt her more to do it than Tager receiving it.

Tager takes the time while she is distracted to quickly turn around before she can grab his leg. Tager takes the kick to the knee without a problem. The giant metal skirt and boots that he wears protect him from low attacks a sufficient amount.
The Red Devil would then try to initiate another grapple while Hinako was in pain.

Jan 19, 2014 at 09:59PM EST


Gray and Juvia are a bit terrified at the sound of a full stampede of centaurs. Their cries and their hooves smashing into the ground can be heard from the great distance.

Gray: The hell?

Juvia: What… The centaurs are here. This cannot be good, we need to stop them.

They hear what enchantress said and they agree with it. They know that the centaurs lust for blood and combat and will find the most simplest excuse to slaughter everything in their paths.

Gray: Bradwarden… We need to find him and tell them to stop, like you said.

Juvia: she turns to the shaman. Look, these centaurs are violent and dangerous creatures. But like she said, also misunderstood. You need to get your people to a safe distance away while we help stop them.

Gray: We wil do everything we can to have as little damage and loss of life as possible, but thats if we convince them to stop.

Juvia: Okay. lets go Gray.

Gray: Right, Enchantress, to the front gate of the city.

Juvia: Erza might be there too. Will she be alright?

Gray: She will. Now cmon lets go guys.

*Gray and Juvia rush to the entrance as fast as they can to stop the the centaurs.
@villagers and the gate.

Shortly after the carriage made it inside. Erza had noticed the stampede of Centaurs heading their way. She can also see Bradwarden standing out from the group even from the distance. She goes then to the top of the gate and turns to the people around guarding the gate.


Erza then jumps off of the top of the top of it to the other side. As she falls she requips into one of her armours. Heavens wheel. Before she lands on the ground, she soars off to the distance to hold off Bradwardens assault.


With that she takes off into the air and goes to locate Bradwarden and try and stop him before he slaughters the village.

Gray and Juvia shorty arrive to help with the defenses.

Erza can be seen flying towards the horde of centaurs, keeping a safe altitude from their weapons while being close enough to hear her.


She is doing all she can to get Brad warden to stop. She is aware if they might throw weapons at her so she is ready to deflect and dodge any attacks at her. She will need to combat Bradwarden if needed to stop him from decimating the village.

Meanwhile Gray and Juvia help in the aid of any defense needed to hold them off from entering the village.
@Tager and Hinako’s fight.

Elfman has no idea who to choose to be the winner of this fight. Both of them are going at it like the monsters that they are, despite her looking so weak and innocent.

Elfman: YAH, GO YOU TWO, SHOW US WHOSE THE BIGGER MAN! the fighting gets more intese and he continues to cheer them on, telling them what to do to each other. Cmon Tager, don’t loose your balance, keep your stance. Go Hinako, stand up to the devil like you mean business!

Then cringes at the headbutt, it makes him rub his head as if he felt it too.

Elfman: ouch. that must have given one of them brain damage.

Takes a dring of beer and continues to cheer them on.

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Jan 20, 2014 at 12:01AM EST

The followers do not comprehend the instructions, so the Shaman issues orders to them in their language.

Shaman: (Head away from the. I shall stay behind to hold them off.)

All 199 followers proceed to head away from the direction the centaurs are coming from, the Shaman stays behind, however. After all, if the followers live she can always reincarnate.

Shaman: Right, looks like fighting is inevitable here…

The Shaman proceeds to focus on any centaurs getting close to any followers…

Shaman: Ta-ka!

Upon saying this, a fireball flies from her staff towards those centaurs. A direct hit would send one flying, and even those near the impact would be shoved away by the force. Blast may be her most basic spell, but it can be powerful if used correctly.

Shaman: You will not harm my followers.

If any were to try and attack her, she’d cast Lightning on her own position, knowing that she’d be unharmed by it.

(OOC: If you’re going to handle that for me, remember that Lightning’s incantation is “Shoka!”)

Jan 20, 2014 at 06:17AM EST

@Fight Club
Hinako barely manages to dodge Tager’ attack and gain distance. She adjusts her hat and cracks her knuckles before turning around and preparing to attack the Red Devil again. She runs towards Tager with a speed that would make Veteran proud, in fact he would need his jetpack to match her..then again we are talking about Veteran who prefers to use the Ka-Claw instead of approaching his opponent. Hinako prepares for another another stalemate. If Tager extends both of his hands at her, she would jump out of his way, target his waist and push him until he hits the ring’ ropes. If Tager dodges or jumps out of her way, Hinako would be defenseless for a few seconds before trying to hit the Red Devil’ chest with a palm strike. Sumos are not allowed to close their fists so they literally have to slap the shit out of you and then kick your ass out of the ring. I suppose that getting slapped by one of these guys its like getting hit by a traffic sign or worst.

OOC: Related

Dem keep away techniques I swear

@The stampede
Enchantress decides to stay away from the fight while searching for Bradwarden but with so much screaming and dust covering the air, she can’t do anything else.

Warruner inmediatly recognizes Erza’ voice and he takes his time to hear her words. A human who was capable of defeating a centaur deserves to be listened and respected. However, Bradwarden orders his clan to take down the entrance before Erza is able to finish. Before the doors are torn apart, the Warruner raises his left hand and orders his brothers to stop. The oldest members of the Druud, the centaurs who know how Bradwarden thinks and behaves, are able to predict the leader’ actions and they decide to speak up before he does.

“Why are we stopping? Are we truly letting these vile sorcerers escape from their well deserved punishment? Our leader has finally forgotten the cultural traits that our ancestors kept for centuries and he has been trying to extinguish the memories of the past since he started to talk with that wortheless fawn. If we let this people reproduce, one day their small tribe will turn into a army ready to wipe out everything that belongs to the wild lands of the woods and crush our skulls with their sorcery. I say that the so called Warruner does no longer deserve to be called “leader” and I also say that we should embrace our gladiatorial traits and cover these grounds with the blood of the dead."

Bradwarden: Fools. The forces of nature have spoken. The presence of the Enchantress is a clear sign that the habitants of this place don’t represent a menace to our community. Are we senseless barbarians that seek blood or actual warriors that fight for glory and honor? Have we forgotten the true meaning of the arena? are free to do as you please..ONCE MY CORPSE HITS THE GROUND!

And with a loud war cry, Warruner takes a really big jump, and stomps several centaurs before facing the old member who dared to doubt on his authority. He raises his axe in the air so everyone could see how this weapon is sent through the veins and bones of this poor bastard that screams in pain as a fountain of blood covers the battlefield. After murdering the traitor with a single swing from his axe, Bradwarden defend his point of view by fighting his own brothers. The four-legged clans of Druud goes out of control. Some of his members break through the entrance and start to chase the members of the Blue tribe. Others decide to attack Warruner.

Centaurs’ armour is tough enough to withstand tons of damage. Fireballs only manage to make a few of them stumble..and attract the attention of a large group of them.
When several centaurs get close to the Shaman and she casts Lightining, most of them get stunned. A single centaur sees the chance. He gets right in front of the Shaman and before she is able to cast something, the centaurs stops on the ground and sends the Shaman flying to the air. If she doesn’t get up quickly, the centaur will just chop her head of and send her to the gates of hell again.

Last edited Jan 20, 2014 at 11:48AM EST
Jan 20, 2014 at 11:46AM EST

The Shaman rolls a bit on hitting the ground, giving her a bit of distance and a chance to get up. However, it is apparent that her spells aren’t really working out. Even if she had access to her strongest spells, she wouldn’t use them for risk of damaging her own tribe’s buildings. However, if she’s going down, she’ll take as many with her as she can…

Shaman: Otenga!

This incantation typically means doom to small attacking forces. This is the incantation of the Swamp spell, which conjures a swamp that is deep enough to consume anything that steps into it instantly, killing them (Not even the casting Shaman herself is immune to this), but it expires after 10 enemy kills. This swamp is between the Shaman and the nearest centaurs to her. This is the most powerful spell she can really fight with. After all, she lacks the Angel of Death, which would possibly be more effective, at least as a scare tactic. The Shaman tries to think of a strategy…

Shaman: (I need to break their ranks somehow… I wonder…)

The Shaman focuses on a point in the midst of the centaurs…

Shaman: Oonaga!

This is the incantation for the Swarm spell, which, well, summons a swarm of insects. It is not very damaging, being more effective as a means of scaring enemies out of their buildings than anything else. Enemy followers would run screaming from this swarm. The effect on the centaurs, however, is unknown…

(OOC: Spell charges left; Blast: 3, Swarm: 3, Lightning: 3, Swamp: 2.)

Meanwhile, some braves and firewarriors have managed to reach the balloons and jump in. From this vantage point the firewarriors proceed to rain down fireballs upon the centaurs. This might as least distract them from some of the other followers… And even so, balloons provide a quick retreat, practically ensuring the tribe’s survival.

Jan 20, 2014 at 01:15PM EST

@Front gates.

Gray and Juvia work together to help hold off the centaurs from entering the gate. Juvia uses water magic to shoot out a large torrent of water to wash away the centaurs in a tidal wave. Once She had pushed the centaurs back from the village.


Gray: Ice make: Geyser.

With a quick incantation, Gray slams both glowing fists onto the ground and then using the water left behind thanks to Juvia to create a gigantic block of icicles that completely block off the gate. The geyser is covered in sharp icicles and is very tough to to break through for even the centaurs to break through.

Gray: Juvia, go help the others around. Stop the ones who are inside and make sure the others are safe. Find Enchantress as well.

Juvia: What about you?

Gray: These bastards are tough. All I can do is hold them off for as long as possible. It should buy us enough time in order to get them to stop. now go!

Juvia goes and takes off to find the Shaman and Enchantress.

Erza is helping Warrunner hold off the centaurs and tries to convince them to stop the only way they know how, By force. If they will only recognize might and strength, than Erza will deliver.

After showering them with some of her swords to hold them off from the gate that Gray had sealed shut with ice magic. She requips into Purgatory armour and she comes swinging down her giant mace to a small group of centaurs trying to get around.


She says as she sends her mace crashing down upon the ground near the centaurs. The impact causes a gigantic burst of energy that causes a small earthquake that sends them flying some feet away from her and sending a shockwave and debris around the area.

She then turns her attention to another group around brings her mace down to face them in intimidation.

Erza: There is no honour or glory to be found in the mindless slaughtering of innocent people. Your call yourselves warriors fighting by your old ways, but all I see in front of me is nothing but savage brutes looking for blood. These people do not mean you any harm nor do they pose a threat to you people, and are just as scared as you people are living in this new world. If you do not stop this madness now.

She swingsher mace behind herself as her eyes glow with fury of fighting with her conviction.

Erza: Than I will show you how a true warrior fights with honour!

Jan 20, 2014 at 07:18PM EST


Tager: You dodged?!
It matters not to the Red Devil. After recovering from the grab, Tager spots Hinako running at him and keeps steady… When she draws near, Tager delivers a quick kick from his metal boots that should stop her in her tracks if it hits -- followed by an overhead smash with both hands, and finally a burst of magnetism from his right-hand gauntlet that would fling her back a few feet.

His opponent would have a myriad of sparks all over her because of the strong electromagnetism radiating off of her. She is now completely at Tager’s mercy right now. The Red Devil goes to initiate another grab on her. If she takes the grab, she’ll get suplexed by the giant. If she doesn’t take the grab and dodges instead, Tager will draw her in with magnetism and deliver a solid punch from there.

Jan 20, 2014 at 11:04PM EST

If there is one big disadvantage that sumo wrestling has is that every technique is intended to leave the opponent physically exhausted..however, with half if not all of his body being covered in metal, and his very own head being as hard as a rock Tager is practically undefeatable under Hinako’ eyes. After being hit by a powerful overheard smash, she falls on her knees while trying to catch a breath.

Y-you are really strong mister Tager..After this match..will you..will you share a dish of chankonabe with me..and maybe teach me how to be as strong as you?

As she gets up from the floor, her face would remind Tager of Veteran..but not the Veteran who is his friend..the very first Veteran..The very first moment the Red Devil met the Dark Abyss in the cruel lands of Mobius. The very first moment they faced each other in an endless duel of brutal strenght and glorious wrestling. She is caught off guard by this strange magnetism power but when the Red Devil’ fist approaches, she parries it, deflecting away Tager’ enourmous punch. With all of her strength, she releases a wave of palm strikes on Tager chest, each hit being more powerful than the last one, and finishes with a elbow to the chin.

After this, she jumps back just in case the Red Devil wants to counter attack. Her palms are red and her fingers hurt. If given the opportunity, she would start to kiss her own fingers.

@Fight Arena
Veteran face is frozen. He doesn’t have a proper facial expression, his muscles got stucked for some reason. Maybe the fear for Kokonoe, his love for wrestling, the great amount of respect towards Tager and his responsability as a teacher..maybe all of these emotions were sent to the air at the same time, crashing with each other and creating gigantic fireworks. His face froze the moment Hinako started to hit Tager with her palms. He is officially lost.

Meanwhile Tizoc is just..

Part of him wants to see the King of Tager but Hinako is there so Tizoc just..

And Tager will have to leave sooner or later and he doesn’t want to miss that legendary grapple..but Hinako is like a little sister to Tizoc just..

Elfman..please..allow me to take her place before something else happens…

As the shaman casts the swamp near her..the centaurs just look at the swamp..and then they proceed to laugh. The swarm of insects does nothing to a group of beasts that constantly fights the most fearsome creatures of the forest so they just squash all of these annoying bugs. The centaurs start to run in circles around the swamp..just to distract the shaman..Suddenly, a single centaur stomps, turns around and run directly at the shaman. Before touching the swamp, the beast of four legs takes a really big jump and quickly punches the poor shaman. Before she is able to cast anything, the beast merely punches her face several times..finally..the last hit..
The centaur raises his axe as his brothers cheer.

Your sorcery fails thee. Be ready to meet the edge of my axe!

Nature is peaceful and wise and violence never solves anything..However, when her friends are in danger, when the world itself turned against the green, when the woods are being completely devastated and when the life of the smallest beings of the forest is in danger, Enchantress is not afraid to use her spear as something more than a cosmetic item. As the Shaman is being attacked, Aiushtha focuses all of her inner energy on her spear, ganing a lot of magical power from the leaves, from the very ground and from the fresh air. Her spears gains energy from the natural life around her.
As the centaur is about to chop Shaman’s head off, Enchantress throws her spear directly at this wild beast’ back which quickly pierces the centaur’ chest and instantly kills the name of nature’s grace. The Shaman should be able to notice that the spear dissapears from the corpse’ rib cage and reappears in Enchantress’ hands.

Enchantress: Points for trying my dear centaur but I can’t let you murder one of my best friends. I’m really sorry.

She happily hops towards the Shaman.

Enchantress: You okay?

The remaining centaurs run away.

@Juvia and Gray
Only to find these two who were searching for the Shaman and Enchantress. There is a total amount of 6 centaurs. They start to run around the place before approaching Gray and Juvia.


Ah Erza..I wish we could have met in better conditions but It’s good that you remember the little fight we had when you and your friends arrived to the edge of my tribe territories- ARGHH!

Bradwarden clashes his axe with the sword of a centaur warrior. He just keeps swinging his axe around until he gets very close to him and then he proceeds to swing his axe one more time, piercing through the poor bastard’ belly but hurting his own chest in the proccess. His chest now has a large bloody scar that despite being gruesome and painful to look at, It doesn’t make him less dangerous. With tons of different scars and injuries, the Warruner is still fighting. The group of centaurs looks endless. Even Erza would have problems to deal with all of them at the same time. Several warriors would have slashed part of Erza’s armor and cause major injuries. As both warriors start to run out of air:

Arghh..Its like the old arena days…I suggest you position yourself in a higher ground becouse these lands are about to shake under my hooves!

And with this last words, Bradwarden lifts his front legs and the ground around him trembles in horror. The mighty hoof of the Warruner hits the ground with such a force that causes anyone near him to be stunned instantly. As Bradwarden stomps the ground and stuns every centaur near him, Erza should have jumped..or she would be stunned too.

Haha! My blade will now sing and break all of you!

Jan 21, 2014 at 05:45PM EST

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