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Tager doesn’t like doing this anymore than Tizoc does. He is very apprehensive when it comes to hurting women or children. It’s just against his standards. The only time that he will ever fight with them is if he has to.
Tager: I will see what I can do after the match, it all depends on--

Tager is rudely interrupted by Kokonoe from the bench she’s sitting on.
Kokonoe: Less talking, more kicking her ass!

But… Tager can’t seem to do that. He was distracted by the way her face resembled Veteran’s so much on that dark and dreary day in the desert of Mobius. Those times were harsh indeed. If memory serves him, the fighting lasted for days. This turn of events messed up the punch that Tager threw at Hinako, allowing it to be parried.
Tager was suddenly snapped back to reality by the flurry of palm strikes and elbow strike to his chin. The final hit made Tager stumble back a few steps and shake his head.
Tager: Activating Overdrive!
Hinako can see an ornate crest assemble from thin air behind Tager. It looks like a combination of complex machinery mixed with a clock thing. Make of it what you think.

The crest glows blue. Tager’s glasses glow with a bright yellowish color. Both of the Red Devil’s gauntlets spark wildly with green electromagnetic energy. He raises both of them above his head and the streams of energy connect with one another. Everyone could swear that the room just got darker than it was before.

Tager: Prepare yourself…!
The same crest appears behind Tager, except this time it is a bright white color. The Red Devil rears back and extends his arms like he’s about to give Hinako a big bear hug.
All of the sudden, Tager begins to spin around like a top with electromagnetic energy coming out from both of his gauntlets and shooting down onto the floor around the spinning behemoth. The attack keeps up for about 25 rotations of pure terror, finally finished off by a…
The Red Devil slams both his energy covered fists down onto the floor of the ring, sending Hinako airborne before she comes to land back down with a thud.

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Shaman: Barely alive to be honest… I’ll recover, though, don’t worry.

The Shaman stands up. Cartoonish white sparkles are above her head as well as the sound of birds. This indicates just how close to death she actually is, and the same logic applies to her followers. She really will recover, though, she just has to wait a bit.

Jan 22, 2014 at 04:25AM EST

After the Magna Tech Wheel finishes, Hinako lands on the ground, seemingly defeated and knocked out. The small wrestler got a lot of punishment after Tager’ attack: Her dress is covered in small scratches, the bandages on her hands are completely gone and she has bruises all over her legs. She tries to get up with her arms but she can’t even raise her body, hitting the ring’ floor and clenching her fists in anger. She starts to breathe heavily. Hinako starts to look around her, completely lost, before recognizing the gigantic silhuette of the Red Devil. She crawls to the nearest ring post and she helps herself up with the ring ropes. She looks up at Tager and then she takes a few seconds to check her wounds. She leans on the ring top while trying to hide the tear stains that cover her blue eyes. Unlike Tizoc, Hinako can’t take a lot of punishment. She tries to remember everything she has learnt from Veteran and Elfman but she is too nervous to think clearly.
Hinako slowly walks towards the Red Devil as her eyes tear up.

It was such a pleasure to fight you mister Tager b-but..b-but I’m afraid I’m weak..I’m insignificant.. unlike my big bro…I-I will be never be as strong as him or as powerful as him..I wish I had his size or his strength…I really wasted your time..I should have let him replace me…
Her voice starts to break up a bit.

The mask of the Griffon raises from the forgotten bar corner and penetrates through the shadows around the ring. Tizoc approaches the ring’ ropes with the speed of a eagle.

Tizoc: No! You don’t have to copy someone else Hinako! You are already strong! Look at yourself right now..even with you size and age, you still refused to leave the fight and you somehow managed to toss this enourmous cyborg around like a doll. Remember your training, remember those painful weeks of nothing but lifting and push ups, and remember to never feel outclassed becouse even in the darkest moments of a match, the smallest mistake can easily turn around the tables and leave your opponent at your mercy. Now wipe away those tears running down your cheeks and don’t give up until the entire place falls into a million of pieces!

Hinako: But big bro, he-

Tizoc: I don’t care if he is the world best wrestler or an ancient god that coined the term “grapple”, you have to focus and keep the agression on. Teach him that beneath your innocent exterior is the heart of a warrior.

Hinako takes a deep breath after hearing Tizoc’ words and she slowly pulls out two bandage rolls from her pockets. After covering her hands with the bandages, she assumes a fighting stance while trying to ignore the bruises on her poor legs. She cracks her knuckles before running towards Tager with her arms wide open. She can barely keep her balance and another Overdrive attack will basically end the match.

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If it’s really packing as much as a punch you make it out to be then it’s lucky that Havel just put his Greatshield on his back, the damn mace hits the thing and bounces off but not without causing a little dink in the otherwise well crafted surface….

Havel, whilst preoccupied with Ragna, cuts you a quick glance over shoulder…it ain’t just any glance though…this is THE glance……a glance that speaks words
“When I’m done turning this milk-drinker into paste I’m gonna come over there and slap your shit sideways, get prepped…”


Havel watches as Ragna takes to the air and transforms his weapon into a sycth-like shape…He doesn’t dodge the attack, doesn’t barrel roll out of the way, nor does he even try to block it. Instead..he outright tanks it…

By the Allfather!
His armour is strong, his poise is god-like! the scythe comes down with tremendous force and collides with the armour of the giant with a ear shattering clash, but Havel doesn’t budge an inch for It will take more than one attack to stagger this monster especially since tanking attacks is practically his strong suit. The auxiliary life drain effect of the slash will have little effect on Havel, due to GMB and his armours magical resistances it will have only taken a small amount of health but definitely not a quantity to kick up a fuss about. The Knight stands proud…unbeknownst to Ragna however is the fact that Havel has taken decent quantity of damage, he may be nigh on impossible to unsteady but it doesn’t mean that he is invincible

Ragna then lands behind Havel and preps for his final attack..
A tactic similar to a backstab eh, Ragna is about to learn the hard way about Havel’s uncanny ability to Dead Angle his weapons strikes mid motion….

In the first split second everything seems to be going smoothly, Havel is holding his weapon over his head and is about to smash the ground in front of him which would obviously result in a miss seeing as Ragna is currently behind him….so the slowmo continues and Blood Scythe is about to make contact with Havels dinosaur like back which would result in a fair amount of damage and a drain on stamina, but then things go south…within an instant, Havel has somewhat span on the spot and is now bringing the Dragon Tooth +5 Greathammer down directly upon Ragna and with ferocious speed. This shit is undodgable, unseeable…completely unpredicted, I mean would would have thought that was even possible, but no, in Lordran ’tis very possible…

Ragna would have taken some substantial damage here especially since the attack was double handed, luckily though it wasn’t enough to smush him, after all it was only a “light” move…but seriously he would be in some hefty pain here…

You can’t stop the rock, without a moments hesitation he has charged again. He tries a few wide horizontal swings, each one packing big range


Lautrec cannot avoid the shotgun and is instead shot point blank in the back and set flying across the arena he lands with a hard thud and drops his weapons. Low on health and heavily beaten he climbs back up onto his feet.
Knight Lautrec: Why! You!
He takes another item from his pocket…

An Orange Guidance Soapstone
With a bloodied hand he unsteadily reaches for the floor and writes out a message, a message that transcends dimensions and time itself, words that drift throughout the Abyss and into different worlds…
Pretty simple I know but people will get the idea…he is calling for backup

Knight Lautrec then looks back upto to Noel who is across the arena and begins an advance, he picks his weapons from off the floor and prepares himself for combat. Unable to hold his anger he becomes more aggressive and skittish in his behaviour….

He runs across the arena towards Noel, if he manages to avoid the mines then he will enter into a leaping downward cut and a never ending flurry of dervish like slashing attack fuelled by his rage, each attack is clumsily linked but made up for by the force of the individual attacks themselves….

@Divilux & Pyralis,

Meanwhile an Ork (who is well versed in the unwritten rules of Dark Souls PvP) passes by the arena and catches ear of the 4th wall talk…

Ork: Did Ize jus ear ealin spell? iz dat wat I just eard iz it? did uze just ear ealin spell too?…..’EALIN MAGIKZ IN DER PEE VEE PEE?! DEEZ OOMIEZ R IN FER A MASHIN I TELLZ YER!!!!

Whilst Divilux is preoccupied with Pyralis, Paladin Leeroy takes the time to clobber him out of the way with Grant as if he was playing baseball, the force is rib crushingly powerful, he then turns to Pyralis and swings the hammer towards his direction. He employs a type of body rolling waist movement allowing him to execute a constant smashing technique where he makes an overhead swing and then quickly follows it up once the move is finished with another one. He takes this attack out on Pyralis whilst moving quickly forward…

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The delay was more for dramatic effect on my part than anything else, because as Leeroy approaches Divilux, he gets his spell off. This spell is Morality Block, which is a defensive spell that blocks the next light elemental and the next dark elemental ability or attack on the target. The visual effect on the target(s) is two white orbs and two black orbs converging on the target, who then has an orb of each of these respective colours hovering above his head. white corresponds to light, black to dark. Were the two Order mages closer, he’d have been able to cast it on himself at the same time. As it is, he still gets hit by the hammer after casting the spell. Due to the hammer’s light elemental properties, he is still standing… Just.

Divilux: Try to… draw his… attention for a while…

Pyralis: Got it…

Pyralis proceeds to cast Healing Wind on himself in preparation. This spell is exactly what it suggests, an air elemental healing spell. Be quiet, Ork, the Order mages are the least durable things on this battlefield… Shouldn’t you be rooting for Divilux, anyway? He’s using a DAKKA weapon right now. I know how your kind loves DAKKA.

At this point, Leeroy starts heading his way.

Pyralis: Uh oh.

The elemancer proceeds to attempt to evade the attacks. He KNOWS the protection Morality Block offers will only last for one hit until Divilux has time to recover and maybe get up a buff or two on himself before rejoining the battle. He just needs an opportunity to cast Agility Boost on himself for things to start going more his way… As it is, he has enough warning to effortlessly dodge the first attack, and he just keeps running, to get as much distance as he can.

(OOC: I decided that instead of just interrupting the descriptions with OOC stuff, I’d in fact become the actual narrator of my own posts. For that matter, what is an Ork even doing here ALONE?)

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@Warrunner and centaurs.

Erza is batling with all of her strength and magic powers to hold off the onslaught of centaurs. Each swong of her mace smashes onto one centaur at a time. The power of her purgatory armour completely smashes anything it touches, but she does not aim to slay sny of them, but incapacitate them so they can know the error of their ways later. Even the centaurs armour could handle its power, but they still have strength in numbers and are as ferocious as she is. She has been hit by a few axes and kicks from some centaurs, but she still endures even as parts of her armour is cracked. Erza had faced down such odds before, but she does not yield.

OOC: yes, she can take a beating like that and has fought against numerous amounts of foes many times her size. and still won. Though it is still tough for her right now. I am not bullshitting you.

She hears what Bradwarden says as she is by his side.

Erza: It is an honour to have fought you in the arenas of your people. I’ve learned a lot through our experiences in your tribes, however, we need to end this soon. I do not wish to kill them if they can change their minds, but I will not be defeated like this.

When bradwarden raises his body up to release his thunderstomp, Erza manages to jump in the air high enough to avoid it.

Blackwing armour is her fastest armour when it comes to flying, making her very dificult for the centaurs to keep up with her agile speed. It also gives her an increase in power with each swing she makes with her sword.

*Erza flies back down at a fast speed and strikes at vital points on the centaurs bodies that would cripple or incapacitate them so they are in no longer fight back. *


She says as she cuts down two more centaurs by slashing their arms carrying their weapons so they don’t have the strength to wield them and continues to fight with all she has so that her message can be clear to them all.
@Centaurs in villiage

Gray and Juvia encounter the remaining centaurs in the village and prepare to fend them off. When they charge them, gray makes use of their speed and weight to his advantage.

Gray: Ice make: FLOOR!

*He puts his hands together, then places them on the ground and turns the entire ground between them and the centaurs in a thick layer of ice that would cause them to immediately slip since they are charging at them.

Juvia would also counter one of them by using one of her water magic to trap them in a sphere of water.

Juvia: Water lock!

One of them would be trapped inside of it and with no contact to the ground. She would use the water pressure in it to knock it out.

They would be ready for any responses the Centaurs would make to their spells.

Jan 22, 2014 at 08:37PM EST

The warriors of the blue tribe observe the events, then… They turn and head towards the battlefield?

{color:blue)Brave:(What are you doing?)

Warrior:(We can’t just abandon those fighting on our behalf. As long as you escape, the tribe will survive. That is more important than our lives.)

There are now 25 warriors heading back towards the battlefield. Warriors are the dedicated physical fighters of the tribe. If the centaurs were misled about the tribe’s usage of magic, they’ll be proved wrong when they see the warriors ready to fight.

Jan 23, 2014 at 05:55AM EST


Before Hinako charges at Tager.

The Red Devil just looks down at Hinako, uncertain of what to say. He really hates fighting against women and children. He gets out of a fighting stance and just sort of stands there now, scratching the back of his head with a giant gauntlet.
Tager: I apologize, but I cannot go against a direct order from Kokonoe.
He drops his hand down to his side .

Tager: There’s no need to be ashamed of yourself, little one. I see that you have great potential inside of you. The sheer fact that you could outright lift me at this age is a testament to that strength.

And then Tizoc comes over and talks to Hinako…

Tager leaves them alone this time and instead goes back to his side of the ring and just stands there as Tizoc delivers his inspiring speech to Hinako. When they’re done talking to each other, Tager speaks up.
Tager: It’s good to see that you’re continuing. Let’s see what you can really do!

When Hinako runs at Tager, the Red Devil tries to initiate a grapple lock with her by doing the same as before. The Overdrive has ran out, as signified by a loud powering down noise.

Jan 23, 2014 at 05:25PM EST


As Tager opens his gigantic mammoth-sized arms, Hinako takes a really deep breath. Time itself stops, the fastest beings become nothing but slow ghosts..every second feels like an eternity for her as the Red Devil tries to start another grapple lock. Another punch or another grab or even the smallest attack from the Red Devil could knock her unconscious but Tizoc’ words inspired her and as she keeps getting closer to Tager, she can see a very small chance to land her signature finisher.
She does a short front flip towards Tager, dodging Tager’s attack and landing right in front of him and before he has a chance to crush her, she takes a really big jump and targets Tager’s head. With her ridiculous strength and gripping her opponent’s skull with both hands, Hinako twists him down and makes Tager fall to the ground. Inmediatly, she grabs his opponent’s head for the last time and starts to twist him around, making him spin just like a kid playing with action figure, over and over again until Tager is nothing but a red blurred shadow.

Gassho Hineri!

After spinning on herself several times, Hinako releases Tager’s head and sends him flying directly to the warehouse’ entrance door. The large doors that were once innocent objects of the Club are torn apart, pieces of metal fly everywhere and Tager is literally kicked out of the fight club, leaving behind a huge Tager’ sized hole.
After tossing her opponent, Hinako approaches the ring’ ropes while looking as the whole that Tager left in the entrance doors as her eyes shine in pure glory. She can’t just believe what just happened. Then she turns around and looks at the mask of the Griffon, the wildwing wrestler, Tizoc who is very proud of her.

I think I-I did it big bro!…I’m not entirely sure but I think I did it! Or maybe not..hurm..did I win?

She lets out a cheerful laugh before closing her eyes and grabbing her head in pain. Finally, after an endless battle with a human tank with gigantic arms that could be easily used as generators, Hinako falls to the ground, feeling tired, happy..and unconscious.

The moment Hinako faints, Tizoc flies over the ropes and runs towards her. He searches for possible injuries and then he slowly picks her up.

Tizoc: Elfman, quick! Aspirines, more bandages, anything please! I knew it..I knew that this was a awful idea the moment I saw both of you laughing and cheering..

Despite being RIGHT IN FRONT OF KOKONOE, the Veteran yells in horror, in happiness, in an endless vortex of emotions, with a single manly roar of passion that would make Rey Mysterio instantly take off his mask and Orton to RKO himself. With his huge lungs, he emits a almighty BEAR roar that would piss off Kokonoe. He slams his chest several times and drinks a whole bottle of scotch whisky before running out of the warehouse to help Tager.

Veteran: MY GOD HINAKO..MY GOD..IS THAT EVEN LEGAL? MY GOD..WHAT HAVE WE DONE ELFMAN..IN THE NAME OF WRESTLING SCIENCE, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?? This is a crime against humanity for god’s sake! This is..this is madness..this is INSANE!

Veteran quickly helps Tager to get up while patting his back over and over again.

I don’t care who won or who lost, to me..that was beyond the concept of awesome..Man, why awesome things must always happen when you are around? I want some sick messed up stuff too! HAHAHA!

After mercilessly killing several centaurs, Bradwarden’ gladiator belt starts to glow and emit a gigantic amount of energy around him that makes Erza feel stronger inspiring her to directly send herself towards the centaurs along with Warruner. With a powerful war cry, Warruner chases his own brothers with the speed of a eagle and slams each and everyone of them. Scared and injured, the clan divides several times before reagrouping and running to the lands of Omexe once again. Victory finally. Bradwarden raises his axe, trying to reach the very skies and clouds or the glory of heaven itself.

I apologize for this…In these lands, you don’t know who is your ally and who will try to backstab you like a cowardly serpent. The rest of my brothers who stayed at home won’t be happy to hear of this unfortunate episode and I’ll have to face each and every one of them again..unless I offer them a sign of peace from this tribe. A small group of centaurs managed to infiltrate in this campment, we better help the rest. Once we are done, I’ll let nature’s grace judge me and finally put an end to my miserable life. Let us run togheter Erza before another corpse hits the earth.

Warruner uses his strength and his axe to break the giant wall of ice covering the entrance. Several centaurs are seen around, attacking building and searching for tribe members.

Retreat while you can or bow to the axe!

@Warriors of the blue tribe, Gray and Juvia

They are trying to strike from both sides, split, choose a target and strike!

Says Pholus, a old veteran who participated in many wars against humans and monsters alike. Pholus is bigger than his brothers so he naturally takes the lead. He quickly orders his men to slit and dodge the ice wall. The moment Juvia traps one of the centaurs, Pholus sees the chance. He takes a big jump and gets extremelly close to Juvia. He has a really easy chance to chop her small skull but with Gray around, god knows how many tricks this icy kid has so he decides to deliver a tremendous punch on Juvia’ chin.

Pholus: Recover from your injuries fellow brothers but be careful next time..these vile magicians know how to manipulate nature. I shall put an end to this son of a Lich and take his head as my own personal trophy!

Pholus prepares himself to dodge or to strike depending on Gray’ attack. The centaur that got trapped is now free to kill Juvia so he just chases her. If he reaches her, Juvia might lose her head.

The warriors have to face 3 centaurs..It looks easy..However, the centaurs decide to jump towards their opponents at THE EXACT SAME TIME, use their tremendous strength to stomp the ground and cause a massive shockwave, stunning several warriors, and start to kill each and every one of them. The centaurs start to kill the warriors one by one. A swing from an axe. A warrior is chopped in half. Another swing. A headless warrior corpse falls to the ground. Another swing. A warrior flies through the air with his chest torn into pieces. The centaurs are merciless. Only 10 warrior remain, they are the strongest ones. The centaurs are a bit tired.

OOC: Yes..Gassho Hineri takes half of your lifebar..fucking OP. Nerf it natsu

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Just three centaurs? They’ll soon realise they have made a fatal mistake – NEVER attempt to take on 3 warriors at a time, for they tend to kill the unlucky opponent VERY fast… unless the Bloodlust spell is in effect, because of how that spell works. But, in this case, its not..

Warriors: (Now!)

Nine of the warriors proceed to surround the three centaurs, three warriors to each one. They start slashing away. Were they followers of one of the other three tribes, they’d have been dead already. But since they are not, they do have some time to fight back…

Jan 24, 2014 at 01:39PM EST


Tager was just thrown straight through the arena, through the double doors, and crashed straight into the ground outside. He’s dumbfounded at what just happened. For now he just lays there, still conscious but breathing heavily in and out.

When Tager was thrown out of the ring, Kokonoe immediately closed her laptop and just had to watch this go down. She isn’t too happy about seeing one of her best creations be tossed through the ring ropes and outside like it was a bag of trash by a little girl. Her right eyebrow starts to twitch in anger as soon as Veteran yells his mighty bear roar.
She opens up her fist that was balled in anger and materializes a giant wrench in one hand, putting it on her shoulder and giving Veteran a glare.

Kokonoe follows Veteran in his drunken stupor towards Tager.

And then everyone reaches Tager…

Tager is helped up off the ground by Veteran.
Tager: Thank you, Veteran, but I’m fine…

Though it looks like Tager is having a little difficulty with himself. Hinako really did him in that time.
Tager: That little one can pack one hell of a punch.

Kokonoe: First thing’s first…
Kokonoe comes up behind Veteran and smacks him over the head with the giant wrench, using both of her hands for the swing.
Kokonoe: Don’t ever yell like that around me. You’ll put my fucking ears out.
The wrench vanishes into a mist of shining white particles after she hits him with it. Kokonoe then gets a mischievous grin on her face as she slowly looks at Tager.
Kokonoe: It’s time for new upgrades for you, Tager.

Tager: …
The Red Devil doesn’t look enthused by the statement at all. In fact he looks scared by it. He laughs nervously at the statement of Kokonoe’s while helping Veteran up from the ground.
Tager: Are you alright, Veteran?


He is caught off guard by the sudden change in stance by Havel and gets completely pummeled. Ragna is smashed down by the giant Dragon Tooth in Havel’s possession. The Grim Reaper is flung backwards out of the way.
Ragna: GAH!
He was inflicted with a heavy blow from the Dragon Tooth. Ragna down the way towards Havel while clutching his side.

Ragna: You bastard…!
He puts the pain beside him when he sees Havel charging at him again. Ragna immediately jumps backwards.
The Grim Reaper swings his sword upwards, sending out a bolt of seithr that skids along the ground towards Havel. Upon contact, the Dead Spike will explode and cause a decent amount of damage even through the GMB along with gaining a portion of Ragna’s life back.

When Ragna yelled in pain, Noel just had to look over to see what was wrong. She saw Ragna get hit by the Dragon’s Tooth.
Noel: Ragna!
While Lautrec is on the ground, Noel takes aim at Havel’s position… The inside of Bolverk glows blue while her eyes glow the same color.

In a split second afterward, a few rather large explosive, golden bullets are headed straight for the Rock.

When Havel gets close to Ragna, his right arm gets enveloped by seithr. He swings his arm to the side, causing a field of black and purple energy to go up all around him as well as a spike of seithr that tears the ground in front of him asunder in an attempt to shake Havel up.

If Havel manages to get past the crag in the ground, Ragna dodges backwards out of the first strike. While Havel is open for an attack because of the weight of the Dragon Tooth, Blood Scythe is enveloped by seithr. The tip of the sword looks like the blade of an axe now…
Ragna: Outta my way!
He leaps upward towards Havel in a spiraling motion while uppercutting with a sword slash hilt to hit him and get some air at the same time. This attack would be very difficult to parry because of the weird angle it’s at.
On the ground after the Inferno Divider, Ragna switches over to Soul Eater attacks. Each one of these packs a bigger punch than his normal attacks and drain life upon contact. Ragna tries his best to fight against Havel at close range while dodging and rolling at every possible chance he gets so that he won’t be smushed.


Noel was preoccupied with Havel, so she didn’t see that Lautrec wrote anything down with his Orange Soapstone.

Upon turning back to face her opponent, Noel catches Lautrec running towards her. If Lautrec gets close to any of the mines in a 3 or so foot radius, they will explode and cause a decent amount of explosive damage to the knight.

When he goes into the leaping downward strike, Noel prepares herself. She twirls Bolverk around and fires a large spiraling shot into the air towards Lautrec.
Noel: Yah!

With the other gun, she starts the clashing string. Whenever she gets a chance, she’ll try and initiate another combination attack of kicks and gunshots.

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@ Spark

OOC: leaving thread, never coming back, 2Spooky4Me.



Upon Bradwarden using his powerful warcry to empower Erza and himself. She uses all of her strength and directs it into a head on shoulder check into one centaur like a battering ram and slamming it into another group of centaurs. Shouting out loud during all of this.


Upon contact, she really injures her left shoulder due to the armour of the centaurs. Shortly after the retreat of the traitor forces. She catches her breathe as she flies back down to Bradwardens position. Breathing heavily with cuts and bruises on her body as well as a damaged shoulder.

Erza: (panting and breathing heavy.) I understand. And I too am sorry for meeting like this. We really enjoyed the visiting of your tribes and to see the culture of your people. Our friendship started when we fought in the arena, and I cherish it very well. I wish to chat more, but we need to help the others inside the city. (she gets back up, but stumbles a bit due to serious injuries.) Damn…. Lets go.

She then flies back into the air and follows Bradwarden back into the village.
@Gray and Juvia’s centaurs

When pholus comes to deliver the mighty punch to Juvia, He actually makes contact with her. Howerver, instead of feeling like a normal punch to a human, it feels like he just hit a puddle of water as it swings past through Juvia. Her body is made entirely of water and is immune to physical attacks as such. Juvia is quick to counter attack the surprised centaur by making her hand into a giant ball of compressed water.

Juvia: Juvias body is made entirely of water. Such attacks will not harm me. she then jumps forward and delivers a punch to Pholus, the built up water pressure in her fist bursts upon contact, doing a great amount of damage and should also send the centaur stumbling back or flat on the ground.

Gray sees the centaur that was freed by pholus charging at Juvia. He decides to use the opprotunity to strike at it while Juvia had attacked Pholus.

Puting his hands together to cast his spell.

Gray: Ice make: Cannon.

Gray fires off a large blast of ice magic at the centaur that does a lot of damage and should cover the centaur in ice and make it stationary, right before getting ready to deal with a counter attack.
_____________________________________________________________________________*Elfman is just as shocked and surprised as everyone else. Seeing tager tossed like a ragdoll.*


He joins the thers to see Tager. He gives him a helping hand to pick him up back onto his feet as all the comotion was going on.

Elfman: You have nothing to prove there red devil, this match was so good that neither of you would have lost at all. Both of you are winners.

After hearing kokonoe saying that shes gonna need to upgrade him and hearing the unease in his laughter. He gets some bad thoughts.

Elfman: Why do I not like the sound of that?

Jan 25, 2014 at 08:56PM EST

OOC: ont care for double posting because i made a mistake in my last post and am fixing it. Disregard the last part of my post and replace it with this one since i cannot fix it.

@veteran, Hinako, and Tizoc

Veteran after an exciting match of epic proportions goes up to the wrestling arena to were the unconcious body. He has a smile full of pride for her as he picks her up.

Elfman: You did real good kid. Your more manly than some of the guys back at our guild hall. Truly worthy of being in our club. Though you still need some help. He turns to Tizoc. Hey Tizoc, I’ll go help treat her up with some first aid, go check up on Tager.

He jumps over the ropes and lands on the outside of the ring and heads to the first aid treatment room they should have in the club to help her recover.

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Jan 25, 2014 at 09:53PM EST

OOC: And after 2 weeks of completely disappearing off of the face of the Earth, here is another grand post from your esteemed ruler: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, which will likely have very little effect on the short-term happenings of the thread! Go me.


A few days later, Robotnik and Snively arrive at what appears to be a massive construction zone in the middle of a desert.

Robotnik’s personal shuttle lands on a small landing pad, and both he and his nephew exit. Standing on the landing pad has become extremely uncomfortable for Snively, who immediately begins sweating in the sweltering desert heat. Of course, heat bears no meaning for Robotnik anymore. The Doctor’s robotic form allows him to exist here in the desert just as comfortably as he would in any lesser heat.

Robotnik: Behold, Snively! My grand creation: The Launch Base Zone Mk. II! (Final name is pending.)

Snively: You… built an entire zone, sir?

Robotnik: That’s correct, my miniscule nephew! It took much time and plenty of resources, but it’s worth it, especially when one considers what I’ve got planned!

Snively: But sir, for what purpose could you--

Snively’s eyes widen as he realizes his uncle’s schemes, and Robotnik’s devious smile back only confirms Snively’s suspicions.

Snively: You don’t mean…

Robotnik: Oh, but I do!

Snively: B-but without any Emeralds, how can you--?

Robotnik: You’ll see… in the meantime, we’ve got work to do! I’ve already instructed the worker bots who have finished the Zone to move on to the first stages of consruction. An even larger workforce is being prepared at the Final E-- er, Eggtropolis as we speak!

Snively: But how do you plan to get enough resources to--

Robotnik: Oh, don’t be an idiot! This planet’s loaded with resources just waiting for me to exploit them!

At any rate, they will be more than sufficient for me to defeat the meddlesome rodent, conquer the world, and eventually find the Chaos Emeralds. Not necessarily in that order.

Snively: … Such schemes require activities which could be more than conspicuous, sir.

Robotnik: That’s simply a risk I’m more than willing to take, Snively. I’ll do whatever it takes to get back on track. We’re moving nowhere but forward from here on out!

Robotnik turns and glares ominously at his nephew.

Robotnik: Any more questions, Snively?

The generous amounts of sweat that had accumulated on Snively’s skin was amplified by Snively’s fear of his uncle.

Snively: N-no, sir!

Robotnik: Good! Now, let’s get to work…

Jan 26, 2014 at 03:32PM EST

OOC: Just posting to say that my laptop’s pretty much broken so I will not be able to post on a weekend until I get a replacement. (I’m making this post from college). I know, it sucks. I don’t like having to wait either. But… there’s nothing I can do. I am NOT going back to that restrictive access they call an ipad.

Jan 27, 2014 at 10:43AM EST

@Tager and Kokonoe

Veteran: OUCH! My damn head! Godamn it..not even Augus hits that hard..I swear if you do that again Miss Kokonoe I..I..I-I..I will just shut up already..I’m fine I’m fine..Match was awesome, the graples were great, I saw a good amount of impressive techniques and sick comebacks and I got to see you fighting again…and now we will have to buy a new door..but hey, sometimes even the strongest ring breaks after a powerful body slam.

Suddenly, the mask of the Griffon shows itself, penetrating the mysteries of life and beyond and revealing the true meaning of the universe with his vast muscles that shall pierce the heavens of..okay enough poetic nonsensical stuff. Tizoc just appears in front of everyone. As always, he is crossing his arms and staring menacingly at everyone around him like a serial killer about to kill a prostitute in a dark alley of London. After a good amount of eye-to-eye contact, Tizoc slowly moves towards Tager just to handshake him.

I’ll admit it, I liked the match itself..a match that should have never happened if you ask me…

And then Tizoc just..

He wants to piledrive Tager over and over again until the Red Devil turns into a toy but he must resist the urge to punch him so he just…

The worst part is that Tizoc is the kind of guy that always jumps first for his friends. He feels like a bodyguard and responsible for the people around him, particulary Hinako, who sees him a brother, so Tizoc should be screaming and yelling but instead he just..

Tizoc merely contemplates the opponent he wishes to face one day before saying “We will speak later” and heading inside the Fight Club.

After a akward handshake with the Red Devil, Tizoc rushes inside the first aid treatment room. He is sweating like a guy who just stared at his own grave and who is currently losing control of his heart rate. The small girl’ body is covered in bruises and small scratches. Tizoc is bloody surprised..even with her legs falling into pieces, even with a gigantic amount of pain in her hands, Hinako still managed to put up a fight before fainting. The mask of the Griffon, despite being mighty and inmortal, despite being the force that moves the stars and keeps the balance of this universe..the mask of the Griffon is scared to death. “What if she doesn’t wake up?” , “What if she broke her legs and she has to live in a wheelchair for the rest of her life?” “What would happen with her future? Ruined by a bunch of violent imbeciles?”
Tizoc’ hands are shaking like a godamn surgeon about to extract a bullet from the lungs of a policeman. He doesn’t know where to start. Elfman should be able to notice this but when asked, Tizoc just…

Tizoc: I’m worried, that is all. You should be worried also. I can’t believe you allowed her to do this. I seriously can’t believe it.

Meanwhile in this unimportant location that is kinda important for “He who paid for His Head” and the criminals, serial killers and heartless bastards surrounding him, in this very town during this very day, at this very hour..err..7:00 PM I believe? What it matters, the thing that truly matters, is that someone shall be extinguished and wiped out from the face of earth in a way that not even his bones and flesh shall reveal the identity of his killer. A mysterious shadow walks through the walls of the Fairy Guild, an undetected presence, a ghost in the combat, an assassin preparing to strike, a dagger ready to stab, a mission about to be accomplished and a worthy amount of money about to be gained. A small sound penetrates the silent killer’ hearing range and forces him to dissapear in thin air, leaving nothing behind, not even his particles, absolutly nothing as if this presence never existed before. A resident of the Fairy Guild walks right in front of the silent killer without noticing its presence. The assassin just missed a perfect opportunity for a necksnap but “He who paid for His Head” gave him different orders. “He” told him to get rid of a unknown enemy for “The Master”.
The ALMIGHTY shadow that moves with the darkness, the unexistant sound that chases your mind, the mirror of your nightmares, the silent beast approaches his target’s room and prepares himself for a quick struggle and a merciless throat stab. The door slowly opens and the assassin infiltrates in his target’s room without activating any kind of alarm or an unwelcomed presence. The man that does not exist, the killer without a shadow, the silent (but deadly!) ninja sends himself directly to the air without making any kind of sound. With an agility that would leave you drooling like the idiot you truly are, the assassin falls towards the target’s bed and focuses his inner chakra on his left hand.



“And so you die. What a poor and pathetic attempt of a ninja who tried so hard to imitate the lacks of me. Consider yourself lucky, you had the wonderful opportunity to see how a master of Ninjutsu assassinates an amateur ninja. Now look at the face of your killer, STARE AND REMEMBER MY FACE BECOUSE THIS IS THE FACE THAT YOU SHALL SEE IN YOUR ENDLESS DREAMS IN HELL. Throughout the eons my feared and respected clan has been known by many names and those who manage to even mention one of these names would be sentenced to death but I’ll give you the pleasure to hear my name with our last seconds of oxygen in your brain: THE ONE WHO PUT AN END TO YOUR LIFE WAS ME, EIJI KISARA-”

[But then Eji realises that he just murdered a empty bed. Nothing more, nothing else.The room itself is empty as if his nemesis left Magnolia, searching adventure and people to help.]

Eji: Hurm…What kind of atrocity is this..The information was extremelly precise: “Bang should be sleeping in his bedroom at 7PM after a tireless day of training”. Can’t I get a proper piece of information that doesn’t omit details? Hmpf, a ninja of my skill shouldn’t waste precious time searching and hunting..I better start to interact with the people around this very city and gather information INMEDIATLY. Now where to start..perhaps in a place of interest such a bar or the central market..hurm..

Suddenly footsteps. Its the resident of the Guild, the old grandpa known as Makarov. Eiji thinks quickly. He can’t waste a lot of energy in another teleport spell so instead, he uses a simple transformation to disguise himself as a fearsome beast that shall scare Makarov to death. The last member of the Kisaragi clan assumes the form of the fearsome..


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Jan 27, 2014 at 09:16PM EST

OOC: This might actually be my first actual weekday Roleplay post in a while.

I may be down, but I’m certainly not out.


*It’s been a week since Robotnik and Snively first arrived in the Launch Base Zone Mk. II. After

Robotnik: At last, the next convoy has arrived with a fresh supply of worker-bots. And the first stages of my latest project have been completed without interference!

Snively adds to Robotnik’s statement with details from the convoy’s report.

Snively: And it seems this convoy has gone undetected as well, sir. At least it doesn’t seem as though it’s being followed…

Robotnik: Excellent! Remain cautious, though; I don’t want that hedgehog getting whiff of my schemes before I’m ready for him!

Snively: Yes, sir.

Eggman shifts focus towards his other endeavors.

Robotnik: What’s the progress on my mining operations?

Snively: All mining projects are reporting to be ahead of schedule, sir.

The mad scientist can barely contain his excitement.

Robotnik: Finally! Some progress, at last!


Snively: Yes, sir?

Robotnik: Get my hovercraft ready!

Snively: What for?

Robotnik: We’re leaving! The Egg Robo can finish overseeing construction here. I’ve got my own plans!

Snively: Such as…?

Robotnik: For one: the reconstruction of my capital city!

Snively: But sir, I thought that Eggtropolis was--

Robotnik: It was only a temporary capital, fool! It was never my goal for Eggtropolis to remain as the capital of the Eggman Empire indefinitely!

And beside that, I need a new symbol of my gaining power!

Snively: Sir, it’s a miracle you’ve been able to get this far without interference. How do you expect to undergo another major project without attracting unwanted attention?

Robotnik: By distracting him, of course!

Snively: But sir, despite our recent successes, we don’t have any effective means of combating the hedgehog.

Robotnik: Ah, but you underestimate me, my dear nephew! Ever since our arrival on this planet, I’ve been preparing even before I knew

Snively: … How is that, sir?

Robotnik smiles deviously.

Robotnik: I thought you’d never ask! Behold, Snively! My latest line of enforcers of my will!

*Right on cue, a door near the two villains opens, revealing Dr. Eggman’s

Robotnik: Introducing…

They’ll handle any… inturruptions that might arise in my absence.

But I’m still going to have them notify me should any such event occur.

Snively: You’ve certainly been busy, haven’t you, sir?

Robotnik: Unlike you, Snively, I don’t waste my time.

Robotnik gets into contact with Egg Robo, who had arrived one day prior.

Robotnik: Egg Robo! Do you hear me!?

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor.

Robotnik: Good! Listen to me! I’m relaying supervision of this project to you! I want you to deploy the Metal Series should anyone try to interfere!

Egg Robo: Understood, sir.

Eggman rises from his chair and walks toward the exit door.

Robotnik: Now, on to what will soon be my capital city…

My capital city of Eggmanland!

Snively: Yes… sir.

Jan 29, 2014 at 10:09AM EST

OOC: Darn, I missed the editing deadline.


When reading, replace the unfinished parts of my post with these:

It’s been a week since Robotnik and Snively first arrived at the Launch Base Zone Mk. II. Since then, the two moved to a much more comfortable indoor facility, much to the relief of the overheated Snively (Robotnik stated that he didn’t know why he bothered wasting resources cooling the facility, and that Snively had better appreciate it.), and Robotnik had spent the week personally overseeing the first stages of construction of his secret project.


Robotnik: Ah, but you underestimate me, my dear nephew! Ever since our arrival on this new planet, I’ve been preparing for unwanted interference, even before I had had learned of the rodent’s presence here!


Right on cue, a door near the villains opens, revealing Dr. Eggman’s newest series of robots.

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Jan 29, 2014 at 11:17AM EST

OOC: I’m extremely sorry that I haven’t been able to post anything for the past few days. I’ve been extremely busy with real life stuff. I promise to everyone that I will have a post up by tonight. I hope you all understand.

Jan 31, 2014 at 03:40PM EST

OOC: Jesus, everyone’s REALLY fucking busy. I really dont know what exactky is going right on, but we’ll be back shortly.

Feb 02, 2014 at 11:02AM EST


It’s a new year which means it’s time to get back to work which in turn leaves me with very little free time to do what I want to do when I get home in the evening, I could write up a post but they usually take me a few hours to finish up (I’m usually writing one up whilst going about other business) add on the fact that no one else is posting and it gives me even less motivation to bother with it at all….

Looking at the thread as it is it’s almost as if people actually forgot how to play it which has brought about this dreadful cycle of one-trip roller-coaster ride ark things…..nothing like the complicated factions and character relationships we used to have, I suppose you could say this has affected my motivation too

Last edited Feb 02, 2014 at 04:55PM EST
Feb 02, 2014 at 04:54PM EST

OOC: It all started with this line..
“Great pulsating protons! I think It’s time my friends to bolt off this place! Anyone for some casual space adventures? Since the Earth can no longer hold your randomness…Maybe we can find a new habitable planet with inteligent life or sentient species!”

He was nothing but a pun maker, ridiculous attempt of a hero and side character. Hell nobody gave a shit about him until I put his villian, his ark and a good amount of NPCs, priceless references and over the top minions. I wanted to finish that ark so bloody bad. I would waste countless hours in Garry Mod’ workshop, searching for materials, models and maps that I could use and then testing them in-game, only to be dissapointed by the retarded Source Engine or the missing textures. After being kicked out of the thread twice, I should have quitted. But no, I wanted to keep moving foward, I wanted to plan even more, I had tons and tons of ideas that I wanted to show to you guys..I could easily write countless amount of documents with the huge events I planned for weeks. From backgrounds to music, these events were going to be memorable..Sure, this whole shitty ark got delayed more and more but I didn’t want to stop. In fact, even with Spark gone, I planned more and more stuff for this thread, to keep it alive and fresh but so It seems I failed at doing so.

11 pages of addons..models, maps, materials, you name it..Sundowner and Touhuo ragdolls are still around I believe becouse I was planning to use them later

I had a blast roleplaying with you guys. I enjoyed every single minute inside here, even when..well..when THAT happened..I wanted to drop everything but I didn’t..I got even more ideas. Originally, Enchantress was going to replace Spark forever but with the Dota 2 world, I saw a lovely amount of things that I could use to make the BM return, to make Sparky fight for the last time and to put an end to the thread..once for all..becouse I knew that, eventually, with so much drama between the users, the thread was going to die..

I believe I talked with Zar about this. I knew exactly what was going to happen. With endless arks and reusing the same characters over and over again, It was a matter of time before everyone gave up.
So heres my proposal..
We ask a mod to lock the thread and I uninstall Gmod and Source Filmmaker…
we talk with each other and give the thread the end it deserves: The first ark that can actually end.
It’s been fun.
If the thread is locked tonight..allow me to say something else..


Thank you for the adventure guys. Thank you.

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Feb 02, 2014 at 06:30PM EST

OOC: Well, I’ve really been waiting on you as much as I could. The reason I cannot post during weekends right now is circumstances beyond my control, after all…

Feb 03, 2014 at 09:40AM EST

@Medic: Thread’s dead, mate. Most of us moved onto another RP whilst the rest just went off to other places.

Last edited Mar 08, 2014 at 04:46PM EST
Mar 08, 2014 at 04:46PM EST

Wait, it’s dead?


Last edited Mar 08, 2014 at 06:05PM EST
Mar 08, 2014 at 06:04PM EST

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

…For now.
Let it die in peace, please.

Dude you revived this thread from the dead. Are you now happy?!

Mar 08, 2014 at 06:26PM EST

Insiders reviving the RP General
Outsiders inside the RP General

Like Falc said
90% of the people involved moved onto a private RP
10%, including myself, didn’t

Last edited Mar 08, 2014 at 07:18PM EST
Mar 08, 2014 at 07:12PM EST

Oh, dear…

It’s come back to haunt me.




Hehe. I actually miss this thread, despite its shortcomings. And I mean the way it was when it was actually fun.

That being said, unfortunately the thread has, in fact, fallen apart since your last departure, Medic. Sorry about that.

Also, I must say that I find it… weird, to see “Roleplay General” and “Be Your Avatar” on the same page. It’s almost like looking back into the past on a younger version of this thread. I say “almost” because the two threads are actually quite different (even when this thread was at the same stage of its thread life as the newer one is now).

Last edited Mar 09, 2014 at 11:46AM EDT
Mar 09, 2014 at 11:34AM EDT

Dr. Robotnik wrote:

Oh, dear…

It’s come back to haunt me.




Hehe. I actually miss this thread, despite its shortcomings. And I mean the way it was when it was actually fun.

That being said, unfortunately the thread has, in fact, fallen apart since your last departure, Medic. Sorry about that.

Also, I must say that I find it… weird, to see “Roleplay General” and “Be Your Avatar” on the same page. It’s almost like looking back into the past on a younger version of this thread. I say “almost” because the two threads are actually quite different (even when this thread was at the same stage of its thread life as the newer one is now).

‘Coz you guys keep postin’ here stuffs like this, that’s why.

Mar 09, 2014 at 11:38AM EDT

Okay, If it would make everyone feel better, i would suggest requesting to lock this thread. It dead, none of us wants to continue it. Its too much effort to get so little done in it and it caused nothing but strife and headaches for all of us. If anyone ever wants to rp again. Make your own thread to start fresh and stay out of this one. It would be a lot better for everyone. Or just stick to the be your avatar and just don’t go overboard with it.

So I would like to request locking of this thread so it can die in peace without people keep posting saying why it wont stay dead.

Last edited Mar 09, 2014 at 02:10PM EDT
Mar 09, 2014 at 02:08PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun wrote:

Okay, If it would make everyone feel better, i would suggest requesting to lock this thread. It dead, none of us wants to continue it. Its too much effort to get so little done in it and it caused nothing but strife and headaches for all of us. If anyone ever wants to rp again. Make your own thread to start fresh and stay out of this one. It would be a lot better for everyone. Or just stick to the be your avatar and just don’t go overboard with it.

So I would like to request locking of this thread so it can die in peace without people keep posting saying why it wont stay dead.

Some of you guys really overdramatize this entire thread ending.

But fair enough, the story’s dead, and people can make a new thread if they’re interested in starting a new story, or join one of the other existing stories. Locking this one.

P.S. You guys made a new RP, and moved that one to a private location, inaccessible to the public. How is anyone supposed to know and/or be interested in joining you guys when you’re hiding yourself like some cowardly elitist bunch?

Cut them some slack on posting here if it ended or not, the fact that you felt the need to hide from the public’s eye is the cause of that.

Mar 09, 2014 at 06:19PM EDT

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