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Make your own green text stories

Last posted Jun 01, 2013 at 12:27AM EDT. Added Apr 21, 2013 at 10:41PM EDT
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>be 17
>just graduated
>birthday coming up
>txting friend
>13 year old girl
>she genass
>upcoming senior
>tell her about my birthday coming up
>tells mom, verbalizing txts to mom
>fucking bitch
>mom’s bday day after mine
>mom offers to take me to bar/dickleback concert
>hate dickleback
>don’t want to go
>go, cuz alcohol
>bday, go bar
>so fucking drunk
>1st time drinking
>getting late
>fuck dickleback
>keep drinking
>mom hotter with every drink
>get cab
>go back to her house
>wake up
>forget everything
>drive home
>sneak in b4 parents wake up
>txt from friend
>friend woke up
>heard us having sex
>tells me I’m awful, ignores my txts
>6 months later, txt from friend
>mom pregnant
>dad never home
>doesn’t know yet
>dad huge muscle head, mean
>could only be mine
>what do kym, what do????

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>go to greentext stories thread
>notice that text isn’t in green
>is smart enough to realize that “greentext stories” refers to the delivery of the story as opposed to the actual verdigris of the text
>enjoys OP’s manufactured greentext story
>reads comment by nitpicky, 4chan meme elitist
>take shot of vodka
>read OP’s response
>down rest of the vodka
>throws bottle against the wall in celebration
>roommate knocks on door
>answers door
>realizes current state of undress
>don’t care
>stares at roommate
>"what do you want"
>roommate cowers as he tries not to look at my junk
>"n-nothing. nevermind"
>walk out of room and grabs another bottle of vodka
>alpha as fuck

>I was a young new member
>I make a new entry about a event
>People start to bash it
>Mods join the party too
>"Not a meme, +1 deadpool, OP is a fag"
>Tears from my eyes
>I pray master Forest to help me
>People still asking for deadpool
>Suddenly Foster bans everyone
>Only me and him remain unbanned on KYM
>I clean up my friends/followers list for Forest
>He fills my entry with +1 confirms

Still not a Conversationalist…

>See OP
>no green text
>2 secs later, no fucks given
>write green text story
>copy, paste
>internet crashes
>doorbell rings
>go to door
>annoying neighbor kid
>"wat do u want?
>"I need about tree fiddy"
>notice kid is actually 8 stories tall from the palezoic era
>walk back in the door
>get on the floor
>everyone walk the dinosaur
>contemplate existence
>remember I’m a dog
>hot girl I know walks in
>huge dog boner
>go hump her leg
>she pushes me off
>remember I’m a human
>spaghetti starts flying out of my pockets
>use spaghetti to jump rope
>Guard breaks down door
>"Stop right there, criminal scum!"
>stabs girl
>Shrek runs in
>"This is so ogre"
>Beats Guard to death with an onion
>Guard beta as fuck
>Shrek alpha as fuck
>he then runs off
>have the weirdest boner
>Go eat some giga pudding
>use max revive
>tax master runs in
>kill it with fire
>stop coming in my house
>run outside
>see niggas tonging my angus
>keep running
>don’t know what to do
>give up
>so fucking beta
>wake up
>moot banned OP
>moot banned everyone
>just me and him
>realize I’m in the Matrix
>Keanu Reeves
>Realize I’m turning into an agent
>wake up IRL
>Posted results

it was the best day ever

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>Get a successful rapping career
>Make a song
>Give it a slightly silly lyric
>Years later, person produces remix
>That silly lyric gets repeated over and over again
>Palms are sweaty
>Knees weak, arms are heavy
>Vomit on my sweater already
>Mom’s spaghetti

>be 18
>look 25
>go to party with friends
>friend asks me to get more
>head to local liquer store
>homeless guy outside
>hand him a quarter
>play it cool
>grab underage booze
>go up to counter
>knees weak palms are sweaty
>make purchase
>hands shaking like a mofo
>doesn’t card me
>outside friends are waiting
>notice homeless guy is armed
>40 caliber
>he kicks in the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walks the dinosaur

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Serious Business wrote:

>be 18
>look 25
>go to party with friends
>friend asks me to get more
>head to local liquer store
>homeless guy outside
>hand him a quarter
>play it cool
>grab underage booze
>go up to counter
>knees weak palms are sweaty
>make purchase
>hands shaking like a mofo
>doesn’t card me
>outside friends are waiting
>notice homeless guy is armed
>40 caliber
>he kicks in the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walks the dinosaur

What’s wrong with you?

I'm the Batman (formerly OP) wrote:

>In class
>writing green text story
>/b/ walks in
>shits on everything
>everyone eats /b/s shit
>everyone dies

everything was expected

>you suddenly hear gunfire
>tanks appear from under the desks
>take out /b/ and the shit before anyone eats
>tanks run you over
>realize you’ve just been outwitted by a tactical geni… CREEEEED!

>be 7
>at school
>see hot girl
> try not to get boner
> she pulls out swastika armband
> she puts it on
>hitler rises out of the floor
>darth maul frontflips threw window
>epic duel
>hitler’s head lands ln my desk
>make a mask out of it
> disco ball appears
> zombie hookers come
> school disco
> spaghettiOs rain from ceiling
> kum jung un appears from disco ball holdong a bass
>drops it
> everybody dies

This is another story about fukface, you may have heard of him. He is a dick, to say the least.

>be me, 10
>learning to count money in class, with plastic coins and monopoly bills, real gangsta shit.
>bitch teacher decides we should pair up in groups for a money counting activity. we have to add up coins and exchange them for notes, real sophisticated hangsta shit.
>get paired with fukface, fml
>i know this shit, fukface doesnt
>i try to teach him, but he acts like f-ing honey boo boo and ignores me
>whatevs biatch, guess you aint gonna be a banker
>class is almost over. thank talos. teacher asks if any of our partners struggled
>i dont want to be a bitch, i dont say fukface was bad at the activity
>he turns his head at me and pulls the most evil smile ever
>he puts up his hand and says i struggled with the activity, he also says i didnt even try
>teacher scolds me and makes me stay behind at lunch for half an hour counting f-ing plastic coins with a dying old woman
>because i dont cooperate well she moves me down two whole maths groups. bitch, my father will hear about this.
>finally get away from her
>walk out the door
>no i dont do the fukin dinosaur, retards. this is a childhood traumatise story.
>feel more free than america ever could be
>see fukface, he pulls that smile at me
>i somehow stay calm
>be friendly with him over the next few days, invite him to play soccer with friends at the back of the school
>fukface sees me worthy, goes with me and friends
>we reach the school fence, friends know whats going on. now shit gets real
>release my raptor rage on him, more powerful than the force of 1000 fusrodahs
>start punching him in the face, nobody messes with my maths education
>kick him in the chest with all the power 10 year old legs have
>he tries to retaliate by making his foot meet my prebuscent love sausage.
>dodge him, then punch fukface in his fuking face.
>walk away like a mafioso just beat up a snitch
>go back to school the next day, fukface isnt there.
>leaves me alone for the rest of the year and promises that he’ll never tell anyone what i did to him.
>nobody messes with my academic maths education

This was the only day I’ve ever gotten back at fukface. If you’ve read my other stories, this is the same guy who ruined my scooter, my pokemon cards, my yuhioh cards and my life from 11 and under.

He has also humiliated me by insulting my homemade fudge for a school lunch, nobody insults my baked goods.

>In school
>Fire alarm goes off
>decide I’ll just stay in the building and burn to death
>go hide
>turns out no fire
>txt from friend
>it’s for a bomb threat
>try to get out
>immediately picked up by cops
>main suspect
>tell them I had stayed in building to die
>didn’t believe me
>no evidence I was the actual person
>parents pick me up
>throw me out for being arrested
>gf just died of leukemia
>get balls
>bomb boston marathon for lulz
>silly humans
>no one suspected it was mole people

Last edited Apr 26, 2013 at 11:19AM EDT

> Be a vamp
> Walking home from vampire college, fucking starving
> Sees random chick
> Gets maced
> She offers to just jar her blood and give it
> Gets jar o blood
> Drinks blood
> Realize that it’s period fluid
> Pissed off
> Rip off her baby’s head and eats it
> Gets arrested
> Bangs female officer to get out of jail free
> Gets off scot-free
> Dies of AIDS

Last edited Apr 28, 2013 at 01:35AM EDT

> 16 something years old
> my dad (was a soldier) died before i was born
> living with my mom
> moving to a new town in new mexico
> new school
> totally weird at first (everyone speaks southern drawl and wears cowboy boots and stuff)
> don’t really find any friends, but used to being alone
> then suddenly, one day, this cute girl just sits next to me and introduces herself
> wait what
> i mean she’s really cute
> oddly enough, she doesn’t seem to have many friends either
> don’t freak out, manage to have an actual conversation
> later she asks for help in computer science classes
> don’t know if flirting or just actually wants help
> why am i so bad at this
> next day
> fucking shooting at our school!
> i somehow manage to get out
> i see how the cute girl is shot
> life over
> i didn’t even really know her but i’m fucking devastated
> isn’t over yet
> the shooter comes outside to where i am
> fuck fuck shit fuck fucking shit dammit
> i’m about to die
> he’s suddenly hit by a truck
> wat
> truck door opens

> “come with me if you wanna live”

> I fooled you again

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> write greentext story in previous post
> next day the picture link seems to be broken
> can’t edit it anymore
> y u do dis kym?
> no-one will get the reference now

Last edited Apr 29, 2013 at 08:49PM EDT

>be 17
>go out with classmates to nearby mall
>everyone is deciding what to eat
>stand around in a circle
>start blocking path of other people without noticing
>intense discussion going on
>kfc,mcd, subway or any other fast food restaurants
>big guy with douche level 1 to 5, he is comparable to the entire cast of jersey shore
>he starts approaching
>walking towards us
>elbows me and I yell what the fuck bru
>"come at me bro"
>he goes into boxing stance
>i take a swing
>douche instantly catches my scrawny hand
>friends all watching
>he pushes me to the window
>to the wall
>till the sweat drips off my balls

>be 15
>use school ipad
> elbow drop ipad
> ipad breaken
> ipod no work on kym
>go to tech office monday
> make bad story
>get loaner
> worries if i pay
To be continued…………

> Poor and uneducated family
> Grew up without going to school or anything
> Became kind of a criminal later
> Not a murderer or something, just had to make my way to get food and shelter
> I’m not proud of it
> One day this guy we try to rob offers me a job
> He’s kind of a leader of a small group of guys who smuggle stuff and such
> Good money
> Takin it
> We travel around a lot, visiting all kinds of places
> Enjoying my new life
> Can even send money to my mom from time to time
> Then one day, this guy joins us
> He is a doctor
> With him his sister
> 10/10 DAYUM
> First she doesn’t really notice me and I try to hide my attraction (she’s pretty young, don’t even know if legal)
> With the time we start to tease each other kind of, but in a playful way
> Then this one day
> Important mission
> I get electrocuted while trying to manipulate some electronics
> Wake up
> The doctor guy fixed me
> We talk a bit
> He leaves the room
> His sister comes in
> “Also, I can kill you with my brain”
> We get cancelled by Fox

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