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Things that Bother You in an Inexplicable Way

Last posted May 23, 2013 at 01:16AM EDT. Added May 06, 2013 at 12:48AM EDT
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ConnerABacon wrote:


Nah see but that’s a millipede. They cute. I fucks with them.

Centipedes? Naw nigga, I stay the fuck away from them…

Chewing. Loud chewing to be exact. It is the most annoying thing in the history of mankind. That, and unnecessary noises that people make. My little brother always snaps his fingers randomly, and people at my school hum all too much. And poking. I hate it when people poke me.

Mungalo wrote:

When minorities think it’s okay to be racist
it’s not okay for anybody to be racist

Check your privilege, you white male CIS straight thin neurotypical able scum!

It always bothers me when I can’t figure out what an internet abbreviation for a phrase that I’m not familiar with is supposed to mean. When I google it and I find out it means something that should have been obvious or that the phrase isn’t even long enough to need to be abbreviated I grit my teeth a little.

Last edited May 15, 2013 at 07:53PM EDT

level4outbreak wrote:

The fact that Blood on the Dance Floor exists as a musical group.

um bitch i am in love with these hot fuckers im 16 i have a job i own a club and a tattoo parlor its not chubby its thick and i am proud of myself i have high self esteem and this band is off the charts hell they would take first place in my heart if it wasnt occupied by my boyfriend so i suggest you check yourself before you wreck your self like seriously go fuck a cow

Mungalo wrote:

When minorities think it’s okay to be racist
it’s not okay for anybody to be racist

Or when a minority says something racist, and then a well intentioned but stupid person says " how can you say something so racist, aren’t you a minority too?!?!"

NSFW; read comment below.

NSFW; read comment below.

These images are fairly disturbing to me, yet they are not the worst in terms of gore or grossness. The art style is fairly spooky, but it is not really the emotionally disturbing thing. I think it is the way SpengBab acts in these comics, he just acts believably strange. It is familiar for some strange reason.

I decided to upload these because the current Spengbab article did not have these strange comics already. They are great examples.

Edit: Indenting a sentence that begins a paragraph changes the font.

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Professor Metallica enjoys pencils. wrote:

I hate when people judge colleges by the quality of their football teams. Not sure how prevalent that is outside of Texas, but still.

It’s prevalent all over, especially among people who did not go to college.


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