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HellHospital (New Murder Thread)

Last posted May 24, 2013 at 07:04PM EDT. Added May 11, 2013 at 01:24AM EDT
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markhaox14 reads from journal in private library, titled “The Partridge in a Pear Tree.”
Well, it’s been fifteen years since that day happened… when everyone around me died a cruel and unusual death…
Begins reading.
After that day, I took up detective work, and came across many cases, none of them as f*cked up as that day… well, except for one. The case I called… HellHospital…

A sick son of a bitch murdered many others there… what really traumatized me was that this hospital was the one I was locked in before, when I was deemed “crazy” by everyone.

It all started in the mental hospital I checked out of years ago… when I joined the force…
Cue flashback.

OOC: OK, this is the new murder thread, guys, so post if you want to sign up! No limits on player space, but if you don’t join in by tomorrow at midnight (Pacific Standard Time), I’m closing off the thread to new entrants. Just post and your all set! If you want, even make up a character for this thread. I’ll be the narrator, so whoever I choose as the murderer CANNOT choose to kill me, as I only tell the story. Good luck, and hope you survive!

Note: Basically, the story is a flashback within a flashback of the investigation, so I’ll try to make a story out of it.

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OOC: OK, the thread is now closed off to entrants!
Now to explain the rules and mechanics of the game.
1. BIC denotes when the real post relating to the story begins. OOC denotes me answering or explaining the mechanics of the game.
2. Blue writing will denote the investigation scenes, which are markhaox14’s flashbacks he will have to progress the story. They will advance onto each murder as they happen.
3. Green writing denotes the murder scenes, or the flashback within a flashback scenes, when they happened earlier than the investigation flashbacks. They will describe each murder and how it happens. The murders and victims will be denoted in red, in case you don’t want to bother reading the scene. These will cause markhaox14 to search for anything that could point to the killer, so you aren’t totally clueless.
4. Sudden death will have rules as to who survives and who doesn’t between the final two survivors, and I’ll explain more on that when it happens.
5. If you’re the killer, send me who you wish to kill in the form of a PM, and I will have the post up some time afterwards killing them off. If you post anything on here, never make it obvious that you are the murderer.
6. Be creative with your characters! Last time this happened, I created a mentally insane patient who had finally snapped, and then ultimately became cured.
7. If I’m forgetting anything else, or you are confused, just post OOC, and then your question or response.
8. Good luck!
No murders to happen, just to list the players and pick a killer. I will use short versions of your names, to ease things.

I was only a day old in this business, so I checked in with the sergeant in charge of the investigation, who was outside the building, in his squad car.

He looked at me with an amused look on his face as I approached him.
“So… you’re the rookie they sent?” he asked with a laugh.
“I prefer the term… rook,” I answered back, calmly. “Name’s Mark… Mark Haox, Station #14. You have a list of everyone that was here?”
The sergeant handed me a clipboard, and I saw the names…
Reads off clipboard:
I finished checking the list, and the sergeant scoffed. “Stupid names, right?” he asked.
I never answered the question, and I continued thinking in deep thought… I had a pretty damn stupid name too. We all did, didn’t we? I brushed the thought away and began to enter the building, trembling as I did. The place was no more welcoming than a public restroom, but it was twice as clean…

other than the fact of the dead bodies inside, waiting for me to find out how they escaped this cold reality…

markhaox14 enters the building

OOC: As I pick the murderer, post on here! Create your characters, and make them somehow unique to the others!

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jace an drug addict who used to be an professor at Harvard the day when jace went in a downward spiral is when his wife died by an psychopath when jace found out about this and he became depressed thus leading to drugs and by time he became angry at all psychopaths and the world

Mike is an ex-guitarist of a symphonic black metal group called Zorgenflarg. Conflicts with the other band mates got him out of the band. After this, he isolated himself from his family and friends to practise his guitar playing as much as he could. This isolation, along with the feeling of dealing with being put out of the band he founded, turned him into some sort of loner, slightly turning him crazy. He got help just on time, which had some effect. Though he still is a bit anxious towards others.

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Captain Douglas J Falcon: Shell Shocked, Decorated war veteran. He was put in the hospital through PTSD. He is still going through treatment, so he is still a bit jittery, but in general he’s a very nice guy. He is not afraid to pick up a gun and kill someone who’s trying to kill him. He is slightly racist towards Asians. He always carries a pistol in his left pocket.

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Iran is a geneticist who is also the leader of a secret semi-political party. Her parents were Iranian immigrants, but she is a citizen. From the age of seven, Iran always wanted to create a race of people superior to all others. Her mother disapproved of the “master-race plan”, and urged Iran to go into twin experimentation.

Iran hasn’t given up on her hopes. She has gathered many like her around her. Together, they plan out how to create the master-race. All of their research is disguised as normal twin experimentation.

The reason she was chosen as the leader of the party was that she was excellent at giving speeches. When she was thirteen, she was abused by a group of jewish children who’s excuse for their violent behavior was “She’s a filthy geneticist. Our parents had to suffer in the hands of geneticists.” The violent behavior targeted at her had somehow caused her to become charismatic.

She is in the hospital to do some research on the genes that account for various ailments.

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Level4outbreak is a former Librarian who had mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for most of his life. It was not until recently when his OCD took a turn for the worse and he was admitted to the Mental Hospital after he freaked out and locked himself in a bathroom for three days where he washed his hands constantly, permanently scarring them.

He is very polite most of the time unless someone says something he perceives as dumb. Then he starts making sarcastic comments at them. When he starts freaking out, he starts muttering the numbers that constitutes a book’s Dewey Decimal Number.

Chowzburgerz is a FBI agent who had a fiance that died in a tragic murder. He has become so depressed that he developed a split personality. The other personality is known as Pugburgerz. As he tries to solve cases in small towns, he talks to his other personality as he calls him Pugz. One day he was tasked to investigate a murder at the hospital, but he was tricked as he was submitted into the hospital due to his split personality.

Chowzburgerz is very arrogant as he wants to get to the end of an investigation and earned his payroll check. He is only concerned about protecting himself these days as he wields a pistol and uses it to attack anyone that is a threat.

“Ivo Robotnik” is a Caucasian man in his mid-30’s (?). He is tall, and he is peculiarly egg-shaped. In fact, most his former friends often called him “Eggman” as a way of making fun of his egg-shaped body. Though it initially infuriated him every time someone called him this, he eventually turned it around, often referring to himself as “Dr. Eggman.” His real name is currently unknown.

Ivo is usually seen in a red/white/yellow jacket, along with a black pair of pants which are buttoned to his jacket. He also wears a pair of white gloves, along with a pair of pince-nez sunglasses, which rest on his somewhat large pink nose. He wears a large pair of goggles on his head, though it is unknown whether these goggles serve any functional purpose.

Perhaps Ivo’s most notable physical feature is his large, brown mustache. It is unknown how exactly Robotnik is able to maintain such a voluminous mustache, and he is very proud of his facial hair.

Though Robotnik refers to himself as “Doctor,” he has never been able to provide evidence to this claim. He also claims to have attempted to conquer the world several times over with high-tech machines of his own design, but that each attempt was subsequently foiled by a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog capable of running on-foot at supersonic speeds. He calls this hedgehog “Sonic.” Of course, no one believed his tales, and Robotnik was eventually tossed into a mental hospital for reasons of insanity, where he underwent psychiatric treatment. After spending long amounts of time the hospital, his condition deteriorated to the point where he acted less like a self-proclaimed genius and more like a raving lunatic, which was all-the-more reason to keep him in the hospital.

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Vlad is a psychologist from the distant city of Kiev, and has come to America to study the criminal mind. He had no idea how close he was going to get to one. Despite his seemingly “normal” attitude, he suffers from schizophrenia, and a combination of schizophrenia and a stressful job has led to him becoming extremely paranoid and untrusting, leading to him always carrying a loaded six-shot revolver. Just in case, you know.

Alejandro Tintorero was a popular Spanish contemporary folk musician who became an ambassador to the US. He normally acts politely, yet is very jumpy and scares easily. About fifteen years ago, his distant cousin known only under the alias “The Paramedic” was involved somehow in a series of murders at a campsite, causing Alejandro to be entangled in a huge web of controversy for quite some time. Since that incident, Alejandro has developed a crippling case of paranoid personality disorder. This is his first diplomatic mission in fifteen years, which has now gotten him closely involved with another murder case.

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The sergeant led me to the first body, inside one of the recreational rooms. I uncovered him, and saw the straitjacket wrapped around his face. Strangulation, no doubt. How did it happen, though?

>Group therapy session.
>All suspects had gathered in room for session.
>Falcon babbling about war, duty, country, patriotism, freedom, freedom.
>Jace flipping off everyone.
>Mike speaking about his band… they f*cking suck to him.
>Iran is the psychologist in charge.
>Level4 writing.
>Chowz talking to air in different voices.
>Vlad is second psychologist, just in case Iran is threatened. He is the only one who carries a weapon of some sort… at the moment.
>Robotnik talks about a blue hedgehog.
>Derpson, who recently got a gender switch to a female, is checking out Iran, the only other female in the group…
>Yeah, you’ll never get her…
>Everyone else screeches and acts like monkeys…
>Yeah, therapy is really working for them…
>Lights flicker… and shut off for a bit.
>Clanking is heard, followed by a noise of a short screech, before it stops.
>Lights go back on… fifteen are still standing…
>Wait, fifteen?
>They look around, only to find the missing person.

>There laid Falcon, a straitjacket wrapped and locked around his face…
>Everyone freaks out… well, the doctors did.
>Chowz laughs and cries, “Oh god… he’s dead… hahahaha!”
>Alejandro stares silently at corpse… “It’s happening… again…”

I looked around the room for anything that could point to the murderer, but nothing else was there. I removed the straitjacket, and placed it in a garbage bag for evidence. “What happened next?” I asked the sergeant.
“The power went out… permanently. Wanna see the fuse box?”
“Yeah… depending on the damage, it may point to the killer.”
And so I made my way with the sergeant and other officers to the fuse box…

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“Derpson, who recently got a gender switch to a female, is checking out Iran, the only other female in the group…”

Let me tell you why that’s bullsh*t.
#$%&#!&% #$%#!$%&# YOU MOTHER%/&%(/ I HATE YOU YOU #$“#$” &%/%(/ YOU MADERFA$%&$%& #$%&HOEL BLOODY TI$%&IES A$%&FACE $&/$##%&#$%&!


Hoovy The Great Hat Vendor wrote:

“Derpson, who recently got a gender switch to a female, is checking out Iran, the only other female in the group…”

Let me tell you why that’s bullsh*t.
#$%&#!&% #$%#!$%&# YOU MOTHER%/&%(/ I HATE YOU YOU #$“#$” &%/%(/ YOU MADERFA$%&$%& #$%&HOEL BLOODY TI$%&IES A$%&FACE $&/$##%&#$%&!


Well, this might not have happened if you had described what your character was like beforehand. I mean, you think you’re one thing and then the narrator decides that you’re actually transgendered. It happens.

Oh man, my bio. Whoops. I was a screeching monkey last turn. Time to fix.

Weasel – Aged 15
Gender – Male

Weasel writes anything down in his little notepad. He’s very sneaky and likes to hide from the action. People don’t notice Weasel as much as the other users, which to him is an advantage among others. Some may die first, or others later, but overall Weasel just looks on into the future as he records the happenings in a small notebook. He loves to doodle in his notebook, and tries practicing drawing himself. He writes to communicate very rarely, and doesn’t speak much at all. Weasel has a pencil that is quite light, and an eraser to keep him company when he’s alone. Weasel doesn’t know when his demise is, but it is certain it isn’t his…yet.

Weasel thinks that the murderer is a great guy, and he can work with him to start taking over this thread. That will never happen, but Weasel still dreams of doing so and writing it down. He loves to drink juice, and he carries a canteen of juice almost at all times in case of drought. He has a backpack filled with books and other heavy materials. He keeps his backpack safe because it has his other notebooks and spare pencils.

Meanwhile, Weasel is quite entertained that Falcon is angry that he died first, and Derpson’s recent gender change. He’s recording it down in his notebook. He doesn’t care whether he dies, as he knows that Weasel being dead is the last thing to come to mind.

Done, clean and clear.

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level4outbreak wrote:

Well, this might not have happened if you had described what your character was like beforehand. I mean, you think you’re one thing and then the narrator decides that you’re actually transgendered. It happens.

OOC: ^ This.
So, would anyone else like to describe their characters before they become something… unique? Cause my next post is coming in a few hours…

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Hoovy The Great Hat Vendor wrote:

“Derpson, who recently got a gender switch to a female, is checking out Iran, the only other female in the group…”

Let me tell you why that’s bullsh*t.
#$%&#!&% #$%#!$%&# YOU MOTHER%/&%(/ I HATE YOU YOU #$“#$” &%/%(/ YOU MADERFA$%&$%& #$%&HOEL BLOODY TI$%&IES A$%&FACE $&/$##%&#$%&!


Iran feels uncomfortable about the fact that someone was looking at her weirdly.


Derpson McHerp or “Derp” for short, is the average normal person. Well, not really.
Born with Strabismus and no nose. And because of having no nose, he examines what he drinks.
He is scared of having poison in his drinks and doesn’t really need that lazy eye.
So yeah, need an eyepatch.
He can be angered quite easily, or in other words he has a short fuse.
He also carries a little book which has facts on how to recognize a murderer, but is not sure if they are true or will really work.

Derp is somehow trying to be a “ninja”, and made a wooden katana to start out. And damn always shows up in the last possible second whenever something happens.
Interested in drawing, he still makes a snake look like a dragon getting buttf*cked, so art is not one of his strong points.

Trying to be a real detective, he fails miserably because he can’t find any clues,
or is strabismus just f*cking up the vision of his surroundings.

Am I late?
Well, Digoxin is a guy who simply gave up on his biggest dream of becoming a musician. Sometimes he felt as if life was against him.
On his driver’s test he told the instructor to fasten his seat belt, but he didn’t. At the end of the test the instructor told him that he failed miserably because he didn’t FORCE him to fasten the seat belt. He got mad, ragequitted and was forced to go to anger management and pay $100.
Other stuff like that happened to him a lot of times, and he has serious thoughts about suicide.

Fun fact: The instructor thing actually happened to a friend.

This is Captain “Serious” Weber, age 10, come in, over.

I’m reading you.

There certainly are a lot of doctors aboard this ship, over.

Mom says the doctors are to protect me from space sickness, to help me get home from space, over.

OOC: ^ Dafuq? Why didn’t you join in earlier? I already picked the murderer, so you joining in late wouldn’t bring anything new. I already made the list, so… sorry, but if you join, you’re the next one to die, regardless of who the murderer chose.

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Profiling time:

Pugz, let’s look at Falcon’s body. He’s been suffocated. Let’s look at our suspects. Do you have any clue. It’s ok if you don’t know since only one person is dead. I’m sure he won’t be the last Pugz.

Okay, let’s not panic. We’re obviously dealing with some sort of antisocial disorder in this person, and they seem to be… experienced in this. It appears that Falcon’s neck has been broken, as strangulation would take too long and not result in a scream. As for power, we need to somehow restore the generator. It’s dark, so we shouldn’t split up on the way there and we need to watch each other’s backs.

The geneticist Iran writes down a few things in her notepad. “I wonder what the ethnicity of the suspects and Falcon are?” She casually asks a question from Mark. “Knowing their ethnicity would make solving the crime much easier. Some ethnicities are associated with certain pheromone molecules, and those pheromone can cause aggression in people with certain genes associated with certain ethnicities.”
Iran noticed that Mark was confused. “An example of this phenomena happened in my life. Since I had seen a jew for the first time, twenty years ago, they have mostly been aggressive against me. Not all of them, though, but the ones with a certain gene that causes nose enlargement. They wouldn’t be aggressive to others when I was not there, I noticed. But the scent of me brought anger and hatred to their souls. There were certain chemicals that I could wear, and they would bond with the pheromone, neutralizing it’s effect.”
Iran looked down. “I might be boring you with my rants.”

OOC: @ Serious

Flashlights were on. When the power went out temporarily, I knew how much danger everyone was in. “Sergeant, clear every officer out of the building now! Set up a perimeter, and if anyone tries to escape, shoot them!” I yelled to him.
He complied, and had gathered the officers outside the exit. I checked the two revolvers I had in my holsters, one for each hand. One was the same gun used to kill Medic earlier that autumn, and I kept it close. The patients and psychologists waited in front of me.
“Here’s what’s gonna happen. Vlad, you and the more sane go to the fuse box. No one travels alone, got that?”
Vlad nodded. I handed him a walkie-talkie, and he, Marmot, Jace, Mike, Chowz, Digoxin, and Level4 went to the fuse box, while the others stayed with me.
“Iran, you have the confiscated weapons somewhere… where are they?”
“In the office… why?”
“I can trust you… you need to arm yourself with a weapon.”
So me, Iran, and the remaining patients headed towards the office, my guns ready to take out any of them.

>Vlad and the sane group go deeper into building.
>Lights come back on momentarily.
>They head into the basement.
>Mike playing air guitar, Digoxin joining him
>Jace smoking weed, abusing his “medicinal” marijuana
>Chowz keeping up in back, speaking in different voices
>everyone else just remaining silent
>See the fuse box, all rush towards it.
>Vlad inspects it and finds nothing wrong
>Every patient rushes forward and idiotically flips random switches on box
>"YOU IDIOTS!!!" yelled Vlad.
>Unsurprisingly, lights turn out again
>Suddenly, there is a crash, followed by sparks flying where the fuse box is.
>Vlad shines a flashlight on group of six…

>They check the box, only to find Jace impaled with a metal pipe through the abdomen and stuck to the fuse box
>The rod didn’t initially kill him, but the electric current did, as well as permanently shut off power to the hospital
>"Yay! We’re doomed!" cries out Chowz
>"Idiots…" muttered Level4
>Vlad contacted Mark on walkie-talkie.
>"Jace is dead!" he yells into it.
>And so there were fourteen…

I heard the radio ring, and Vlad yelling out that Jace was dead. Our group was in the office, getting Falcon’s pistol for Iran. I shook my head, and looked at the checkboard:
“Come on… let’s head back into the therapy room.”
We all regrouped there… and waited…
“Vlad, you and Iran keep watch here. I’m heading to the fuse box to see what I can dig up.”
I headed into the basement, and shone a light on Jace’s corpse. Metal rod… fuse box… power was out for good. I looked on the ground, and noticed a joint… Jace’s, no doubt. I put it out and placed it into an evidence bag. I headed back into the therapy room, where all of the suspects waited…

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Page 5/26

Day 2:

Today I heard of craziness happening. I didn’t see much of anything because they think I’m a moron, and had to stay behind. I’m not a moron, I’m not DESIGNED to be a moron! At least I’m off the radar for this turn. Apparently the faggot died today. Possibly abusing his medication or something. I did completely nothing but doodle a box in a separate page, but the box in four dimensions. I can’t believe I wasted a page on a box. Anyways, they came back and we all regrouped. I felt lazy today and I decided to not record much of what happened.
They desribed what happened to that faggot, it was gruesome and bloodchurning. This seems like Deja-vu! I’m getting pretty scared by this turn of the events.
I think I’ll die earlier, but that’s me.

- Weasel

People left: //// //// ////

End of Page

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Profiling time

No need to panic Pugz, the killer is somewhere here, but who would have a grunge against Falcon and Jace? What sick bastard would impale a pole into a person and an electric current. We should ask who’s the strongest of the group. Jace’s murder was no easy task for the murderer.

Who’s strong enough for a fight?

Accusations thrown left and right, I couldn’t handle it. Schizophrenia had left me by then, but I still needed to recover from it… I pulled out my revolvers and yelled, “All right, everyone chill the f*ck out!”
Everyone looked at me, and knew I was serious, so they stopped. I lowered my guns, and looked at all of them. The only light in the room came from the candles and the flashlights.

>Everyone acting like “normal”
>Digoxin and Mike playing acoustic guitars
>Level4 writing in book
>Weasel writing in note pad
>Derpson trying to get Iran’s attention by acting like a ninja
>Serious being adorable and playing astronaut
>Chowz and Mark discussing clues
>Mark smells something strange.
>"Anyone else whiff that?" he asks
>Right away, Spark replies “I farted…” followed by a moronic laugh
>Everyone stares at Spark angrily
>"No… it smells like… gasoline!"
>"Gasoline?" Iran asks
>"Yeah, you know, the kind that goes in cars…" answers Level4 sarcastically
>"I meant… why does it smell like that?"
>Oh, shite…
>One of the candles falls over
>begins a small trail of fire
>slowly approaches group

>lights only Ivan on fire, incinerating him as he dies a miserable death

>falls over, still burning
>"Barbecue… yum!" Chowz says
>"Fire!" says Spark excitedly
>other patients hoot and screech like cavemen around Ivan’s burning body
>"Are you all f*cking insane!?" Level4 blurts out angrily
>No shit, Sherlock.
>Thirteen Ghosts remain…

The room lit up with Ivan, not enough to burn the room but bright enough to illuminate it, so I checked around the room for anything. A small gasoline tank was sitting in a corner of the room. I picked it up and placed it into another garbage bag. I also saw a candle knocked over… no doubt what started the fire. I got that as well. I then checked Ivan’s still burning corpse. Somehow, the killer poured the gasoline on him… but how?
“Mark… look!” Iran said, pointing to Ivan’s pockets.
I checked, and found some kind of conditioner bottle. I pulled the top off, and whiffed gasoline. Someone laced this… but who? So far, this killer only needed strength to kill his victims, but now he’s using indirect tactics… he hasn’t done this before… otherwise there would be some kind of pattern. He’s starting to lose his cool… but in a place where all of them have lost their minds, it doesn’t clear up much. I’ll need to find more…
Before I forgot, I checked off a name on the clipboard:

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