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Dystopias and Utopias - Alternatative Universes

Last posted May 28, 2013 at 01:33PM EDT. Added May 27, 2013 at 04:29PM EDT
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Hello, my fellow forum lurkers! It is I, Meowlett, the newbie OP! This is my first thread ever, so do not judge it too much.


Since this is my first thread, I decided that I wanted to do something epic, but just for fun. While researching parts of fiction, I came across two words Utopia and Dystopia. These words were new to me, so I looked at them. I found out that a Dystopia is an unlikeable and frightening environment, while a Utopia is a happy and pleasureful world. So you will now find out what you must do.


You must make yourself two worlds with two entirely different names, one a gloomy and saddening name, and the other an ecstatic and wonderful name. Then, you must describe your life in both universes. After that, choose which world you would rather live in. It’s as simple as that, yup.
My Worlds:

Dystopia: Duhk

Life: Optimistic wanderer, striving off of any food and water he can find, with tattered sack cloth clothes that have no saturation in color whatsoever. Uses a shortsword as a weapon, from an ancestor that lived in that world. Tries to save as many people as he can to survive.

Utopia: Fununuc

Life: Milkman, walks along town tossing dairy products at homeless people and children for them to eat. Lives a good life with his large family tree. What else is there to say?

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Dystopia: Misery Bay
Life: War waging everywhere, thousands dying every second, must scavenge for food and water, starvation is almost going to take his life and there is absolutely no shelter anywhere.

Utopia: Epicia
Life: Works as an English instructor in a city where barely anyone knows English, but everyone wants to learn it, look at dat money rollin’ in.

Quite a first OP, OP. Welcome.

Ok. My worlds:

Shitmuvia:Walther World
Life: This island is surrounded by saltwater. You have to filter your own pee for hydration. Plus you get attacked my bandits on jet skies.

Felacia:Blowing Skies
Life: You reside on a long shafted mountain for mining jrizztyles. The heavenly winds suck you through the mysts for a relaxing ride with mo money.

I don’t mean to say that it’s a bad post, but you definitely tried too hard.
EDIT: What I mean by this is, this is more of a 7th grade English Class assignment than a forum thread.

Utopia: Comfortia, Same as life in suburban U.S., but the weather is constantly 72 degrees Fahrenheit (room temperature.)
Dystopia: Murica, The world today if the South had won the American Civil War.

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Utopia: Aeran
Life: You roam freely in fields. You sleep in tree-houses with the others. For food, you hunt the numerous cattle and sheep. Your girlfriend picks berries and fruits from the orchards. Once a month, you have to go into a cave, where people in long white coats measure your features, test your intelligence, and test your strength.
When you turn twenty, you are brought to a special room in the cave. In that room, a tall white coated man with a mask on is sitting behind a desk. He opens a folder on the desk. If there is a big ‘X’ on the papers, you will be sent to a surgical ward to be sterilized, and then sent to a desert where clouds always prevent sunlight from reaching the ground. Luckily for you, there is a check on your papers.
You are sent to a garden, where you meet your girlfriend, and marry her. She gives birth to several children.

Dystopia: Goldsteinestan
Life: In this place, the dictator is an ex-banker named Goldstein. He is a ruthless tyrant. Under his command, all Aeriyans will be shot on site. You happen to be an Aeriyan, so you have to prevent any of your DNA to get into the authorities’ hands. Once a while, you shave your head, and you burn the hairs. Whenever you drink from a cup in a restaurant, you wipe the cup afterwards with a basic compound that corrodes DNA.
To make matters worse, your hobby is sterilizing stupid people. In Goldsteinestan, any Eugenic act is punished by jail-time.


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