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Who would win in a fight?

Last posted Jun 02, 2013 at 07:59AM EDT. Added May 28, 2013 at 02:08PM EDT
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Godzilla can toss monsters weighing tens of thousands of tons around like ragdolls, once took out a miniature black hole with his breath, and was once caught in an explosion that leveled Tokyo and was unharmed. He’d smack the shit out of an Eva.

Yoda vs Gandalf the White?

Dr. Coolface wrote:

Godzilla can toss monsters weighing tens of thousands of tons around like ragdolls, once took out a miniature black hole with his breath, and was once caught in an explosion that leveled Tokyo and was unharmed. He’d smack the shit out of an Eva.

Yoda vs Gandalf the White?

Didn’t you read the rules?
Anyways, I think its only fair we mention the Evas capabilities.
During the battle of the 8th angel, It was able to stop it from falling on to tokyo 3 while it was falling from space at hypersonic speed with its AT field. Sahaquiel, the 8th angel, was estimated to be capable of exerting an energy output of 70.80 teratons from its impact, carving out a crater 420 kilometers wide and 15 kilometers deep. That AT field is monstrously powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated. Its also capable of supersonic speed. And lets not forget its initial arousal state or its radiant giant state. “Radiant Giant” Eva-01’s “A.T. Field” should easily have the durability to withstand the equivalent of physical blows in the trillions of tons range. I really don’t think it would be as easy as you make it seem for godzilla. Godzilla may be the king of monsters, but eva unit 01 isn’t just a monster, its a God.

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Have you ever watched any of the godzilla movies? Godzilla is basically a 200ft tall reptilian super saiyan. I’ll admit Evaverse is pretty Warhammer40k level overpowered, but Godzilla is a walking apocalypse by the time King Ghidorah shows up.

Having watched both Evangelion and the Godzilla movies i have to give this one to the lizard.

Yeah, Ive seen a good amount of them. I never said who would win, just saying that Eva unit 01 isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Honestly, I lean towards Eva unit 01 in this matchup. Both are incredibly strong( it was able to toss the angel that attacked the geofront at mach 5 speed) and display regeneration abilities, but eva unit 01 is much faster, that AT field is a bitch, and displays abilities that are down right god-like.

I think its worth noting that godzilla was killed by the oxygen destroyer ( which Im almost positive is considered canon in the 1980 godzilla series and those after that) and the second godzilla dies in Godzilla vs Desatroyah ( though thats his own damn fault because his nuclear core has a melt down).

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Knowing NERV, they’ll try to use Godzilla than kill it. So, pretty much, it’s Unit 01, or the other EVA units, trying to capture Godzilla. Less of a battle to the death and more a struggle to hold down Godzilla to put a leash on him.

Now mind you, Godzilla’s height, from wikipedia is around 50–100 meters (164–328 feet). The height of the Rebuild Unit 01 is 80 m.

On a one of one fight, Godzilla would be the clear winner. Even in berserk mode, Shinji is going up against a radioactive giant lizard that has went up against larger creatures than itself, aliens, robot versions of itself and much more. His signature Atomic breathe was strong enough to destroy a miniature black hole . Unit 01 maybe able to cause the third impact, but Godzilla has proven to stop the destruction of the Earth multiple times.

So, I say Godzilla would win.

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While Im well aware Godzilla is capable of amazing feats, I’m still unconvinced that he is capable of taking out Eva unit 01, or at the very least, doing it with ease. Godzilla has always gone up against foes that have lied in the realm of pseudo-science while the Eva unit is more of a mix between science fiction and religion. Also, theres no point in mentioning he can take out monsters bigger than him since Eva unit 01 has destroyed angels much bigger than it as well and must do it in a very short period. We can’t really assume godzilla can stop third impact ( the destruction of the world) simply because it has stopped the destruction of the world in his universe.
1. Atomic Breath: can destroy a black hole…
2. The Red Spiral Atomic Ray: one blast is suffiecient to ahnihilate Super Mechagodzilla or Space Godzilla…
3. Nuclear Pulse:
4. Regenerator G1: can regenerate completely from his heart alone… (even Neurotissue)
5. Superstrength: threw Kumonga beyond the horizon in Godzilla Final Wars…
6. Martial Arts
7. Amphibiosity
8. Animal instincts with higher intellegences
9. might be a psychic with the power to locate adversarries at great distance…
10. consumes radiation…
Eva unit 01
1. S² Kikan: Unlimited source of energy, can stay active forever
2. Killed Zeruel without touching it (point blank detonation of an N² Mine failed to even damage the angel)
3. can survive a point blank detonation of an N² Mine… (see episode 23 with Ayanami’s suicide)
4. AT Field (can increase the shear-strength of her body to the point at which Zeruel’s arms shredded as opposed to slicing through her body)
5. can survive decapitation (Nigouki episode 19)
6. Super strength
7. Super speed
8. Pulled herself outside of Leliel’s infinite Sea of Dirac, effectively killing the angel in episode 16
9. In The End of Evangelion, all life on the planet was consumed in seconds.
Looking at the rebuild movies
1. Eye Beams (mortally wounded the rebuild zeruel which was far more powerful than the original)
2. Made contact with Rei when she had been consumed by Zeruel (Pulled her and her Eva out into completion)
3. Intiated Third Impact on her own (created a black hole which treatened to consume all heaven and earth) without the aid of Lilith or Adam or an S² Organ
4. can regenerate limbs instantly while in arousal state and the radiant giant state.

Unless Godzilla possesses the lance of longinus, I don’t see him stopping third impact, and if he can’t stop it, he can’t survive it. Godzilla has died twice after all. The oxygen destroyer and when he melted down. Two monsters capable of regeneration, one has unlimited power, the other does not. I personally give the edge to a god with unlimited power.

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Iron man

Both have time to prepare.

@tiger woods

As cool as pacific rim looks, from what I’ve seen about the jeagers, they would last a second against Godzilla or Eva unit 01.

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@The Illuminati
I’ll admit i don’t know much about firefly, but from what I skimmed over right now, I don’t think that is at all a fair comparison.
Firefly is a pyromaniac who used to work in special effects in movies. Tony Stark is a billionaire weapons maker who happens to also be genius who makes suits for every occasion. Just because they both have battle suits, doesn’t make them equal.

Eva unit one would go berzerker on Godzilla and tear him apart

Snape killed Dumbledore
Gandalf the grey smote Balrog in an epic battle, died and came back as Gandalf the white
Obvious Gandalf win

Batman vs. Iron man is a good one. Both of them being mortal men, rich, smart, and fit.
Batman has the better hand to hand combat skills but does no good on Iron man.
Iron man has flight abilities that surpass Batman’s abilities. Iron man’s tactical displays also give him an upper hand.
I think in a heads up fight Iron man would win but if Batman had time to prepare he would find a weakness, exploit it, and win.
It would be great to see and no matter who wins the fight…….

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Batman challenges Iron Man to fight him at a specific time (night, of course) and location. Iron Man appears… and waits. Batman never shows up.

As the sun rises, Tony Stark calls a press conference to complain that Batman cowardly skipped out of the fight. Then he goes home and spends the rest of the day in the lab. He eventually gets tired and goes to bed for the first time in two days.

Tony Stark wakes up hanging upside-down in the Batcave.

here’s a good example

Like I said before Batman has the hand to hand fighting skills. So if you took away the gadgets that make them super heroes and they fought man to man, Stark would get his ass kicked by Wayne.

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Of all the playable characters in the big 3 valve games (Tf2 Portal and Half Life) who would win?

I think it really comes down to if you base the toughness of TF2 characters off their in-game stats or bring them to reasonable, realistic levels, (ie rocket jumping would kill you)

And to answer OP’s posts: In the first matchup, Godzilla would win. He has super strength, a regenerative factor, and death rays. FRIGGIN’ DEATH RAYS.

The second one would be a close match. It would probably be a 50/50 chance of either side winning, if they didn’t both declare it a draw.
In the third one, Iron Man. Even if Batman used an EMP or something (Which I doubt would work on the Arc Reactor), He’d still be wearing a virtually indestructible suit of armor, albeit less electronic. If not for the suit, then it would definitely be Batman, though.

“And to answer OP’s posts: In the first matchup, Godzilla would win. He has super strength, a regenerative factor, and death rays. FRIGGIN’ DEATH RAYS.”

Eva unit 01 possesses all of these, he has a much faster regeneration though. Able to regenerate entire limbs in seconds. Once it transcends humanity, it becomes a being of pure energy. Kind of hard to punch pure energy. Not to mention the AT field which took a head on attack from zeruel who one blast from him exposed the geofront, and then eva used the At field to send it flying back a Mach 5. No way to know how it would fare against and atomic blast from godzilla, but assuming it doesn’t break the AT field, godzilla can’t even touch it.
Just saying. If you haven’t seen the rebuild of evangelion movies, then I understand why you think godzilla would win. Eva is shown to be monstrously strong in the rebuild movies though, so I side with Eva on this one.

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