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Famous Vidya Quotes

Last posted Jun 05, 2013 at 02:13PM EDT. Added Jun 01, 2013 at 08:53AM EDT
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“You’d better locate items to digest prior to the evening”

and finally-
“I’m Commander Shepard and this my most preferred shop in this space station”

(I think the above two posters missed the point of this thread)

One of the most famous and one of my favorite quotes from the Silent Hill series is one that people still don’t fully understand.

The bloody message from Silent Hill 2’s “BAR Neely’s”, which states “There was a HOLE here. It’s gone now.”

Everyone has their own hypothesis as to what it could mean, but no one knows what it means for sure. For some reason, though, no one ever seems to talk about the possibly more impacting quote found in the same area after a certain point in the game.

The second message reads:

If you really want to SEE Mary, you should just DIE. But you might be heading to a different place than MARY, James.

Just viewing this message adds on to the counter for getting the “In Water” ending, wherein James kills himself. That’s right, just reading this can cause James to kill himself.

Also, since Cyber brought Persona to the table…

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~~Possible Dead Island Spoilers~~

“It’s easy to kill millions of faceless nobodies, isn’t it? They hardly seem human!

But killing someone you love… that’s not so easy, is it?" ~Jin
(Despite me having a lot of disappointment for this game, Jin became one of the only characters with any depth to them.)
And for a less serious quote, let us not forget the ever famous:

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This motherfucker had some of the best lines I’ve ever heard, they were so ridiculous, he always had me in tears.

“I must humbly request your sustenance on a mission of dire urgitude. A mission of superfluous peril. A mission of UNEQUIZICAL IMPERITUDE.”

“We’ve used bi-polar vector regurgitation to track the thief’s location to a flying base in sector seven. Infiltribulate the base, and retrieve the experiment.”

Cyber6x wrote:

D-did just about everyone miss that you’re supposed to take a famous videogame quote and misquote it using synonyms..? Huh.

“Come closer to me!”

Meh, I made this thread when I was bored out of my skull with little to no thinking anyway, so y’all can do whatever.


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I’m surprised people haven’t posted stuff like “All your base are belong to us!” And “Nanomachines, son!”
So here’s mine:
“Enkindle this!”

(Along with all his other lines, including, “This one has forgotten whether its heat sink is overcapacity. It wonders if the criminal scum considers itself fortunate?” “You may go worship you book, while this one tears a new excretion vent in the Vorcha ambassador” and “This one doesn’t have time for your solid waste excretion.”)

CATS: With the cooperation of Federation Forces, all of your bases now belong to us.
Captiain: So… you took those few extra years of English class too?
CATS: Indeed. It really does wonders. People’ve stopped laughing at me now.

Some more of my personal favourites…..

“For the Emperor!” – DoW, DoW 2

“Welcome to the circus of values!” – Bioshock

“Its the last dance for Lance Vance!” – Tommy, GTA: Vice City.

ROADKILL SNAKE!!” – Liquid Ocelot, Metal Gear Awesome: Guns of Awesome, a youtube parody.

“Flesh is weak, but metal is strong!!” I believe a boss from Predator: Concrete Jungle said this line although im not sure.

“Bullets exchange! bullets exchange!” – Bullets exchange kiosk, Metro 2033

Seriously the list could go on, I have a doc with all my favourite quotes in it

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