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Post the the worst possible description of a movie, then we try to guess it.

Last posted Jun 30, 2013 at 11:40AM EDT. Added Jun 05, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT
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I’ll start with an easy one, guys like to go bowling but don’t follow the rules.

Edit: before any grimmer nazis point it out *then we Fixed it for you. -BRUCKER

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I’m going to guess The Big Lebowski.
An weird old man entices a young boy to join some ancient cult with a phallic-like rod object. The boy then gets involved with a criminal and a monarch. The movie ends with the boy committing an act of terrorism against the current government.

Top Gun

Since my first one was guessed incorrectly, I’ll try it again with added words

Characters reunite and find out that some disease is going on, but the canine character only gets one frickin’ line.

Bruno the Rustler wrote:

@Connor the Brony: Pet Sematary?

A guy wants gets tricked while being tricked. All made up by his brother, so he stops being such an asshole.

Trix cereal commercials.

Okay, so, this girl did this thing at a place, and so she went to a place to talk to a guy about that thing. The guy looked like that one other guy in that one movie, you know? Anyways, the girl and the guy did stuff at a place in the city somewhere and now the dog died and it was sad.

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Vlad wrote:

@Mike. Close, but it was Stalingrad.


Irish people attempt to gain independence, fail miserably.

Close enough: Alien, not Aliens.

I would say Braveheart, but that was Scottish independence.

A bunch of dudes go camping to return some jewelry.

No effing clue, but since yarnboy killed the thread I’ll toss out a new one to get it started again.

So there’s these latchkey kids… Mom’s not home and Dad’s busy working. The kids start hanging out with this fat lazy bum of a neighbour who lives outside of town. When he’s not sleeping off something from the night before, he shows them how to grow plants and takes them on psychedelic trips. And there’s corn.

Since it’s not Star Wars… then it must be ERAGON (original story donut steel)

Before cable, a normal guy and a silly guy decide television programming should include more dumb jokes and Kramer. They almost have to stop, but then they don’t, because the silly guy saves everyone.


Anyways, so this guy and all these other people are being hunted by some robots or something and they get into an alternate reality and stuff. There’s a lot of guns and endless hallways.

Oh yeah, and doors. I thought those were my favorite characters.

That’s The Matrix. (previous one guessed as Matrix was actually Tron.) And mine wasn’t I, Robot, but it cracks me up how many of these descriptions are bad enough to fit several movies.

There’s these lesbians…except it was all a dream…maybe.

Serious Business wrote:

Is is a Sonic the Hedgehog movie? If so, I will retroactively refer the next poster back to Derp.exe not found’s unanswered post.

Yes, actually. Sonic the Hedgehog: the Movie, to be exact.

I feel obligated to post another now:
A kid turns into stone.


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