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Fetishes thread

Last posted Jun 08, 2013 at 02:53AM EDT. Added Jun 06, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT
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OP confirmed massive furry who’s into super hairy. He just happened to post an “I lied” gif to function as an example on how big he wants the fur in his porn.

This is still a fetish thread.

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…Might as well be the first one if this is seriously going to be a seriously serious thread.
Count this as NSFW. No shit

Also, I think I might have a thing for sun goddesses… among many others…

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Flimsy wrote:

Maid dresses, Crossdressing, shotas, cats, and rapiers.

but rapiers are swords
swords aren’t fetishes
they’re swords

Honestly, I have less of a fetish and more of an exception. I find every color of hair that isn’t blonde very attractive. Some blondes look fine, but they have to look like a blonde. But I find red hair the most attractive…at least on most women. It depends on how they look. If they don’t look like they could be a natural redhead, or it looks fake, I don’t find it any more attractive if they were any other color. Even blonde.

Other than that I just tend to find women who dress more modestly more attracive, it just makes them feel more…real. As like a person. But if I’m completely honest, just seeing someone doesn’t get them an attractive rating from me. Like I can tell if someone’s attractive or not. But I have to get to know them for me to feel a stronger than average attraction to them, either good or bad, and it can go positively or negatively attracted… I find very few women attractive enough to even consider them worth perusing. In other words, I’m more attracted to the person than I am anything else. How they treat their body is another thing, I just find overweight people…unhealthy. And it just doesn’t speak well for just about anything else in their personality or anything…most of the time. Sometimes it’s completely irrelevant, and I find them just as attractive as other normally weighted people, but they tend not to be, at least in my experience. Which isn’t a lot, cause I have gotten to know very few people who I even like enough to talk to other than for being nice.

BaSedAleX -_- wrote:

yayy for history

Im on some new shit now. But always will have a yoga pants fetish

The furry thread was more popular than my thread at that time

On topic:

  • thigh highs
  • stockings
  • tights
  • monster girl
  • pantyhose
  • breasts (of any size)
  • ass
  • femdom
  • pony tails (Hair style, not real pony tails you sick bronies)
  • glasses
  • dirty talk (But, not dirty talking from pornos. That shit is weird and a turn off)
  • biting (Dom thing. Not breaking the skin.)

There’s some more but, I can’t think of anymore for right now.

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MDFification wrote:

I like to put my dick inside vaginas and maybe thrust a bit, is there something wrong with me KYM?

That’s disgusting dude…I mean wow, that’s bloody messed up.
There is indeed something wrong you if you are into that kind of stuff..

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Moargun wrote:

I’m pretty sure there isn’t enough room in this thread for the amount of fetishes I have

Well, the last time we had this thread it went on for eight pages. Might as well give it a go.
On that same note, it would probably be easier for me to talk about the fetishes I don’t have. Furry, inflation, sadism, masochism, and…
…shit, I’m sure there was another one…
…I’ll be back with that.

I’m a fat fetishist.
In particular, extreme fat – too fat to move.
But at the same time, I’m not into anything like slob, scat, messy eating, etc. (So at least I’m not THAT insane.)
Sometimes it’ll be forced, other times voluntary, other times hate at first then love… you get the picture.
Of course, I wouldn’t want to do it to anyone in real life because I know all the bad stuff that would happen. Besides, I need the cute anime faces to go along with it or else it’s not sexy to me.

So yeah… I’m kinda hard to please.

I have only one fetish…I only take it. I can’t orgasm or fuction as a human unless I am taking it. DOesn’t matter the oraphace, just has to be me getting stuck with one or more dicks. Any kind of Dick. Dick Tracy. Dick Cheney. Both of their dicks in me at once. All of it goes.

Jimmy Lethal wrote:

Nobody has said bondage yet? Seriously? You fucking disgust me.

I was going to, but I had a ball-gag in my mouth and somehow this prevented me from typing.

It comes with the territory, I guess.


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