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Reveal Yourself III: The Greatest Challenge

Last posted Jul 12, 2013 at 03:45PM EDT. Added Jun 07, 2013 at 02:18AM EDT
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So named for Rocky III. Anyways, getting straight to it.

Me holding a yardpole in a salt flat in southeastern Oregon:

Me in front of some sort of shrub in northern California:

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This is the only image I have of me. I know, it’s several months old, but eh, it’ll do. Posted in the previous thread aswell.
pls don't stare

I’m still cute, stunning and a handsome motherfucker compared to my avatar, right?
(btw you look nice)
(opspe, you look good too)

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The only decent photo of myself on our computer is my facebook profile picture.

My grandparents had their 40th wedding anniversary that day, we were out eating with them when this photo was made, so it’s quite a few months old.
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opspe wrote:

You don’t really have to spoiler your images, you know

It’s for the best. Between not making my browser slow and letting choose whom I wish to lose all pretend interpretation for, it’s a good thing.

This is a picture of me from last year at the American Library Association Annual Conference.

Considering how a lot of my posts are about A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, this seemed like the obvious picture to use for this thread.

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I’ve probably got about 20 pics of me on this site, so I figured I’d mix it up with a picture of me from just a few minutes ago and another from a long time ago:

(yeah, my webcam sucks)

If you want more, search for ’em.

CrashGordon94 wrote:

Dude, what the hell?! That was just a mild screamer! D:

Anyway, carry on.

sir i will how you know what i did was not screaming
it was a roar and a manly one at that

girls scream
men yell/roar

Digoxin wrote:

You might want to spoiler your pics for the good of this page.

>tfw you will never be half as cute/ handsome/ sexy/ fluffy as your avatar

tbh I think you’d make a great human Leo.

Blue Screen (of Death) wrote:

Lets play a game called “WHERE’S BSOD?”

No looking at the last Show-Yourself thread, that’s cheating!

Bottom left guy with the curly hair next to the girl with a black coat.

I didn’t need to check, your hair is quite memorable.

Last edited Jun 11, 2013 at 07:00PM EDT


Awesome hair! I miss mine being that long, but I know that most old men with ponytails look pathetic, so I’m not going back.

And speaking of hair…


Spotted you almost immediately as well. Dat hair.


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