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Famous Eyes in History

Last posted Jul 29, 2013 at 10:37PM EDT. Added Jul 22, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT
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Maybe this could be considered a personal thread, and if so, then I don’t mind it being locked.
BUT ANYWAYS, here’s the lowdown: I’m gonna be making a shirt design for Threadless or Society6 called “Famous Eyes”
The problem is that I’m terrible at thinking of things like this
What I need Y’ALL to do is to list the best, most recognizable, most famous eyes in cinema, television, and game history.
For example, I’ve already got the Eye of Sauron and Mad-Eye Moody’s eye logged away.
I’m gonna choose the top 12 or 15 highest-rated eyes, be it by upvotes or otherwise, and then I’ll design a shirt with them
Remember, they can be from practically ANYTHING, so go nuts

How about the Eye of Cthulu from Terraria? Also I’m not sure if it would count as eyes but what about the Portal Personality Cores “Eyes.” And everyone would recognize Enderman/any Minecraft mob eyes.

well Natsuru, Asura, Disturbed and level4 have the right idea
I mean like shows, movies, games, idk if I can make this any simpler

Who’s the guy from Narotu, with the weird swirly bowling ball eyes

Shit like that


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