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Neon's KYM-tan Extended Universe Inception Thread (+ Drawing Thread 2.0)

Last posted Oct 23, 2013 at 12:07PM EDT. Added Sep 20, 2013 at 11:47AM EDT
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Hey, it’s me again. You may remember me for being an OP who delivers rarely. Rest assured, everything in THIS SPREADSHEET is being worked on, and you can see the progress of each one inside that spreadsheet.

(NOTE: Read each spoiler button, or skip straight to the tl;dr)

I’m not here to announce a new project such as another thread simulator, emeM ruoY wonK 3.5, or anything like that. I’m here to get some of your help in re-creating a backstory for the KYM-tan character and her friends. But why? Read on to find out.

Y’see, the only canon appearance of KYM-tan on this website is these NSFW warnings. There was a page on the Know Your Meme Wiki @ Wikia describing all the KYM-tan characters, but it has since been re-written into this funny abomination. So, we need to make a new backstory/history/universe/whatever.

While working on KYM-tan: Ace Attorney, specifically THIS PART, I began to wonder… “wtf is even a kym-tan and why would anyone care?”. I stopped working on KYM-tan: AA for a while, to make KYM-tan: the Anthology which is a video which places KYM-tan into every possible maymay ever to get people interested in the character. You can see a quick test from that video at the top of this thread. Then, I remembered my previous mistake: Neon’s KYM-tan Animation from July 2012, which has a lot of dislikes.

SO, I’M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP! Help me to turn KYM-tan and her friends (Deadpool-kun, Submission-tan, Submission-senpai, INVALID-TAN, Featured-Sama and Content-tan) into fun and lovable characters which I can then use in my projects! Do this by writing up their new backstory with me!

Well, according to the title, this is also a drawing thread! People who contribute to the new KYM-tan character universe will get slightly-better art whenever they request a drawing from me in this thread. Also, they will obviously be credited in every NeonWabbit project where KYM-tan appears, plus other secret goodies too! People who don’t help with KYM-tan can request drawings also, but they will get not-so-good art.

tl;dr – help write KYM-tan and co. a new backstory with me, and you can also use this thread to request drawings from me, because this is a drawing thread. also, ask me anything.

Last edited Sep 20, 2013 at 12:00PM EDT

Can you draw this guy…

…wielding an M4A1.


Cutie Mark

Name: Gray Hoof
Job: Programmer
Why the fuck is this guy related to KYM-yan???: He’s KYM-Tan’s co-worker.

General Grievous wrote:

Hi, I’m Neon (Age 17) and you’re watching How to Trace Over Really Good. Today, we’re gonna use the 3D GModding Technique and what that does is you get multiple images from Garry’s Mod and then you draw over the ones that wiggle to get a nice 4D effect. Hopefully next time, NeonWabbit will learn to draw without tracing over anything. Bye~!

Here’s a KYM-related video just so this thread doesn’t lock in a few days:

All finished requests I haven’t posted yet will be here soon. Also, please stay tuned for something else I have planned for this thread that’s really good.


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