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So.....what is everyone's opinion on Teen Titans Go?

Last posted Sep 26, 2013 at 12:27PM EDT. Added Sep 25, 2013 at 12:01AM EDT
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Internet seems pretty divided by this, either people are saying “THIS SHOW IS THE WORST I FUCKING HATE IT AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR! THE WRITERS EVEN ADMITTED THAT THEY NEVER WATCHED THE REAL SHOW!!!! THIS SHOW NEEDS TO BURN IN HELL.” or they say “It’s alright.” Personally, what’s YOUR opinion on the show?

As for me…..well, I’m not a fan. What I liked most about Teen Titans was the fact that they could blend pretty dark storylines with the nice lighthearted episodes (Like the always exceptional Mad Mod episodes). But Teen Titans Go just takes everything I loved and just gives a dumbed down comedy with familiar voices (seriously, if it weren’t for the original voice actors coming back I’d probably have never given the show a chance. So really it’s a show I’m avoiding from now on, if you like it that’s fine I’m just staying as far away from Teen Titans Go as possible.

If you’re expecting the original series that aired on Cartoon Network, then you’ll be disappointed.
If you’re expecting the characters to be particularly serious (especially Robin,) then you’ll be disappointed.
If you’re expecting a lot of crime-fighting action, then you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re wanting something light to laugh at, then you might like it (depends on your sense of humor. It’s not the same humor that the original had.)
If you’re up for seeing the same characters in a different light, then you might like it.
If you’re just wanting to give a decent cartoon with teens with superpowers a try, then you might like it.

Previous thread for context. I would suggest reading Crimson Locks’ first post in particular.

I will say this before you give it a watch, though: If you spend the entire time comparing the mood of the original show to the mood of this spin-off, you’re gonna have a real bad time. Don’t go into this expecting the quality or the feel of the old show.

I’m going to bed soon, so I’ll be brief:
You can’t go into the show with a notable attachment to the previous cartoon. The two can’t be compared. Apples to oranges.

Think of it like drinking really tart orange juice when you thought you were sipping from refreshing apple juice. As soon as it hits your mouth, you’re going to be offput. And if you’re expecting apple juice when you’re drinking orange juice, you’re not going to be satisfied.

You have to expect orange juice and judge the orange juice as orange juice. Not apple juice.

From there, you can determine if you like the orange juice for what it is.
(Personally, I like both.)

Its not a bad show per say, but it came at the wrong time. Cartoon Network is overflowing with these “funny” shows, and for some reason all the action/comic book inspired shows are being killed off one by one, and nothing’s replacing them. So in comes Teen Titans, a great series from way back when that has the potential to repave the way for more action shows, but no, instead we got the same ol’ shtick.

I used to love the show a couple of years ago. I watched one of the episodes a couple of days ago and I liked it. Not going to watch all of them, but it’s good to watch when nothings on.


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