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Know Your Meme Left 4 Dead 2 fun.

Last posted Oct 10, 2013 at 01:18PM EDT. Added Oct 09, 2013 at 01:54PM EDT
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What do you get when a German, English man and an American play Left 4 Dead 2 together? A lot of friendly fire, that’s what. If you want to know what mods I’m using, just PM your question. If you want to join our left 4 dead fun, just friend Drpepperfan, Aristocatification or I on steam.
Also, this is a solo project, so if you want to show up in a Know Your Meme Left 4 Dead videos, you gotta be teamed up with me.

Warining: German rage is an issue. Drpepperfan can not shoot. If you’re getting killed by a tank at the end of an act, you’re screwed. Molotovs burn. Pipebombs are usless against tanks. Hunters and Jockeys love to hug my face.

Enjoy my first video. Special Guest is Lolishiiit’s friend, “Snow”.

Later today, i am so fucking down for this. I play l4d2 regularily with captain douglas j falcon and zarathh. My steam ID is Asura (how surprising), i can be found on the kym steam page. Im really lioking forward to this. Ill be on around 8-9 pm ect.

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Alex Mercer wrote:

Sound is terrible yo. What did you record this thing with?

A potato. Why?
sniff Just a video I made for fun while playing with some friends and wanted to show yall. So mean…

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It does not surprise me that KYM users are using Touhou mods on L4D2.
Also, this sounds awesome. I want in as soon as I get more storage space for my steam games.


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