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Murder Was The Case (Murder Thread 2.0)

Last posted Feb 05, 2014 at 01:32AM EST. Added Oct 21, 2013 at 12:47PM EDT
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OOC: I think it’s up to Mark. But I sense a plot element here so I’m rolling with it

Look, Ryan we’re trying to do something here but this just gets more complicated each time. Forgive us for not knowing what the hell to do

You know what? Maybe we’re all already dead and this is hell. Who even knows anymore? This is turning into the plot of LOST

Mark: Seriously, how drunk can you be? We’re not dead. In fact, I think we still have a wounded person to tend to, if you don’t mind…
Points to Digoxin.
Mark: Or put him out of his misery… I really don’t care.

Laud Piestrings wrote:

Mark: Seriously, how drunk can you be? We’re not dead. In fact, I think we still have a wounded person to tend to, if you don’t mind…
Points to Digoxin.
Mark: Or put him out of his misery… I really don’t care.

Seeing how the only deaths that have been occuring since he started playing bullet soccer were by pre-set traps, chances are still there that he’s the killer.

Or the killer is intentionally waiting…..

I say put him out of his misery. The VIP rooms need some inspection.

Loads bullet into chamber, and aims at Digoxin.
Mark: Well, looks like your gonna have to die. Any last words?
Sees Randy dancing.

Turns Back to Digi.
Mark: So yeah… any last words? Cause I can tell this ain’t fun for you at all.

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The sound of clapping can be heard near one of the tables "Ah so we finally reach the point where our “killer” meets his end. But before we pull the trigger let me say something first." I said as my ghost appears in front of everyone.

“Ah feels good to finally know that trick. Now in due respect Randy here has given us the best theory on to who the killer is, hell even I want to believe in it. But you all have been so caught up on the idea that a bartender did it that you’ve never thought that maybe, just maybe, the bartenders might be innocent on this. What if all the bottles used in the crime were all red herrings used to throw suspicion on them so the real killer could move around freely.”

“So now if the bartenders didn’t do it then that leaves both the strippers and patrons as suspects, but of course that would be crazy now right? Wrong, the possibility of this being the work of either a stripper or an outside individual has always been there, it’s just evidence pointing towards there has been lacking as of late. So before we blow this loser’s head off let’s try turning what we know about the case upside down and see what happens.”

The ghost is right… the killer is trying to pin this on me. Also, detective Mark… where the hell did you get your detective license? Playing Doom online? You just shot a civilian, and now you’re threatening to finish me off. To top it off, you got drunk at the start of this thread, and didn’t bring any kind of reinforcement. You’re not dead because the killer is either playing with you or wants to have sex with you while you’re still alive.

Digoxin wrote:

The ghost is right… the killer is trying to pin this on me. Also, detective Mark… where the hell did you get your detective license? Playing Doom online? You just shot a civilian, and now you’re threatening to finish me off. To top it off, you got drunk at the start of this thread, and didn’t bring any kind of reinforcement. You’re not dead because the killer is either playing with you or wants to have sex with you while you’re still alive.

Ryan wakes up.

Ryan: what the hell is a “thu-read”

“Still adamant on your belief that ghosts aren’t real despite the fact that one is currently talking to you right now, I must say Patrick I find it very sad that even now you’re still in denial or maybe you’re just afraid, afraid about the implications about our existence. Yes I’m starting to see now, you’re afraid that your former colleagues would return from the great beyond and when we ask them on who the killer is they’ll answer that it was you who did them in.”

I then turn to Digoxin

“Don’t mistake this for an act of kindness Dig I still blame you for being one of many factors that lead to my death and as much as I want to see you suffer for that I can’t let you die. Not until the actual killer is dealt with first cause if you die now it will be a victory for him.”

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Look Ghost Crow, I understand your point but lets look at the facts here

Ever since we wrapped this bartender up, the only deaths so far have been caused by preset booby traps. There’s been no straight stabbings in a while now so that must mean that the only person doing all that stabbing was Digoxin.

We can call Digoxin innocent when someone dies with him still on our watch…unless…

…If the killer is not Digoxin then he’s waiting for us to kill Digoxin first. If he strikes now, he will expose himself even more. He can’t even risk attacking now!

Guys, Then maybe we shouldn’t kill Dogixin…he’s giving us immunity! As long he’s alive then the killer cannot strike without revealing himself! Plus he’s running out of time! The night is almost over and we’re close to having the doors open

We win bitches!

Jimmy Lethal wrote:

“I’ll look out for the killer.” Barry grabs his Glock and looks around for anyone suspicious.

Wasn’t your weapon stolen by the killer and even stripped of its ammo even before that?

…..unless you are the killer.

Listen everyone. The reason there hasn’t been any deaths recently is because we have the killer tied up right here. You’re just lying to yourselves if you think the murderer could be anyone else. We all know it’s Digoxin.

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My ghost appears yet again after Ryan said that there was no ghosts. “Woah sorry there folks didn’t mean to disappear like that, there was some bad reception from the other side but it’s fixed now. But while I was stuck in limbo I mange to discover something about ghosts, it turns out that ghosts aren’t bound by time and space like how the living are. Meaning I was able to listen in on a past conversation made by a certain stripper who said this interesting line to another.” My voice changes to Pat as I say these lines.It’s all part of the paln, Blur. All the bartenders tuched the shoot gasses. Now we just hav to…

“So Patrick, what do you have to say for yourself.” I said in my actual voice.

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“No can do partner, until the killer is caught my ghost, along with all the other victims, will not leave this place. So how about you do use dead folks here a favor and just tell us what exactly is this plan of yours?”

“Who knows, maybe if it isn’t too incriminating will just let it slide, or maybe you want us to ask Blue on what the plan is all about, since you decide to talk with him about it? Here’s a fun idea, how about we get you drunk again. That way with the lack of inhibition you’ll start singing like a canary.”

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“Oh trust me I want to tell you guys on who the killer is but there’s two problems with this new ability of mines. One is the fact that it’s new, so I don’t know too much on it’s mechanics, therefore I can’t use it whenever I want. The other being that it manifest itself as random images and voices, to which again I have no control over. It was by pure luck that I manage to hear yours.”

Last edited Dec 17, 2013 at 03:21PM EST

Crow ghost, thanks for defending me. But only 2 guys can put words in other people’s mouth: OP and the killer. You’re dead, so you’re not the killer. Therefore, Pat never said that, so you can stop your spooky interrogation.
Now, Blue is right. If I stay here, the killer might not strike, and we can wait until Miss Detective calls for backup like a sane person would. I could get killed too, but I don’t have any choice right now.

I know what I heard Pat said those exact words If I could just find a way for him to confess then maybe this will be the break to turns things over. But he isn’t going to say anything unless I give him the name of the killer, but I forgot who it was. There has to be a way for me to get him to talk, but what?Just then a random image flashes in my head

That’s it! that’s how I’m going to get him to start talking.

“Your right Pat, Digoxin is the killer. Always has been, always will be. But before we finish him off let me ask you something. How much do you like Samuel L. Jackson?

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What? I love Samuel L. Jackson. Everyone here loves Samuel L. Jackson, but I don’t see what that have to do with anything. Also, why are you agreeing with me about Digoxin being the killer when you just said you couldn’t find out who the murderer is?

“Just humor me on this. From what we know about the killer is that he has a fanatical point of view about the actor Samuel L. Jackson . Pretty much worships the guy like a god even to the point of sacrificing people to him. I think the only way for us to find the killer is to insult his idol. Digoxin you throw the first insults. I can’t cause the real killer won’t target someone who’s already dead.”

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I don’t know how this will help… but heck.
Samuel Jackson is overrated. People just pretend to like him, because otherwise they’re racist. Just because he was a Jedi, star wars fanboys liked him.
… am I doing it right?

“You are but we need to go even farther then that. The only good role that bastard had was in Pulp Fiction, other wise every other role he had was utter shit. Come on everybody join in on the fun.”

OOC: Note that any insults I throw at the guy are not genuine. I’m just doing it to catch a killer.

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“My plan wasn’t to get myself nor anyone else killed. No my plan was to make the killer screw up on his next kill. Think about it, if the guy was to kill again while filled with rage about all the insults we thew at Samuel then maybe he’ll make mistake and leave behind major evidence on who he is.”

“Granted looking back now it was a pretty dumb idea. But at least trying to catch the guy is a much better option then just waiting for help.”

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Mark: Oh, for the love of…

Mark: Samuel L. Jackson isn’t going to help us find the killer. And since I’m not sane, I’m not calling for back-up.

Mark: Now… can we please just pick someone to execute?

>arguing about Sam Jackson
>Mark getting annoyed by accusations
>Randy getting horny
>Blue getting hopeful
>don’t count on it
>Pat wanting Mark to shoot Digi
>Barry claiming he has ammo still

>Weasel at bar
>goes back to chair
>sits down
>chair legs snap
>Weasel falls over
>he’s OK
>stands up
>“Staying Alive” plays in his head

>the chair, however, wasn’t the one supposed to kill him
>beam from above swings down, killing him

>everyone else looks with indifference
>11 strangers and freaks remain

It’s not that we don’t know how to kill, were just faced with extremely pressing philosophical paradoxes in our actions right now

He who fights the monster…becomes the monster. Do we stage an execution and become deserving of murder as much as the killer? Or do we preserve our innocence and die with our honor?


Just kill him already. This is dragging out. Lets all die and get it over with

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Mark: Well, you heard it, Mr. Bartender.

Loads gun. Aims at Digoxin.
Mark: Insert witty catchphrase here
Fires into Digoxin’s chest three times.
Mark: Just to be safe… Blue, hand me that lighter.
Gets the makeshift flamethrower, sticks it into Digoxin’s abdomen, and lights him up.

Mark: OK… maybe that was a little too much…
10 Dunces alive.

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Ryan: Okay. Whoever is the killer booby trapped this place more then we thought. Also Mark, what the hell ever happened to a quick death, especially since we don’t know he is the real killer. What if you are the killer Mark? Has anyone thought of that?

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OOC: I know most of you lost interest, but can we please wrap this up?

It felt like hours since Mark executed Digoxin. 273 hours to be exact. Pat couldn’t wait any longer and decided to speak. “Alrighty then. It’s been a while and no one has died, so I guess that means Digoxin was the murderer after all. Right?

Suddenly the doors snap. Everyone rushes to the doors. Barry tries to open the door. He does. Everyone cheers and laughs as they come onto the Detroit street. People walking by are very curious.


OOC: Unless Mark comes back, this thread is over. She’s been inactive though so I doubt it.

Digoxin wrote:

I’m the only one who got killed by Mark.
This is humilliating.
So is the thread over or is there gonna be more killing?

OOC: Depends if you were really the killer or not.

chowzburgerz wrote:

Sigh, it’s cancelled, isn’t it?

Judging from the last five or so posts, it’s been over for a while. But unless there’s some unwritten rule I am unaware of, you’re always welcome to start up 3.0…

(And by that I mean “please someone start a new one because this looks interesting but I’m too irresponsible to make a half-decent GM so I can’t start it myself”)

After some long break… I think I was busy with one of the performers but forgot who… someone finally wished up. I checked the corpse of Digoxin… and other than finding cash and a wallet which I confiscated for “evidence”, I found the man’s phone. Inside it… was a wallpaper of fire. ’Twas amazing… until I found something in the camera of the phone. Many pictures of his boss, scribbled with words of damnation, murder, and curses against him. It was then I realized… I killed the murderer. And for once in my short career so far… not everyone died while I did it…
“So… how do we leave?” I remembered hearing Blue ask.
“Simple. We have the murderer’s body… just place it on every trap until one of them explodes a hole in the wall or something.”

And so we willingly and gracefully threw his limp body into each wire, pressure pad, pulley, harness, grate, and button. His corpse was burnt… charred… mutilated… touched by MasterBurner… fondled by Blue… pleasured by Ann… by the time it was done being used, it was impossible to identify Digoxin anymore… but his traps made it possible to blow a hole out from Chowz’s office. We all ventured there. I lowered a makeshift rope made of the greasy and sweaty man thongs of the performers (which I kept as “evidence”), and we climbed down… some of us more clothed than others…
I placed them all in my vehicle. I promised them better lives instead of dancing for drunks… most didn’t believe me, but went anyways. I even remember where each one ended up.

-Blue and Disturbed ended up living together as lovers, and forming a union against dancers. It never succeeded… but at least they were happy together.
-level4outbreak ended up in another bar, until he got caught up in a shootout that killed the bar owner… leaving him running the place somehow. Didn’t ever bother to sort the situation out since I got access to that bar.
-Ann, who turned out to be a mute, was desperate for a job, so I hired him as my Secretary/Personal Assistant/Housekeeper. He never speaks out about his job… so I assume he loves it.
-Ryan became an attorney in the defense of me when I was accused of sexual harassment of the former dancers. I was released with no charges, and he ended up with cash from a bank robbery case.
-Barry’s drug addiction eventually got him into the reopened HellHospital, where he spent rehab amongst psychopaths such as The Drunken Drunk and The Mad Manlady.
-MasterBurner’s art became well received, and was exhibited in the Museum of History of New York. She was then ridiculed for drawing dead people, and then appreciated again.
-Randy went AWOL. No one heard from him, and he was hardly ever seen. Although a message left by him stated: “I will return…” I never knew what it meant… but I had a feeling it was most likely another case…

And as for me… I moved towards cases such as the Double Ds… the Folsom Prison case… and others I felt like not listing…

Just another day in the detective’s work…

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