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report on memes

Last posted Dec 09, 2013 at 05:51PM EST. Added Dec 03, 2013 at 03:48PM EST
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A friend of mine from highschool did a group project on memes. I personally thought he was off base with a lot of his information, and picked poor memes for examples. however, I wanted to throw it up here to see what you guys think
Here it is

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Dec 03, 2013 at 03:48PM EST

First of all: What is wrong with those image qualities?

“How to create a meme”. Yeah.. I expected some explanation about why memes cannot be created. Because they are born as little gags or jokes around cultural miniatures on the internet.

Directing maymay generator definitely shows that he doesn’t really have that kind of knowledge.
Oh also there is only six memes on the internet. Hue.

“Memes started on 4chan”. Oh gawd ma dick lel. I guess that he didn’t read anything that he copypasted from wikipedia.

Scumbag Obama

Stereotypical and offensive memes are

everywhere on the internet. There is no sure way

to get rid of memes that are deemed offensive.

Many people will find the more rude and raunchy

memes the funniest.

Peter Griffin Meme

Explanation: He hates when people say

they hacked people Facebook when they

really just got on the computer and the

person forgot to log out but the funny

version with Peter Griffin.

Meh.. What can i say? Not gonna be a “meme elite”. If he is going to pass a class or something, this will be enough.
On the other hand, for academic research or something… My apologize, this is awful.

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Dec 03, 2013 at 04:00PM EST

>“Want to make a famous meme?”

This is gonna be good.

Chapter 1: Ok, you were right in him being wrong in the information. He’s explaining a meme being just an image macro. Memes are ideas or content spread and shared by a lot of people (in our example, over the internet). They can be anything from Photoshop to Art to Videos, not just image macros.

Chapter 2: Memes probably predate the internet, and can also be traced back to Usenet groups. 4chan was the first notable website to create content which gained wide and notable spread. 4chan made memes very early, yes, but they didn’t bring memes or the creation of them into this world.

Examples of image macros could be a bit better organised, but I really don’t see the adition of that page. “Oh here’s an explanation of the history of memes, and here you suddenly have image macros and advice animals for the hell of it”.

Chapter 3 (Memes Popularity): Ok explanation, not too professional, but he forgot that an image being shared doesn’t make said image a meme yet, it needs a bit more spread first.

He suddenles mentions a survey. What type of survey? What did he ask? How are the results he gathered from it? Examples, examples, examples. He posted the survey and the results at the end, but doesn’t really analyze them well. Having people laugh while making the survey is kinda trivial.

Chapter 4 (How to make a meme): >Implying Memegenerator is all you have to create memes. And again he’s explaining memes through just image macros.

>“Douchebag Steve”. Not an acceptable mistake when Image Macros are 50% of what you researched for that report. It’s Scrumbag Steve.

>“See how many rating you get”.

Chapter 5 (Different Cultural Backgrounds): His source is asking one foreign friend. He really needs to work on his sources, that’s hardly something to pull a conclusion by. Knowing how we document memes from all ends of the world, I can place serious question marks at this chapter.

>“Memes have a lot of bad caused to other cultures”. They mock other cultures, but causing harm…..

Chapter 6 (Kill Yourself): I’d like to see his sources on that explanation.

Chapter 7 (Scumbag Obama): His poll consisted of 12 people, and he could’ve used a much better example of stereotypes represented through memes than Scumbag Obama.

Chapter 8 (Peter Griffin Grinds My Gears): One image macro doesn’t explain an entire meme.

Chapter 9 (Disney Meme): I don’t even…..

Chapter 10 (Comic Meme): That’s not really a name for a meme (see also: Disney Meme). It’s one funny comic, not a meme. A better example of a comic being a meme would be an exploitable like All Right, Gentlemen!

Chapter 11 (First World Problems): Much, much broader than one example.

The survey: Oh, so there it is. Some note would’ve helped. Ok, decent survey, not much wrong with, but I sincerely doubt if he really had the folks who made it laughing. Those 3 images aren’t that funny, the middle one is ok though.

Final Verdict: For your average Joe who goes on the internet and doesn’t get much further than Social Media, I guess it’s acceptable. He made a survey, and did some research, that can be shown and he scores points with it, but I doubt he possesses much knowledge on the topic of memes.

4/10: Know your memes before teaching others about them.

Dec 03, 2013 at 04:24PM EST

this was my 12 point critique:
not to be critical, but, there were a few things I had problems with:
1. “a meme is a picture with words on it describing of expressing feeling in the picture”- according to that definition, star wars kid, david after dentist, my new haircut, and many other memes would not be “memes”. a better deffinition is that a meme is “an ‘in joke’, exploitable image, or repeated gag that it shared via social networking or forums”
2. “memes started on 4chan” better working would have been “the first memes started on 4chan” while most memes do start on 4chan due to its large size, there are many origins and this is nor made clear until later.
3. there are many memes that can be traced back to their roots. in fact, there is a whole website devoted to it… its “”
4. memes are not the only purpose of 4chan, reddit, tumbler, etc. memes may happen to be created, but they are not meme manufacturing plants
5. it’s legitimately “scumbag steve”, not “douchebag steve”
6. please, don’t encourage ifunny users….. just please….
7. the example for “kill yourself” was a bad one, and not the first use of the meme.
8. scumbag obama is a spinoff meme, scumbag steve and good guy greg would have been better choices, then you could have talked about how steve’s hat is often used for other “scumbag” spinoffs
9. it would have been better to explain the “grinds my gears” meme in general, rather than explain the rather obvious joke.
10. disney got grumpier because of grumpy cat, not because of grumpy the dwarf. the meme has nothing to do with disney
11. I have no idea what to say about “comic meme”. rage comics would have been a better choice.
12. why is the “preferred part of the meme” graph one color? it’s unreadable…
note: I am not trying to be critical, so don’t take this the wrong way. all in all it was a good article and I enjoyed reading it. I just thought you might want to know what things I saw that could be improved. at least you cited one cheeseburger website.

also, here is a response from him:
Thanks, I didn’t write the intro, like I said a group project. and when there is only 3 of us that truly know what memes are. It can be difficult to get some quality work out of the others. especially if they are practically illiterate. I told the other guys to use that website when they write about memes(knowyourmeme). but instead they just ended up explaining why they are funny or the morals of the meme(killyouself). especially with scumbag Obama i told her that she should do Steve not Obama. but instead she wanted to get into some political rant about people not being to say nice things on the internet. I feel all of your points. Its hard to get quality work from people that only know about LOLcats, who aren’t willing to put effort into this project, and who never come to group meetings. Thanks for the feedback. its already done. nothing i could change. but seriously not because I putting in terrible work. but the quality of work that I submit for class would probably be a “C” from matus versus “A’s” that I have been receiving all semester. And thank God my teacher set up the grading so that if one person doesn’t do their work(or subpar work), we all won’ be pulled down in our grades. my friend Raul is a graphic designer, I will see if I can get a Copy of his groups project. although it looks incredible the content just states the obvious.

I had a feeling that this was a case of team sabotage, because he knows memes, but it still should have been passed by the more knowledgeable members of the group.

Dec 03, 2013 at 04:34PM EST

Very discrete- right underneath the title.

Thanks, doc.

Dec 03, 2013 at 04:45PM EST

No.. First memes ain’t started on 4chan. 4chan is just an imageboard which notoriety grows up with anonym culture. Surely popular and has a lot of phenomena but ain’t first.
For example:hampster dance, Hello My Future Girlfriend and these kind of single serving sites can be an example for first memes.
He should look and see the internet with its own culture if he really wants to understand “meme” consept.

I suggest him to watch this.

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Dec 03, 2013 at 04:46PM EST

Everyone else has essentially covered what need to be said, so I’ll just say that I’m positive your friend may have to completely overhaul and re-do his project.

Also, sorry for necroing.

Dec 09, 2013 at 05:25PM EST

Alex Mercer The Reactivated Mod wrote:

No.. First memes ain’t started on 4chan. 4chan is just an imageboard which notoriety grows up with anonym culture. Surely popular and has a lot of phenomena but ain’t first.
For example:hampster dance, Hello My Future Girlfriend and these kind of single serving sites can be an example for first memes.
He should look and see the internet with its own culture if he really wants to understand “meme” consept.

I suggest him to watch this.

This is what has essentially happened to Cheeto and SRJ on a smaller scale. I don’t even know the context to SRJ myself and I’ve been here for three years or so, yet I see it posted daily by people who have not even been here for seven months.

Cancer is my KYM? Really?

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Dec 09, 2013 at 05:51PM EST

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