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If you could bang any user from KYM, who would it be?

Last posted Mar 12, 2014 at 03:39PM EDT. Added Dec 09, 2013 at 06:56PM EST
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Le Bumpkin wrote:

Orgy with Crimson Locks, RandomMan, Verbose, Amanda B, and me.

In other news:

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Sir Crona Crescent Duke of Landwales wrote:

I misread the title as ban… Ayways, I’d have a three way with Markhaox and Ann Hiro.

You realized if we both came out to find you it will definitely happen right?

Me? Bang a KYM user?

Be warned, when you get me involved you’ll be going into maximum shipping overdrive. Prepare your body for an orgy that would make George Takei proud. Let me give you an equation:


plus this

plus this

plus this

plus this

plus this

And absolutely plus this

Multiplied by this

You do the math

All of you (that would get me arrested).
And then go back in time and do myself.
And then NightmareNear.
And RandoChris.
And Kung Fu Cthulu.
And Fluffball.
And I’ll slip something into Vino’s drink that will impair judgement and do totally-consensual things to him.
And Asura’s drink, too.
And then NightmareNear again.
And then a third time with NightmareNear for good measure.

User? NOPE! I’m going for users!

Let’s see…

Priorities first of course…




definitely add…

along with…


along with…

oh, what the hell? Add them too!

and that’s pretty much it!

Last edited Dec 10, 2013 at 04:34PM EST

TheOpt1onal.2.0 (With flair!) wrote:

Here’s a small list(in no particula order):
1). Alex Mercer,
2). A Furry,
3). BSOD (who wouldn’t?)
4). Disturbed Bacon,
5). Sir Crona,
6). Natsuru,
7). Alex, and
8). 0.9999…


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