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If the war between bronies and anti-bronies becomed a REAL war......lets all make an history!

Last posted Dec 24, 2013 at 04:08AM EST. Added Dec 10, 2013 at 11:53PM EST
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The year is 2022.The war started 12 years ago, when the Anti-Pony Union and the Brony Army of World Domination started a war between them.

The Anti-Pony Union thinks that the internet will be a best place without the bronies, and they want to erradicate all bronies in this land. They are mainly composed of (We dont have so much intel about this group. The main Capital is (intel needed).

The Brony Army Of World Dominaton wants to make the internet their paradise : only bronies and ponies everywere. They are mainly composed of Human Bronies and pony OCs. Their capital is MLP city.

But. there is one faction called The Internet Union of Peace. They want to erradicate both of these factions becouse they think that they are both a treat to the whole internet. They want to have peace between the ponies and the other fellows from the internet. They arecomposed of varius clans and fandoms, so there is a variety of solider types. Their capital is a city called KYM.
So, what you think about this guys? i was thinking of makeing a whole universe about this idea i haved, but seems like a lot of work. So i thinked “what if the users of KYM and me do this together?” what do you say guys?
You could help doing some things like :
1.Giving some ideas (just like what kind of units each faction haves, who are their allies, what weppons each faction haves, and many other things)
2. Makeing your own part of the history! (just like something to expand the universe)
3.adding images.
and other many things! so well, lets do this!.

[Promptly sees a wiggling cock and a nakkid sea god running in blood]

SRSLY, I am leader of the ponyfag army. Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear, fear and surprise. Our two weapons are fear and surprise, and ruthless efficiency. Our three weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical dedication to the pope. Our four… No… Amongst our weapons… Amongst our weaponry are such elements as fear, sur- I’ll come in again.

Now, FluffBall – you have one last chance. Confess the heinous sin of heresy, reject the works of the ungodly – two last chances. And you shall be free – three last chances. You have three last chances, the nature of which I have divulged in my previous utterance.

Right! If that’s the way you want it – Cardinal Pinkie Pie! Poke her with the soft cushions!

Representing the Anti-Brony Union

We are the WAAAAHriors. We shall STAAAAAAPH at NUUUUUthing to draw the ABLOOBLOOBLOOOOd of our enemies.

Our key weapons are whinging and moaning….also guns

I hate ponies. I’ve had more than enough of this damn overblown, overrated meme filling up every corner of the internets and gawd don’t get me started on those obnoxious assholes who try and push it in my face all the time

The time of respectful tolerance of other peoples interests died when people kept posting things that didn’t interest me.

There is only one recourse: BLOW EM UP. BLOW THEM ALL UP. Only when every last one of these damn horses is detonated sky high along with everything else around them, only then shall the internet, know peace. And that’s why our military consists of tanks and demolition squads. Our role is to find ponies anywhere we can on the internet, pin them down, rig the charges, and totally BLOW THEM UP with all our hatred. Spreading their limbs far and wide across the internetz

Times have been hard so far. Every time we BLOW THEM UP and send ponies everywhere, they just seem to spread more and become even more apparent as explosions tend to make things.

It’s almost as if…the more we hate them…the stronger they get.


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Not to spoil the fun, but don’t any and all pony-related things belong in the Pony Thread? It’s kind of an unwritten rule.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m about as brony as they come. The broniest of the brone.

But I’m also a stickler for rules.

Now, if a mod gives the okay for this to be here even after I’ve brought this point to their attention, I won’t contest it. Hell, I’ll even participate.

I don’t want to be a downer. I’m just being careful.

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As a mod, I’m not redirecting for a few reasons

1. The rules are to keep any MLP:FiM subjects in the pony thread. But this thread is not about the show. This thread is about fictional war scenarios that uses the brony fandom as a plot device

2. This is intended to be a RP discussion (I think) and Pony General doesn’t have the attention-span for that. Pony related or not, it would be a freaking mess keeping track of this topic there

3. The number of deviating topics on Pony General is bad enough as it is. People there want more show discussion and aren’t interested in hypothetical wars

This topic is better off in its own thread

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I’m with the union of peace too because:

A) I’ve watched MLP. It isn’t crap.
B) I’m not a brony however, and I find the NSFW part of the fandom partially disgusting
C) I don’t give a shit about pretty much any fandom wars.

Weapons include for the UOP should be lances, ray guns, and the swords of justice and like kebab said, fandom weapons.

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I’m with the Union of Peace since I do not belong in either of the others.

Anyway, I third what Kebab said.

And our units should ALSO be from various fandoms if applicable. Maybe even the occasional one derived from a meme? (KYM IS our capital, after all.)

The UOP scout unit should be… well… Scouts. Armed with a shotgun, a pistol (or buffing item) and some sort of blunt weapon. (Different classes of scout could have some variations to suit their roles.)

Alex Mercer wrote:

There is no such rule Owen.. Rarely JFF gets another dose of pony thread. They just won’t keep it too long.
Never been into NSFW Thread? As you see.. Ponies or NSFW are not the problem in here, we are the problem.

I did say unwritten rule. In any case, I went on hiatus for a while, remember? I’m still stuck in the past. I remember a time that if you made any thread pony-related, it would be criticized, karma-bombed, locked, and the OP told to move it to PG, regardless of content.

It’s actually heartwarming that this is no longer the case. I’ve even seen people posting pony reaction images outside of Pony General, and the posts have positive karma! What kind of tolerant, time-displaced world have I stepped into?

In any case, I’ll participate. About time I quit derailing this thing.

I’m with the Internet Union of Peace. Though I’m a brony myself, I don’t feel like a world with only bronies is a world I’d want to live in. As for the Anti-Pony Union, I think they have the potential to become something terrible. They want to eradicate the bronies, but who’s to say they’ll stop there? What if they wake up one day and decide Pokemon has to go to? All it takes is a name change and they’re good to go.

Both sides are far too dangerous. Internet peace for all.

Last edited Dec 11, 2013 at 03:33PM EST

Do you remember the old days? When we Bronies fought not for dominance but only acceptance? When we fought to spread our message to foster good will?

Now look at us! Warmongers: that’s what we’ve become. We’ve strayed so far from what brought us together in the first place: friendship.

REPENT BRONIES! Your gore and your r34 are repulsive to Faust! Your post-apocalyptic-Equestria-fics do not represent honesty! Have we forgotten kindness? Has our exclusivity stifled our generosity? Will not our bloody campaign stamp out laughter?

For it was written to Celestia: If you embrace each other’s differences, you just might be surprised to discover a way to be friends after all. (S01:E08)

We must end this battle ourselves, for sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness. (S01E02)


This has been a sermon by Herder Sergio B. Ziniss. He leads a zealous religious movement within Bronydom for a return to peace and conformity. For more information, please contact the Brotherhood of Faust, or visit one of our worship locations.

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Every war/conflict needs a neutral weapons dealer who can provide some extra supplies mercenaries, technology, transport, information, etc. Like the Goblins of Warcraft, who only cares the money and can betray to his own mother for a few coins/bills/bits/valuable merchandise/Gold/Bacon. I can be that guy.

Sidney Speck wrote:

Every war/conflict needs a neutral weapons dealer who can provide some extra supplies mercenaries, technology, transport, information, etc. Like the Goblins of Warcraft, who only cares the money and can betray to his own mother for a few coins/bills/bits/valuable merchandise/Gold/Bacon. I can be that guy.

can you get me new rims for my sweet ride?

internet peace union
our pony brethren have gone too far each way seems more in kin of hatred
by the eons of kaisers that defended both opposition and associated forces but this day is dark
darker than the culthuluain space octopi mating season but theres still hope for a new tomorrow even so we will stand strong to those who stand to elitemate us and attack our pony brethren so stand strong and defend for the IPU
~senior general Tenzi Ikanouo

(this is a fragment of the pvt.Salazar journal)
Journal entry 32.
Today we went to investigate a village that had been a battle zone between APU and BAOWD. We were horrorize ​​with what we found. We saw hundreds of human bodies and ponies hanging on the buildings and each of the bodies had a sign that said:
the streets were full of blood and a putrid smell, several soldiers vomited at that moment. There was not a single survivor. We didnt reveal this to the public. sargeant Meyers said:
“This is a pure form of what happens when a war starts. Just blood and gore”.

(the rest of the page haves some blood stains and the word “WHY THIS HAPPENS?”)
This is the journal entry of one of the members of the 8.scout division.

project H.T.A.M (humanoid tactical assault machine)
is in the works basic frame: legionnaire, weapons: light machine gun Mk1, program: basic assault forme Mk1.

hmmm a basic mech to do what “to defend sire” okay get our troops and our A.A-spk 59 (aerial assault- Spy, Protector, and Kaiser ver.59)

troops:basic infantrymen,basic medics,basic Kaisin protector
Kaiser: large weapon
Kaisin: heavy troop

Day: 1/ 405th Tank Battalion HQ
Begin Transmission
Grand Marshal Razor: Command? This is Grand Marshal Razor speaking, give me the sitrep.
Command: The 8th Scout Division went into a village the other day, and upon arrival, witnessed a massacre of what were assumed to be Human and Pony forces of the BAOWD. I saw the images sir, it isn’t pretty.
GMR: I understand. Send me the images.
Command: Yes sir. Hold on to your lunch sir.
Uploading Image

GMR:Wha…. Those APU bastards….
Wipes back a tear
Command Sir? Are you there? Grand Marshal?
GMR I’m here… Command?
Command Yes Sir?
GMR Next time we’re engaged with the APU, use Hellbringers.
Command Hellbringers? Consider it done sir…
Hellbringer Squad Commander: Gentlemen…

Hellbringers Yes sir?
HSC We have new standing orders.
Hellbringers Sir, you point, and we’ll burn it!
HSC I like your attitude…

End Transmission…

Derpy Vazquez wrote:

can you get me new rims for my sweet ride?

Your sweet ride. You have personal affection for a object in times of war, that’s good for my business, New Rims in exchange of the Princess Celestia’s jewels, that jewels are useless in times of war for your cause, but for my causa are very useful, specially in an auction, deal?

scenes of gore flood everywhere end result is death
death for all but there’s still an interstellar solution
the culthuluain space octopi mating season is coming
“Sir the stars are in the alignment we need to curb it
towards the APU bastards & BAOWD insurgents”
yes we should

Grand Marshal Razor: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have received word that the Hentai Season has arrived.
Master Sergeant Mason: Sir, permission to speak freely?
GMR: Granted.
MSM: Holy shit what the hell are we going to do?!?!?
Pvt Parts: It’s obvious Sarge, we direct the Hentai towards the APU and let them deal with it.
GMR: See? We got this guys! But… just in case, deploy the shield walls so that we don’t get, attacked by the Hentai.

IPU weapons and armor catalog page 32

List of body armor to be used by the spartan units:

Standard lightsaber for all units:

MTAR rifle for the special ops divition no.10

Standard ray gun for all units:

Hevy burst rifle for the no.10,11,12,13,14,15 hevy armor divitions

Hidden blade for all the special ops :

Daedric armor for the palace guard:

Supresor rifle for all the infiltrator units:

end of page 32

Last edited Dec 13, 2013 at 12:32AM EST

Sidney Speck wrote:

Your sweet ride. You have personal affection for a object in times of war, that’s good for my business, New Rims in exchange of the Princess Celestia’s jewels, that jewels are useless in times of war for your cause, but for my causa are very useful, specially in an auction, deal?

Sorry Your Princess Is In Another Castle

As I am not one for conflict IRL….

Dr. Temporis (Yeah, same last name as my main character in the roleplay general. NOT THE SAME GUY, OF COURSE), scientist.

Current project: CLASSIFIED Mech.

Notes on development: The lack of legs is currently a design flaw, as it is having issues with inclines. Am currently experimenting with mechanisms for flight. Even the most frail soldier will be durable and mobile once this mech is complete.

(I have left clues as to what the ‘mech’ will actually be. Can you figure it out?)

supplies come in Animeta will still stand her force fields still rusty but our civilians applied to the white army a new subgroup composed of teens and young adults ok put them on henti hunting squadrons and palace guard “sir were still examining the corpse to see why it’s attacking everyone in sight” it seems attracted to everything in sight so hide the broadcast to the bastards and fanatics

Dr. Flames wrote:

Remember to post of what faction you will be:

The Anti-Pony Union

The Brony Army Of World Dominaton

The Internet Union of Peace

And when you ad units post of what faction they are.

>The Internet Union of Peace
>implying Internet == Peace is True

We ask all of the leaders about to enter combat to “decide not to be lame anymore” (S01:E05), and “just slow down and listen to me!” (S01:E10).

We have done a great evil “by fighting and not trusting each other. Now it’s destroying this land, too.” (S02:E11). We call upon both sides to consider the cost of warfare. We remind the “Union of Peace” that warfare is not the solution.

We have clear differences in opinion, and “there are times when it’s appropriate to show them off” (S01:E06), but should the fighting continue, we will face only death, in which “our bodies will become as cold as our hearts.” (S02:E11)


While the bronies and anti-bronies go to war. No matter how severe. The battle of the fandoms will only be an another tiny footnote lost in the list of millions of insignificant events that transpired on a tiny small speck of dust.

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