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Have you ever taken a break form KYM?

Last posted Dec 31, 2013 at 04:26PM EST. Added Dec 29, 2013 at 05:16PM EST
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This just came to me as I have returned form my longest KYM break ever (2 weeks WOW!); and am glad to be back with all you wonderful people. As I now find myself lost in a sea of new content and will soon begin the task of starting my resolution I must ask; have any of you ever taken a “vacation” from KYM? What was it like during the break and how was it when you came back?

I’m in the middle of a big fat one now. Granted I still lurk pretty heavily, but I just haven’t had the same time for KYM as I had just a year or so ago. It’s not you guys. It’s me. I promise.

During the break I’ve been trying to spend more time with friends and family in person, though I regret having neglected my online friends so much. Honestly I kinda doubt the majority of you people remember who I am considering how long it’s been since I posted consistently (not that i was all that noteworthy before I took off). Whenever I come back from breaks I always feel really relaxed, like I can just cut loose and fart around with some old pals for a little while, simultaneously enjoying the new creations and ideas of new users. It’s very cathartic coming back to the site after a long break. You guys are awesome.

I’ve had a couple. In fact most times when i come back i change my username and avatar (LiamMayhem then Nuclear_Knight) but im back and i hope to stay that way (as Spider-byte, of course)

The main reason I left is I just didn’t remind myself to come on.

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Living in my parents house, I was forced into a month-long break when my dad blocked the website and the IRC due to a Virus I apparently caught from here.

I do believe Aristo, Lich, and Anako joined the website around that time, so it was an enjoyable comeback.

I took a 2 or 3 month break and when i came back, most people i use to see, i don’t anymore. Lots has changed.

BSOD ascended to mod heaven

Random Man was up to his same old shenanigans and being as helpful as ever

My art tread reaaaaallly slowed down. When i made it we were posting stuff like crazy.

And KYM inside jokes are hitting as hard as ever.

But its nice to see new faces and make new friends.

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Kinda difficult to tell when I’ve been taking breaks from KYM, when my entire existense here is hazy as it is. I do come here pretty much every single day, but my active posting periods are as short as the breaks of other people.

But then on the other hand, RandomMan has made a prophesy, that the day I become fully active, is also the day that the world comes to an end.

as the man leaved the city, he looked back a few times, thinking about what would be of his life. He adventured arround all the lands of the NET, but he didnt find what he was looking for. He feeled alone, and all he thinked was about coming back to the city. He rushed back to the city, but he didnt want to enter as the man he was, he wanted to have a new life. He changed his name, he changed his look, and he even finded some friends. He feeled good.And sbout the experiences he haved in the wild lands, better not talk about them.

I dont talk too much with ya all, but the only thing i know is that i love you and i dont know why. I just feel it. Have a happy New Year guys.

Cale Guy wrote:

I take regular leaves of absence to deal with family members. Majority of the time, it involves domestic abuse, suicide, or meth.

I take several. Most are brief (i.e., 2-3 days) and are complete (i.e., I don’t post, and I may not even visit.)

As of the past few months though, I’ve noticed that I’ve been particularly high-strung, and KYM is partially part of it (I’m an easily annoyed person.) So to get to where I want to be as a user again, I’ve just been handling mod duties (i.e., deleting spam threads) and posting on the rare occasion. I think my bad mood has more to do with changes in life outside of KYM, but I’m starting to feel better. Whether or not I’m ever as active as I once was remains to be determined, but I don’t see me not checking KYM at least once every 3-4 days.

I’ve left for a week or two since I made an account on here, but that was around this time last year. I have quiet periods, but I’m pretty much always lurking about somewhere. It can be hard to keep up with Pony General in its active time frames if you fall behind, so I’ll take at least a moment out of my day to read the new posts there to see what is going on.

As for what it was like… I was doing research work, so I wasn’t bored, but the days were a little bit less interesting. It was nice to come back and chat with other people about small horses (though you can do that on a lot of sites that aren’t KYM).


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