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Crack Shipping

Last posted Feb 14, 2014 at 01:53AM EST. Added Jan 12, 2014 at 02:42PM EST
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In this thread, you may post pics of crack pairing that you found while scouring the interwebs. Must be SFW (so no fetishes). Bonus points if you attempt to find reasons why this may be OTP, or at least why the creator of that ship thought it was a good idea.
I’ll start:

Wicked and Lady Redundant from Cyberchase and Word Girl respectively

Reasons for ship:
Uh… they’re both from a PBS show?
Pointy noises?
Similar color schemes?

Oh yeah, and the artist makes a lot of Cyberchase/Word Girl character ships.

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Lil B wrote:

To the uninspired.

I got Shadow the Hedgehog X Tim Cook (CEO of Apple)

I put names of KYM users there, is that bad?
I got

  • Weasel x RandomMan
  • CrowTheMagician x Blue Screen (of Death)
  • Marty McFly x Kebab Removal Unit
  • Alex Mercer x A Ring Pop
    what i am doing with my life
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I know about this one Gmodder called OmegaMario64 or something like that. He CONSTANTLY pairs his Gmod avatar (A heavy from TF2) with some random anime girl. And believe me, IT’S CONSTANT.

Kung Fu Cthulhu wrote:

And now your brain has exploded. Sorry about the mess.

Nein! I refuse this ship!

And no your not hallucinating. You are indeed seeing an image of Hilter becoming a super saiyan.

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