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What does the B stand for?

Last posted Jul 07, 2014 at 10:36PM EDT. Added Jan 25, 2014 at 03:31PM EST
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Great, you suddenly reminded me of The History Of The Soviet Union In The Melody Of Tetris.

To Moscow I came seeking fortune
But they’re making me work til I’m dead
The bourgeoisie have it so easy
The Tsar’s putting gold on his bread
The people of Moscow are hungry
But think what a feast there could be
If we could create a socialist state
That cared for the people like me

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That descend upon me from up above.
They come down and I spin them around
Til they fit in the ground like hand in glove.
Sometimes it seems that to move blocks is fine
And the lines will be formed as they fall -
Then I see that I have misjudged it!
I should not have nudged it after all.
Can I have a long one please?
Why must these infernal blocks tease?

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That continue to fall from up above.
Come Muscovite! Let the workers unite!
A collective regime of peace and love.
I work so hard in arranging the blocks
But the landlord and taxman bleed me dry
But the workers will rise! We will not compromise
For we know that the old regime must die.
Long live Lenin, kill the tsar!
We salute the sickle and star!

And I’m thinking Russian revolution bourgeois not spider art bourgeois.

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Dragon Trainer Trollanort wrote:

Disturbed Baka-MetalEagleRaptorTronGalvaBookieSmithWesker-monDNADigivolveGalvatronusPikaMarioSonicThePlumberHog-Gear, codenamed ’REXRAY.. The ultimate being. That which exists beyond our possible understanding. That which the BalaffelWaffelFalafelRaptor fears of each and every day. The beginning, and end.

Lone K.K. Slider wrote:

Disturbed (Moonbase) Alpha

There has been some requests lately that have been said before. Here’s a list of names I’ve already done to make it easier for you.

  1. Disturbed Boner
  2. Disturbed Random
  3. Disturbed Bisturbed
  4. Disturbed Bok Choy
  5. Disturbed Bee
  6. Disturbed Black
  7. Disturbed Boobies
  8. Disturbed Bingleheimer
  9. Disturbed Björk
  10. Disturbed Bob
  11. Disturbed Blue
  12. Disturbed Blauwbok
  13. Disturbed Britannian
  14. Disturbed B+ again?
  15. Disturbed Based God
  16. Disturbed Batman
  17. Disturbed Bateman
  18. Disturbed Brick
  19. Disturbed Bmeerkat
  20. Disturbed Bloodhog
  21. Disturbed Bismuth
  22. Disturbed BS
  23. Disturbed Business
  24. Disturbed Belle
  25. Disturbed Bed Bath & Beyond
  26. Disturbed Bilbo Baggins
  27. Disturbed Bionicle
  28. Disturbed Big Daddy
  29. Disturbed Bra
  30. Disturbed Berserker
  31. Disturbed Berlinetta
  32. Disturbed Bonar Law
  33. Disturbed Badger
  34. Disturbed Bloodhound
  35. Disturbed Bacon
  36. Disturbed Black Metal
  37. Disturbed Bibimbap
  38. Disturbed BWAAAAAH!!!
  39. Disturbed Bento
  40. Disturbed Bush
  41. Disturbed Balls
  42. Disturbed Bayonetta
  43. Disturbed Buiscut Base
  44. Disturbed Baltimora
  45. Disturbed Bun
  46. Disturbed Bed
  47. Disturbed BRONY
  48. Disturbed Brand New Member
  49. Disturbed Bill Nye
  50. Disturbed Barney
  51. Disturbed (the) Band
  52. Disturbed Baron Sengir
  53. Disturbed Bork
  54. Disturbed Barack
  55. Disturbed Beef
  56. Disturbed Berliner
  57. Disturbed Byakuren
  58. Disturbed Butt
  59. Disturbed Building a Sentry
  60. Disturbed Burrito
  61. Disturbed Banana
  62. Disturbed Bonsai
  63. Disturbed JFK
  64. Disturbed Brock
  65. Disturbed Beretta
  66. Disturbed Bizkit
  67. Disturbed Bugatti
  68. Disturbed Bolshevik
  69. Disturbed Beard
  70. Disturbed Broseph Stalin
  71. Disturbed Barkley
  72. Disturbed Badnik
  73. Disturbed Bic
  74. Disturbed Based
  75. Disturbed BIATCH
  76. Disturbed bɘdɿuƚƨiᗡ
  77. Disturbed Blastoise
  78. Disturbed Batista
  79. Disturbed Buffalo Bill
  80. Disturbed Black Footed Penguin
  81. Disturbed Bubble Man
  82. Disturbed Bismarck
  83. Disturbed Billy Dee Williams
  84. Disturbed Benedict Cumberbatch
  85. Disturbed Banned
  86. Disturbed BRERB
  87. Disturbed Lee Harvey Oswald
  88. Disturbed Baklavaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  89. Disturbed Bill Gates
  90. Disturbed Balaffel WaffelFalafel Raptor
  91. Disturbed Buu
  92. Disturbed B-Baka
  93. Disturbed A-ring ding ding ding ding
  94. Disturbed I don’t know
  95. Disturbed Body is Ready
  96. Disturbed Billy Herrington
  97. Disturbed Bonk
  98. Disturbed Breakfast
  99. Disturbed Buals
  100. Disturbed Bureaucrat
  101. Disturbed Bourgeois
  102. Disturbed Byakhee
  103. Why not Disturbed Both?
  104. Disturbed Bong
  105. Disturbed Baka-Metal It’s-too-long-to-fit
  106. Disturbed BabyMetal
  107. Disturbed Bird Jesus
  108. Disturbed Bagel
  109. Disturbed Briggs Mono/BAC Mono
  110. Disturbed Benis
  111. Disturbed Anorexia
  112. Disturbed Meerkat
  113. Disturbed (Moonbase) Alpha
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