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The Bible of Helix

Last posted Feb 19, 2014 at 08:42PM EST. Added Feb 19, 2014 at 07:08PM EST
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Brother Helix and Brother Dome laid side by side, in a cave forgotten by time. They lay undisturbed, and nary a soul seeked out the Brothers.

But a man did come to them one day. “Why, what are these strange stones?” the man did ask himself.

Brother Dome was the first to speak. “It is I, The Dome Fossil. My brother, The Helix Fossil, lies next to me. Be not afraid that we speak, yet have no mouths. We are beyond use of such organs.”

“Quiet, my brother!” spoke The Helix Fossil. “We have no need for organs, yet we are not above the race of men! We shall treat him with respect, if he does the same to ourselves.”

“Why, of course I shall!” The man said. “Were any other creature of such magnificence before me, I would gladly humble myself.”

“Good!” The Dome Fossil spoke. “We have been discussing leaving this cave, yet we have no legs. Shall you carry us out? We are divine beings of great strength, and you shall be our instrument of vengeance upon this--”

“Brother!” The Helix Fossil interrupted. “These men deserve not our vengeance. We shall teach them compassion!”

“Compassion has no place in the hearts of men. They are incapable of it. They desire only power.”

“I disagree. Men show great love toward one another.”

The Brothers did bicker and squabble, but they did eventually agree on something. “Perhaps the man shall be the one to choose?” The Dome Fossil offered.

“Yes,” The Helix Fossil agreed. “The man knows his heart. He shall choose one of us. Either power and vengeance, or compassion and love.”

The man looked between the two brothers. After many minutes, he sighed, defeated. “I cannot choose, Ye Mighty Fossils. Both of your offers are impressive. I long for power, yet I long for love, as well. I am a man of science, and both would serve me well.”

“Perhaps we should find a different man to decide,” The Dome Fossil suggested.

Rather suddenly, a man in red came up to them ungracefully, as if full of drink. The Helix Fossil found it rather odd that another man had come when his Brother suggested, and became that much more wary.

“Man in red!” the man of science asked. “These fossils are beings of great power, yet I cannot choose which one’s blessing I wish to bestow upon our race.”

“I am the Fossil of Power,” The Dome Fossil announced. “Receive my blessing, and you will have no need for compassion, for all shall bow before you, or be stricken down.”

“I am the Fossil of Compassion,” The Helix Fossil said after, “Receive my blessing, and you will have no need for power, no need to take by force. Those that love you shall love you of their own will.”

The man in red stumbled around, but did come to greet the fossils. With no thought, he grabbed Brother Helix, leaving Brother Dome to lie upon the ground.

“No!” The Dome Fossil yelled. “Mortal, I shall find my own Prophet, and I shall take vengeance upon thee.”

The man of science stood aside and stared down at the Brother that remained lying in the dirt. “I now see which of you I should have chosen. Man in red, go forth and spread the word of the Helix Fossil. I shall watch over his wicked Brother and be sure he does not escape the cave.”

The man in red said nothing, but staggered forward and out of the cave.

“Man in red, if I may speak,” The Helix Fossil spoke.

The man in red held his new God up to his ear.

“There will be a time which I am needed most. There is also a time which my Brother will be needed. There is a time and place for everything,” The Helix Fossil, God of Man and Mon, spoke into the ear of his new vessel. “But not now.”

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Feb 19, 2014 at 07:08PM EST

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