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Video Game Review Thread: For When Other Reviewers Just Don't Cut It

Last posted Apr 17, 2014 at 04:34PM EDT. Added Mar 06, 2014 at 11:52PM EST
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Here, you can review a game that you find needs an honest review, or just gush about how good it is. The only rules are that you cannot bash someone’s opinion with blatant intent for a flame war. So, type away and give whatever game you feel needs a review an unbiased one or just one that you can’t help but love every aspect of.

Mar 06, 2014 at 11:52PM EST

Definitely Game of the Year material for 2013. Shame it didn’t win!


On this thread, this is actually a good idea. Most of the major game reviewers are usually influenced by bribes from certain companies, hold grudges against other companies, or just have terrible taste overall. Some of those reviews are just ridiculous. Good idea brah!

Mar 07, 2014 at 12:03AM EST

I’ll start things off. I’m reviewing Sonic Heroes, a game famous for its utterly polarized reception. This game is definitely flawed, but in my eyes, it is nowhere near as bad as the internet paints it out to be.

Let’s list off the good things this game does. Of course, there is obvious evidence of attention to scenery and atmosphere. It feels like a nice, relaxing romp through the Sonic world. The graphics (While only aesthetic) are actually pretty incredible for its time. Even now the game looks surprisingly vibrant and nice.
Another positive is the soundtrack. It is great, in the most basic terms. The music always matches the environment surprisingly well, giving a grand feeling of immersion in the game and the boss music pumps you up. The final boss music, ‘What I’m Made Of’, is also a song that, shockingly, surpasses Open Your Heart in terms of epicness, and makes the final boss fight adrenaline pumping (I won’t spoil).
Finally, the biggest positive is the stage design. Holy hell, the stage design…. Every level is unique, yet fits the atmosphere of the current part of the world you’re rolling around at the speed of sound through. It is quaint, atmospheric, and overall gives a dreamy feel to the game, and partnered with the soundtrack, it is a rare combo that I have yet to see surpassed.
Now for negatives. And I’ll get the most blatant one out of the way.
The camera is bloody AWFUL in this game. At times you will end up stuck in an enclosed area with no idea how to get out. In terms of the series’ camera issues, THIS ONE HAS IT WORST. At times you will lose simply because you couldn’t see.
That brings me to my next point. The game is oddly brutal for its childish atmosphere, and the levels all take ten minutes at bare minimum. Once you reach the Power Plant, things suddenly turn awkwardly hard, with the overtly long stage design becoming tiresome, even with the soundtrack and atmosphere, coming to a horrible peak at Mystic Mansion, where not only is the level stupidly confusing, it is also brutally long and the music suddenly becomes grating on one’s nerves. While the level afterwards is the peak of the game’s performance, the last stain is very hard to forget.
Finally, the team mechanic is fun, but can become tiresome. The novelty wears off before long, and after a while it becomes less of a novelty and more of a hassle. At times you will be unable to progress simply because one teammate fell behind or got smacked off a ledge. It is quite annoying to be up a creek without a paddle in this scenario.
Overall, the game is actually great, but the sheer fact that many flaws from past games still haunt it now, and it presents its own problems in the form of boringly long levels and piss-poor camera, the game is flawed, but still very much worth experiencing despite the nicer atmosphere, and it serves as a nice way to enjoy the Sonic world.

Last edited Mar 07, 2014 at 12:31AM EST
Mar 07, 2014 at 12:12AM EST

+You’re not forced to play it.
+Music composed by Machinimasound
+No references of Murica
+Stage design is awesome
+Graphics are decent
-Hugh Nutrin controls kinda slippery
-Cannot catch Zangoose
-It’s not Plants vs. Zombies

9.8/10. It’s okay.

Mar 08, 2014 at 01:06PM EST

There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell anyone was gonna take this thread seriously.

Mar 08, 2014 at 01:39PM EST

I knew I’d find this thread useful at some point, you see at the time it was created there wasn’t really any big titles out that I wanted to give a review on. Last week however has been a blast, Dark Souls II and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, two top games that I’ve been hyped over for ages.

Anyway in this post I’m going to blab on about (not a proper review, blimey)…

Okay first off, yes, it can be completed in under 10 minutes however in that speedrun only the very basic of mission requirements needed to pass are done and only equates to just 10 percent of the games overall completion. I personally took just a little over two hours in my own run and spent plenty of time pacing it out and using the codec aswell as scouting out the area, collecting weapons and sucking up that backstory like an MGS fiction assimilating machine, basically a normal average run of the mission.

The game itself is stunning, an incredible presentation of what Kojima has managed to pull off with his new Fox Engine, something I recommend experiencing on a next gen games console. The visuals are some of the best I’ve seen and the AI is very realistic (although at point it has admittedly taken a turn for the worse) the lighting is outstanding and the level of detail is on the same level, none of this doing any damage to the smooth 60 FPS that you get throughout. It took me a few minutes before I actually started playing out the mission, I literally just sat there eyeballing the rain battered scenery in awe, the fluttering of the tents in the heavy wind, the spotlights of the watchtowers, the pitter-patter of rain on the muddy ground. It made for a very immersive playthrough especially since I was wearing a headset at the time. So in short they are some of the best graphics I’ve seen, I simply can’t wait to see what The Phantom Pain has in store when it comes to the extent they can reach.

As for the controls everything has been smoothlined, Equipment and weapon selection is accessed from the D-Pad and the Codec is a simple tap of the right bumper (the same Codec system as used in Peacewalker) As a matter of fact many elements from Peace Walker have been brought in mainly its combat friendly control scheme but not forgetting the ability to crouch and move at the same tame making stealth much easier and quicker.

Now I’m gonna take a shot at arguing against some of the comments about it being an “overpriced/glorified demo” I take it that these have been made on the longevity of the game and how much playtime you are hoping to receive. Well upon completion of the main mission you unlock 4 more additional missions or side-ops I believe they are called, they each take place in the same environment (however each one does feature varying types of weather giving you a different perspective) and ofcourse offer you a different objective to complete. Upon completion of these you unlock a higher difficulty level for that particular one (Normal, Hard) so that again gives you incentive to play it through once more for a bit of extra challenge. Collectibles also feature in the form of 10(? pretty sure it’s 10) XOF badges scattered throughout the play area of the main mission and If you purchased the Xbox One version of the game you will also be greeted with one more extra mission after completion of all the side-ops, this is of course the one featuring MGR’s Raiden and the Snatchers, an entirely different take on the game, bringing a new playable character and enemies.

So if you add it all up
1 main mission
4 side-ops
1 extra console dependant mission (whichever console you recieve this mission, it only varies depending on which one)
A few collectibles
And plenty of trials and challenges not forgetting the 2 difficulties of each mission you’ll end up with stacks of replayability value, if your looking to bag 100 percent completion then you will definitely be spending a fair amount of hours playing away. So you have to give them credit, the devs have given you reason to play all the missions through at least twice each to account for doing each difficulty so it certainly isn’t just a game that can be “completed” in 9 minutes flat.

In conclusion the game has the best visuals I’ve ever seen and a very promising engine, when I first laid eyes upon it I nearly lost my shit and upon completing it my hype for The Phantom Pain trebled, the only thing that doesn’t make it absolute perfection is the absence of David Hayter as Big Boss’s voice actor, something I will never quite understand.

Mar 24, 2014 at 04:32PM EDT

@drake kelson

Your review doesn’t match up with your final score in my opinion. I would knock it down to a 7.5 at least based on what you were saying.

Mar 24, 2014 at 05:11PM EDT

My Turn. I’ll be reviewing Earth Defense Force 2017!

Focus: You play as a captain of a squad of cannon fodder called Storm 1. It’s your mission to kill armies (often singlehandedly) of giant bugs, robots, and space ships.

Gameplay: Have you ever played those arcade third person shooters? This game feels a lot like one of those but with greater control. You start out with about 4 weapons and will pick up more from the enemies you kill as well as medkits (Giant bugs have medkits for some reason) and health boosts. There are 150 unique weapons for you to use in environments such as caves, beaches, and cities. Enemies usually come in very large groups, sometimes numbering over one hundred. Luckily the game has been optimized to handle it with little lag. The result is often an exciting chaotic hell of bullets, lasers, and ant acid. The insanity of everything is the real appeal of the game and is best with a second player. With over fifty levels EDF can offer hours of entertainment.

Weapons: As stated before the game has over 150 weapons. The higher the difficulty the stronger the unlocked weapons you can get. Some such as the Cascade, a rapid fire missile launcher, are very useful. Other weapons such as an impact grenade that you can only throw at your feet are comically useless. My favorite is the Air Tortoise, A heat seeking missile that travels only slightly faster than walking speed but creates a giant explosion. EDF also has vehicles such as tanks and helicopters.

Story: The story is easily the weakest aspect of the game but is hardly a take away. It’s very basic aliens come to earth and fuck shit up. The only real surprises the games has are the progressively larger and more powerful enemies it throws at you. If you value the story above all else in a game look elsewhere.

Graphics/Physics: Compared to other games at the time EDF 2017 is fairly lacking in stellar graphics. It might have been deliberate to allow for the greatest number of enemies at once without overworking the system. All of the explosions look exactly the same save for their size and buildings crumble in a very simple fashion and leave very little behind. Some of the game’s physics are very enjoyable. One shotgun can send ant’s the size of buses beyond the game’s skybox.
Pros: 150 guns
Chaotic battles
Hundreds of enemies at once
Simple controls
Reverse giant robot normandy

Cons: Sub par graphics
Weak Story

Final Score: Awesome Dumb Fun.

Apr 17, 2014 at 04:34PM EDT

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