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A Little Survey

Last posted Mar 22, 2014 at 10:51PM EDT. Added Mar 22, 2014 at 09:40AM EDT
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Took the survey.
Services like Crunchyroll, Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes has made TV almost irrelavent to me. What finalized the switch was my PS3 really. Before, yeah, I’d rather watch stuff on a big screen than a moniter, but now that doesn’t matter. The only thing I still use TV for is sports.

^Gotta agree with Dac.

My family has two tvs, one lower/standard quality, and one HD tv with a lot of channels. My brother likes to watch sports and sometimes sitcoms like Community. We used to watch others like The Office and Arrested Development. Since I have the PS3 as well, I can just go on Amazon Prime and watch hd shows on the big screen. The only time I watch tv is the new airings of Adventure Time. I can download Star Wars, and all my anime needs are on Crunchyroll and similiar sites. If I want anything else like the old seasons of Spongebob for nostalgic purposes, Amazon Prime has free unlimited airings. I don’t even need Netflix or whatever. Key word here, free.

I took your survey scratch. If I may ask, is this only for curiosity? Academic research? Business?

While we’re doing surveys, IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES, you should take this survey for my brother’s thesis. It’s about language attitudes and voices.


It might take a few minutes, but you should do it for SCIENCE!

Wow! This made me realize that I watch no TV of any kind whatsoever, online or off. I don’t use any streaming proograms and I don’t really watch TV other than about 20 minutes of local news in the morning. It makes me wonder what I do in my spare time. Pretty much just internet, video games, and hanging out with mah pals IRL.

Serious Business wrote:

I took your survey scratch. If I may ask, is this only for curiosity? Academic research? Business?

Muffinlicious wrote:

Seconding this. What is the survey for? Just wondering.

Yes, the survey is for academic purposes.

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