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April Fools!

Last posted Apr 04, 2014 at 10:39AM EDT. Added Mar 31, 2014 at 11:40PM EDT
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Fridge Logic wrote:

It is most #euphoric if I do say so myself.

But.. it’s a top hat.

DeviantART is doing “thoughtART”

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Harshwhinny wrote:

But.. it’s a top hat.

Which is even more classy then the classiest of fedoras, harking back to a time when men’s rights were respected, and women knew to speak when spoken to and properly prepare sandwiches for their nice guy husbands. What a time, what an ambiguously envisioned time indeed.

If Minecraft has globally issued a prank to everyone playing Minecraft today, I checked to see if my main game Star Conflict has as well.

They have. They’ve put up a poll in the game menu asking all players if they are a bot.

If you answer (yes) to the poll, you get tagged as an NPC in-game.

There are now no human players in this game. We are all bots

Frostbite engine posted a load of tweets basically mocking Wii U, and ended up having to take them down due to backlash

Oh, and obligatory Half-Life 3 joke

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Muumi wrote:

April 1st 2012

The day Super Robo Jesus was confirmed.

Never forget.

I remember that day well. We acquired great profit, and nothing of value was lost. It was epic, simply epic.

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OMGOMGOMG you should all, like, totally engage Trickster Mode yourselves!

(…I am going to regret making this post tomorrow…)

well ok then
Loading program "trickster.exe"

Mandl Brought wrote:

well ok then
Loading program "trickster.exe"

you forgot the extra lollipop in your hair… or the computer robot whatever the hell you are fuck it, you’re a robot equivalent

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