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Know Your Meme Presents: The Brony Hall of Fame 2K14

Last posted Jul 26, 2014 at 08:37PM EDT. Added Jul 25, 2014 at 09:06PM EDT
31 posts from 13 users

Hello, everyone. My name is Biotic Zombie, but you can cell me BZ for short. You know, here at the Know Your Meme community, we like to rag on each other from time to time, but the truth is, this community is one that prides itself on friendship and magic.

And to prove that here today, we want to present honor to those among the most treasured sub-community on this website: The Bronies

Yes, the Bronies. We’ve selected many users on this site to induct into our very own “Brony Hall of Fame.” Each person inducted will have their names engraved, and will stand forever time as legends.

Without further ado, here is your Brony Hall of Fame, class of 2014!

1.) For his contributions towards the Sexualization of Derpy Hooves, we award our first inductee…

Gaben the Troll!

Congratulations! We shall induct more users soon.

Last edited Jul 25, 2014 at 09:09PM EDT

Twenty-One wrote:

Groan, don’t make me get serious you guys. Talk of Gaben ends now, leave him alone. Posting the contents of a PM for all to read is a pretty dick move

He said I could though

Twenty-One wrote:

Groan, don’t make me get serious you guys. Talk of Gaben ends now, leave him alone. Posting the contents of a PM for all to read is a pretty dick move

Hold up guys, the entry moderator is gonna ban us. Better get serious.

Fine then, sure, but I’m still putting my foot down on the Gaben conversation. Leaving it would only make things worse in the long run. If we just drop that conversation now, then you can get on with the brony posts, no harm done.

Last edited Jul 25, 2014 at 09:58PM EDT

I told him that it was likely the thread wasn’t all about him, but I could see how he could get suspicious considering the first post was about him (especially right off the back of the last thread). Him calling Blubber was uncalled for, and I’ll mention that to him. No one is in trouble, so you don’t havee to worry about this lowly entry moderator banning anybody. Blubber is not in trouble. BZ is not in trouble. No one is in trouble. All I ask is that the conversation ends here so that I can stop being super serious, since everyone hates me for it, and you can get back on with the thread as it was originally envisioned.

Taryn wrote:

I just want to know why Random 21 is acting like he has authority in the forums when he has absolutely none. Anyone else wondering why that is?

But what if there’s a discussion about entries in the forums? Does a forum mod still have more authority there?


BZ, I would appreciate it if you didn’t associate us with a lesser and less-priveleged human being (black and fat) like that.

Next time stick to the status quo, and depict us as slim white ass motherfucking homosexuals. Thanks in advance.

Taryn wrote:

I nominate Harshwhinny. Not only does he have some of the greatest brony comments, he’s also a mod.

It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

Oh great. Now I’m panties for Gayburn.

Captain Blubber wrote:

watching our esteemed mod team try to make jokes is like watching michael j fox try to build a house of cards

And THATS why I don’t try! I just stick to what I do best, removing all fun from every situation.


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