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Suspend Your "Favorite" Moderator!

Last posted Aug 14, 2014 at 01:37AM EDT. Added Aug 04, 2014 at 08:35PM EDT
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Captain Blubber wrote:

fyi randomman cannot grant you custom titles, he lied to seem like a worse mod.

Yes, I have been lying. Punish me like the naughty mod I am. This bad mod deserves a punishment.

Guys, we should give each mod an equal amount of votes. That way, they will all get suspended, and we can flood the site with naked boobies and butts! XDDD lel

I vote Blubber though, just because I’m curious about what would happen to Riff-raff without him.

HolyCrapItsBob wrote:

Damn, I’m not even a close second? C’mon people. Show some support, you bastards.

why don’t you just use your forum mod powers and delete every vote that isn’t for you.

Disturbed B wrote:

I can’t decide! Everyone needs to give me a reason why they should be suspended. Whoever has the best reason to go will get my vote.

I agree, I can’t decide either. I might be thinking about voting for Bob sense he wants the support.

I believe we’re about 36ish hours into The Game (sorry about that), and votes/campaigning are dying down a bit.

At Harshwhinny’s suggestion, I’ll shorten the game a bit. The votes will end at 8:35pm US Eastern on Thursday, August 7th. That’ll keep everyone from losing too much interest but will give you enough time to recruit from other forums or areas of the site if you want or something. So you’ll have today and tomorrow.

It’ll also give me time to make sure the votes are right (not to doubt or be ungrateful to Harshwhinny,) and it’ll give me time to send word to the admins that evening or Friday morning so they can deliver the suspension vacation.

Also, it appears that I am not popular enough to be voted for.
I’ll be over here in the shame corner.

Disturbed B wrote:

Nobody has given me a good reason why I should vote for them. I’ll just wait until the last day in case there’s a tie-breaker.

Your posts look a little spammy. I’d hate for someone to see ’em and ban you.

…they will never find your IP ._.

RandomMan wrote:

Seeing Blubber’s buddies suddenly switching votes to me, I’m voting for Blubber, to keep the tie close and the contest on.

Just keeping it a close race, man

Lil B wrote:

Just keeping it a close race, man

Blubber was one vote ahead, both you and Spider changed to me (+ 2 me), and then I voted Blubber (+ 1 Blubber).

So it should be a tie again now.

Last edited Aug 06, 2014 at 06:10PM EDT

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