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Last posted Mar 06, 2010 at 08:24AM EST. Added Mar 05, 2010 at 08:12PM EST
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Seriously, I was on my way home when this guy suddenly asked me for money(equivalent to 1$), when I asked him what he wanted it for, he said a cup of tea. The guy looked kind of poor so I gave him the money. He then takes the money, wraps the bill around a stone or something, and throws it in the woods. I was like WTF dude, then he starts talking to his watch, so I ran home. Thing is, this guy is still lurking around my street. What should I do?

This dude is like stalking everyone. I recently enjoyed some fine alcohol = Courage! Anyway, I was thinking of a wooden object, tonight and hero. The X + Y = Z, so to speak. Anyway, the cops would just talk to him. I can’t let that guy trick someone for money again.

It was snowing, and I went to the gas station, so I got out to pay for gas, and I saw a crow pick something out of the snow, it was a dollar, so I chased off the snow, and went to pick it up.

and after wards I pay for gas, the clerk was a crack addict, and rip a dollar exta off of me.( my theory is they do this to one in every 5 people, and that is like 20 extra bucks at the end of the day.)


Well, earlier today I realized that I was going to be late for the Echo Party. An Echo Party is what some friends and I call this game we play; we each wager a bit of money and throw rocks into a dried up well we found in the woods. Whoever’s rock is the loudest and echos the most is the winner and gets to keep the money.

Anyway, I noticed I had no money on me, so I asked a passerby for a bit of cash. Understandably, he asked what it was for. I was in a bit of a rush, so I mashed up the words as I said them; “Echo Party”. I don’t really know what he heard, maybe “a cup of tea” or something. So he gives me about a dollar’s worth of money, with which I wrap up a rock I had picked up earlier, and throw it as far as I can in the general area of the well, hoping my friends notice and see I haven’t forgotten. Then my watch alarm goes off, reminding me to meet up with everyone for the Echo Party in thirty minutes, and I feel like a fool: I had misread my watch before, and the party wasn’t for another half-hour. Annoyed, I grumbled at my watch, “You could have gone off before I begged a random stranger for money…”

I just hope the guy I asked wasn’t too put out. If I ever run into him again, I’ll have to pay him back with my winnings from the Echo Party.

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