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How do you know when you're a KYM addict

Last posted Apr 03, 2010 at 11:54PM EDT. Added Mar 24, 2010 at 02:48AM EDT
73 posts from 20 users

1) You frequent KYM.
2) You made a KYM version of each meme.
3) You only befriend people who contributed a lot.
4) KYM is in your bookmark
5) You say “+1 work” and something similar in this thread
6) You actually went to one of KYM’s event
7) You chat at #knowyourmeme almost everyday
9) The only deadpool meme you actually like are “Hai guise I’m using KYM” and “Camoawam”
10) You actually know what “Camoawam” means
11) You pronounce meme as “meem”
12) When a person IRL starts “So I saw this meme in 4chan…” You reply “where are the derivatives?”
13) You rage when people force memes… IN KYM
14) You know how to triforce

15) T rolling in your wall is common
16) H a! Ha! You’re using the internet
17) E very japanese dance memes, you can dance too…
18) G ET memes are not memes
19) A MV’s aren’t memes
20) M AD’s are just YTP with music
21) E ach KYM member’s real name are stored in your Internet stalking database

22) You just shat brix and you lost it…
23) You know whether anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like
24) You know who was phone
25) You raged at ED’s entry of KYM and how they “use newf*** for their profit”
26) You went to ED to troll them
27) You can’t reach every part of your teeth
28) You actually tried reaching every part of your teeth
29) You are laughing/raging (ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…) right now
30) You know the oldest IRL meme
31) You copypasta-ed all possible copypasta… in your mind
32) You made a farewell thread even though you’ll go back eventually
33) You rage when you get a minus one in your status
34) Whenever you rage never finish what you swore (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)
35) You somehow have interest in candlejack…
36) You know Pedobear and his friends
37) You didn’t notice there’s no #8
38) You just noticed that by now…
39) Read #29. I’m lazy retyping that
40) You wonder how awesome this link is
41) You LOL-ed at the above link coz that’s a trap; here’s the real link
42) You scored 1M in Robot Unicorn Attack
43) You memorized the whole lyriHARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE~!
44) You memorized 4chan from [a/ to /x]
45) You sided with either ninjas or pirates
46) You know Approval guy’s real name
47) You stalk Jamie Dubs
48) You say the list thing is lame and make your own list
49) When you say Jack Candle’s name two times you are bound to be kidna~ALL GLORY TO HYPNO~HNNNNNNNNNNNNG
50) You a~

Last edited Mar 24, 2010 at 03:23AM EDT

That things lame Ima Makin my own list!

51 you have literally been on KYM a full 24 hours just to ban the above user…

(sad huh)

52 You came back from the dead just to make sure KYM-tan wasn’t lame.

52 when taking note during class two pages are up KYM and a random word .doc to make it look like you’re paying attention

53 even thought it’s 4:46 AM you still stay up and post to show your “awesomeness.”

Last edited Mar 24, 2010 at 05:48AM EDT

57) Check the KYM forums every 5 minutes to see if anyone has bumped.
58) You’re bored and have nothing else to do when no one bumps.
59) You worry about looking dumb and edit your post, but then you worry that people will see the “last edited” at the bottom.

Last edited Mar 25, 2010 at 03:22AM EDT

65. Your friends constantly ask you “hey, are you owner of that stupid Meme website yet? You’ve been on there long enough.”
66. You constantly compare the Tabby and Boxxy pages and try to determine which one is hotter.

75). You obsess over making sure everything you Post has perfect Spelling and Grammar to ensure you don’t make a fool out of yourself.
76). You delete any of your Posts that get a -1 Rating.
77). You made the Cake for Skankin Streetlights’ Weeding even though it was virtual. Later, you gave your Cake-baking Duties over to someone else and failed miserably at healing Courage Wolf’s Mindcrushed Brain. Later, you donated (what was left of) his corpse to Science because you feared that you would be shunned by the KYM Community for Killing Courage Wolf.

78). You get angry when you see that your Post was DOWNVOTED by somebody….
79). You take #78 way to literally.
80). You can appreciate the Bitter Irony of how (at the moment) my post containing #76 has a -1 Rating for some reason.
81). You can identify the 404 Girl in a Crowd.
82). You idolize Jamie Dubs
83). You understand both Moonspeak and 1337 speak.
84). You spammed “Desu” on Gabe Cele’s Profile.
85). You hacked YouTube.
86). You know everything there is to know about 4chan, even though you’ve NEVER ACTUALLY GONE THERE. (See also: Vlad)
87). You Ragequit from Chatrooms
88). You use “OMGWTFBQQ” at least one time every day.
89). 75% of the time you spend Typing these Posts is spent searching for Typos.
90). You have prevented a Threadjack.
91). You know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT TOUHOU, forcing you to go “Yes, I know EVERYTHING about Touhou. Yes, I’ve beat every single game” on the KYM Forums. (Also see: Vlad)
92). Everything you know about Touhou comes from the KYM Forums, Ran Ran Ru, or YouTube comments that you don’t really understand.
93). You have caught a Wild MissingNo.
94). You consider Bill Cosby to be KYM’s version of God.
95). Everything you know about Roza Madien comes from KYM’s/Whatport80’s Desu pages. (Also See: Vlad)
96). Your favorite song is a YTPMV.
97). You have made one or more YTMND’s.
98). You whistle and/or hum the tunes of YTPMV’s.
99). You once thought a YTPMV of a song was better that the original version of the actual song.
100). You are the creator of the 100th “You know you’re a KYM Addict when you…” Variation.

Last edited Mar 26, 2010 at 07:43PM EDT

101). There is a Framed Photograph of Weegee and/or Pedobear somewhere in your House.
102). You take advice from Courage Wolf.
103). You take advice from Advice Dog.
104). You can relate to how Luigi feels.
105). You dressed as a Black Mage for Haloween once. You cast Fira on a Person when you didn’t give you Candy.
106). You dressed as Luigi for Haloween once. You got tons of candy, and got in a fistfight with a Sonic fanatic.
107). You went a Pedobear for Haloween once. You didn’t get any Candy. Also, several people used MACE, a Tazer, Pepper Spray, and/or Tear Gas on you.
108). You dressed as Weegee for Haloween once. Everyone on your street looks like Weegee now.
109). You have Rick Roll’d someone.
110). You Rick Roll’d someone in Real Time.
111). You know how long Longcat is.
112). You check your Ceiling for Ceiling Cat every night before you go to bed.
113). You fake your knowledge of Touhou, and you are good at what you do. (Also See: Vlad)
114). You’ve been here for a Month and still don’t know how to: Italize Fonts on KYM, Insert Photos into Forum Posts, and Upload photos without sending them to some kind of Meme. (Help me please.)
115). You have no Facebook, no Myspace, and No Twitter, but you DO have a really good reputation KYM.
116). Your childhood Idol is Jamie Dubs.
117). You compare yourself to Agent Smith due to the fact that you spend so much time on the Internet.
118). You start making refrences to obscure Internet Memes in your “Real World” Conversations.
119). You can’t remember the last time you saw the Sun.

Last edited Mar 26, 2010 at 08:23PM EDT

World 2? The Desert one? With the Dancing Palm Trees viewable on the World Map?
120). You can remember that there are Dancing Palm Trees viewable from the World Map in World 2 in Super Mario Brothers 3.

121). You can cosplay any scene from any video game ever made.
122). You tell Vlad to An Hero himself after he finaly got Touhou and then (since Vlad sucks at Frantic Shooters) decided to play on Easy Difficulty.
123). You notice that the numbers in #123 are in the correct order.
124). Your car has a Meme-related Bumper-sticker(s).
125). You can imitate the Announcer from DOOM flawlessly.
126). You own a Weegee and/or Pedobear Mask.
127). You can properly spell the Names of every single Pokemon
128). You use your Laptop so much that a few keys have fallen off of it. (I showed that F11 Key who’s Boss.)
129). You say /b/ at least once every day.
130). You can Soviet Russia a phrase on the spot.
130). You noticed that #130 is repeated twice.

Last edited Mar 27, 2010 at 12:57AM EDT

131). Fun Fact: Vlad didn’t make it past Level 8 IN GALAGA. He doesn’t stand a chance in Touhou (if he owned it that is).
132). (Attempt 9000) Vlad: Oh look! I’ve reached the Level One Boss! I’m going to make it this Time through! (Killed) Oh well, I made sure to stock up on lives-

133). You noticed the Meme Inside a Meme that I put into #132.

138). You become Impatient When nobody posts on the Thread you like to post on for 14 Hours.
139). The Line between Friday Night and Saturday Morning becomes Extremely Blurred because of how Late you stay up at Night.


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