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Have You Ever...?

Last posted May 25, 2010 at 05:25PM EDT. Added May 03, 2010 at 12:10PM EDT
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No, I do that without intending to.

Have you ever forgotten about a 2-Page Essay you have to write on To Kill a Mockingbird over the weekend when you needed to do it and do it all in your Study Hall the period before your Advanced Language Arts class begins?

No. Did you ever go to Yellowstone National Park (OH GOD NOT THE SULFUR SMELL FROM THE GEYSERS) over the summer and not have Internet Access for two weeks (OH GOD THE PAIN) and then come back to a bunch of “Where are you Vlad?” Messages on your Wall?

No. I’ve never seen the Rain because I spend so much time on my computer (BTW: What’s a Tree?) But I HAVE seen Choclate Rain.

Have you ever defeated Dr. Caulder on Mission 26 (Sunrise) in Days of Ruin?

If I say yes to that Question everyone would consider me a Monster who doesn’t belong in this world. So I’ll say No to it…ALRIGHT FINE! Yes! Yes I’ve wanted to do that! What did you expect from a Person named Vlad who has a somewhat malicious Spirit as their Avatar?!

Have you ever gotten an A in your History Classes throught all the time you’ve been in school?

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Maybe, (sniff) maybe. But I have yet to meet troll that can outsmart Ban.

Have you ever not had an idea to post on a Have you ever Thread?

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Yeah. It’s kinda obvious.
Have you ever read something that someone else posted and thought, “Wow, this guy should’ve known that”?
I did
Today, after reading Professor Metallica’s post.

Nah. Those things are myths.

Have you ever had a dream that made absolutely no sense at all? (I.E. Getting chased into a swimming pool by a giant rooster?)


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