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Favorite Bands That Aren't Mainstream

Last posted May 22, 2010 at 04:55PM EDT. Added May 19, 2010 at 10:34PM EDT
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I’m fairly sure Passion Pit is fairly mainstream. I determined this watching a palm pre commercial, screaming at pitchfork reviews, and drukenly stumbling around the house for a few hours. Freaking scientific.

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Liking non mainstream things is too mainstream for me.


Also whys the OP got negative karma, let me fix that..

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I like:
Animal Collective
Vampire Weekend
Passion Pit
Hot Chip
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
David Baaawiee
Grace Jones (Ok I’m getting a bit carried away here now)
And many more…
And come on, if you just listened to Lady Gaga on the radio she sounds just like any other thing on there, and nothing like her apparent inspiration Bowie.

I is proper hipster.

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Three, randomly selected, bands in my favorites folder in itunes, that, I suppose, depending on what circle of people you associate with,
what taste you have
These MAY or may not be familiar to you

(indie cred defended)




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Pretty much the most legit Acoustic/Indie band ever.

One of my fav songs by them

I’m not gay, but I’d probably bone both of them. That’s how amazing Glen Hansard’s voice is.

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Wow, some people who like music similar to me!? ON THE INTERENT!?! CAN IT BE!?

Well now, I have to say this is a pleasant surprise; alot of forums I’m on pretty much all the users are Metal heads.

Personally I listen to ANY type of music provided it sounds genuine and real…has some grit ya know? Over the top preppy (like, I dunno, corny western music) or overproduced/mass produced (like say, Boy Bands) are the only thing I don’t touch.

Bands already mentioned that I enjoy:
Passion Pit
Hot Chip
Animal Collective
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
David Bowie
LCD Soundsystem
Anthony and the Johnstons (I should really be listening to more of them to be honest)
The Avalanches

Bands that haven’t been mentioned that I enjoy
Queens of the Stone Age
Republic of Loose (Really great Irish band that REALLY can’t be held in any genre: Youtube them)
Bat for Lashes (Kinda of similar to La Roux, more soulful)
Girl-Talk (Gregg Gillis is the Lord and Master of the Mash-up)
Justice (They’re unique, but you had to force a reference point thing somewhat Daft Punk)

They’re literally hundreds more bands I like but I won’t mention them all; I’m one of these guys who goes more from song to song than band to band.

Also, people should check out either Soma FM’s Poptron (just google soma fm) or Donal Dineen’s Small hours for some really amazing music (

Non-mainstream? I just listen to almost anything. I’m very eclectic lol

Well I scrolled through my iTunes and I guess these would be a few of the bands that wouldn’t be considered mainstream but I don’t know. I just know that no one I know really listens to these guys:

Blood Red Shoes
Evergreen Terrace
Neutral Milk Hotel
Sea Of Treachery
Street Sweeper Social Club

There’s many more non-mainstream I listen to I’m sure

Oh, and also Super Mash Bros. They got sick mash-ups, better than Girl Talk for me.


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