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National Joker Day

Last posted May 24, 2010 at 02:56PM EDT. Added May 23, 2010 at 10:27PM EDT
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okay, i have decided to honor heath ledger from Dark Knight by making this holiday. we celebrate it on the 22 of January(day of his death)by painting our faces looking like the joker.
on 1/22, i will create the thread J J J Jokerface J J Jokerface(lady gaga anyone?) in which we post pictures of our face looking like the joker. now, i have some instructions below
1. go get red, black and white facepaint.

2. paint face white first, then paint around your eyes black and then give yourself the wicked joker smile with the red paint.

3. post picture of yourself and then post it on the thread.

4. make a bunch of dark knight quotes.

(optional) color your hair green if you want.

keep the pic in your folder till the day comes.

now, i hope everyone marks this on their calenders. if anyone wants to add to the holiday, be my guest.
remember, 1/22 2011

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squints is your avatar a warthog or a landmass??

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this is for next year. i’ll remind you guys on halloween then new years and then i’ll send a couple of you guys a message the day before so you can remember. then i’ll make JJJ Joker JJ Jokerface thread where i’ll post the first pic.


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