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Last posted Nov 04, 2010 at 01:19PM EDT. Added Sep 02, 2010 at 10:52PM EDT
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alright, this thread is to discuss your most recent dream.

alright,for anyone who actually finishes reading about my dream i will give you 9001 internetz.
okay, i was naked and it looked like i was about to take a shower when my sisters hot friend came in completely naked too. now i thought, “cool, i’m having a wet dream,” so i told her “want to suck my dick?” but then she said no and ran out. now what sucks about this is that this was going to be my first wet dream but my subconscious didn’t even allow the wet dream to commence. :(. alright, then i got dressed and and realized my phone was nowhere in sight so i asked my sister where it was and she said that she didn’t know but i got a package in the mail. so i opened it to read a note card that said that my phone was at a hospital. i also got a phone tracker. so i tracked it to the closest hospital and i found my phone where the electric area is. you know, the place that powers the hospital. anyway, i found my phone and it was attached to some kind of device but i didn’t really care about that at the moment so i just took my phone but as soon as i did the machine made a ticking noise so i got out of their as quick as possible. when i got to the front of the hospital, there was news vans and reporters talking about terrorists threatening to blow up this hospital. then i realized that i set the bomb. i freaked, i ran away from the hospital as fast as i could until i was at a park. then i looked back and saw a big fiery explosion. i woke up, my mom told me to wash up and eat dinner. then i took a shower, and now i’m telling you about my dreams.

tl;dr i had a wet dream but it was a false alarm so then a hospital blew up.

Sep 02, 2010 at 10:52PM EDT

In b4 Book and/or Movie

Sep 02, 2010 at 10:59PM EDT

MS Paint skills… ACTIVATE!!!

Sep 02, 2010 at 11:12PM EDT

Sep 02, 2010 at 11:50PM EDT

My dreams are more entertaining.

Sep 02, 2010 at 11:59PM EDT

I had a dream I was naked in bed with this blond chick and joey from yugioh… uhhhh

Remember that one dream I had about the bus? and stuff? heh, yeah.

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Sep 03, 2010 at 01:56AM EDT

I had a dream slenderman put his arm through snoop dog wearing the tracksuit the bride wore in kill bill then I played world of warcraft.

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Sep 03, 2010 at 05:28AM EDT

Meh i have loads of weird dreams.

Melting old people with water guns.

Flying UFOs through a shopping centre.

Being pinned down to my blue bed in a blue room as i stare at the blue cieling where blue lines connect curiously out of place yellow dots. (Somehow, that one terrified me.)

Sep 03, 2010 at 06:36AM EDT

One time I had a dream that I was in a tower made of ice that had 7 layers and I had to fight through them all. One of the layers had a pool and a lady in a bikini with a whip.
I had this dream when I was twelve.

Sep 03, 2010 at 06:27PM EDT

I hate dreaming about games, I always rage quit.

Sep 03, 2010 at 06:48PM EDT

No, playing Coh is a nightmare.

Sep 03, 2010 at 08:47PM EDT

I had a dream this was me…

Sep 03, 2010 at 08:49PM EDT

I had a dream that I went around in a taxi shooting people, then I saw a news report of what I’d done, then I went to prison.
It convinced me never to kill someone, EVER

Sep 04, 2010 at 04:12AM EDT

One of my favorite dreams was one where I walked into an inn and began chatting with the innkeeper. Out of nowhere, I hear a woman’s scream, and I inquire the innkeeper about the scream. She just keeps talking about other things. I look down and see that my arm is bleeding. The innkeeper says nothing and rushes me into another room. I hear through the wall the conversation that the innkeeper and I were just having. I woke up with the idea that the scream I had heard was me in the future being murdered by the innkeeper, and the bleeding a hallucination of where I’d be stabbed.

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Sep 04, 2010 at 06:07AM EDT

A week ago I had a dream where I was playing a crossover between LoZ 2 and Super Mario World. Link was the hero. The final boss was Ganon from LoZ 3 (so to speak). He sat in that smiling propellor vehicle from SMW and throwing bombs at me. To beat him I had to redirect them to him. There were also pits in the level. After I threw the last bomb at him to defeat him, I fell in the pit, but I still got the happy ending: it was some drawing art from LoZ on the gameboy where some mildly animated hentai between Link and Zelda was shown. Then I woke up.

Yeah, I know. I dream weird sh*t.

Sep 04, 2010 at 10:49AM EDT

Has any one ever had a dream were you are about to have sex, but you never do??

Cock block dreams suck hard.

Sep 04, 2010 at 11:04AM EDT

Would you LIKE to have sex in your dreams and discover that you have to change your underwear in the morning?

Sep 04, 2010 at 11:07AM EDT

No, I dont worrie about that since I usually move somewhere else and do something random, like focus an hour on opening windows.

Last edited Sep 04, 2010 at 11:08AM EDT
Sep 04, 2010 at 11:08AM EDT

No usually I get pissed off at delaying it, and than I realize I am dreaming, and than I rage quit my dreams.

(matter of fact the only dream I think I hate more than these is that dream were you wake up in a cave full of spider eggs waiting to hatch, god I hate that one.)

Last edited Sep 04, 2010 at 11:23AM EDT
Sep 04, 2010 at 11:20AM EDT

I had a dream that Portal 2 was released and I was all “GDHSLGDKA YAY.”, but it only had co-op mode and nobody wanted to play it with me, thus making it unplayable. :c

Worst. Dream. Ever.

Sep 04, 2010 at 02:02PM EDT

@Gigio, The Racer

Sep 04, 2010 at 03:24PM EDT

Last night, I had a totally awesome dream. I was on a theme park ride not unlike Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I was just riding along through a dark tunnel with the other passengers, when suddenly my car disconnected and started heading down another tunnel entirely. It was decorated to look like a graveyard, with fake fog and even a cut-out Grim Reaper at the end hovering by a mausoleum. There was also a cut-out murderer just in front of me, holding a knife. My car passes the murderer and starts going through the cemetery. All the headstones say the same thing – “RELAX.” I hear a thumping noise behind me… The cut-out murderer was following me. I never saw him move, but every time I looked behind me, I’d see him closer. And closer. And closer.

I eventually arrived at the Grim Reaper and his mausoleum. The car stops at a pentagram painted at the base of the mausoleum, before the doors open up. Fire. Lots of fire. I jumped from the car and hid, trying to see where the car was going to go. So I looked at a low angle from the door…

And I saw Satan.

Sep 09, 2010 at 06:53AM EDT

I had a dream where everyone switched their usernames and avatars. I was extremely confused when Jamie started trolling and Omomon started locking threads…

Sep 09, 2010 at 10:19AM EDT

I had a dream that I went to Disney World. Except that there was a semi-hurricane so we had to leave. Except that our car got a flat tire so we had to call a taxi and drive from Orlando to St. Petersburg racking up an $80 cab fee.

Except that this wasn’t a dream and this really happened ten years ago.

(Anyways, I usually dream about kittens.)

Oct 07, 2010 at 02:37PM EDT

I had a dream where I had a penis and I was fapping with it.
And then, when I woke up…

Oct 07, 2010 at 08:24PM EDT

i dreamed that i was dreaming a dream about a dream that was also about a dream

Nov 01, 2010 at 11:56PM EDT

Hey Octopus, this thread is a month old.

Nov 02, 2010 at 06:01AM EDT

I had a dream where I was with my cousin. We were in a classroom filled with students. Everybody besides me were smoking. My cousin then said, “It’s like a smoking orgy.”

I woke up and effin’ lol’d.

Nov 02, 2010 at 06:10AM EDT

I had a dream the other night, where I for some reason started right outside of a grocery store. While sitting there, chillaxing and stuff, one of my friends called Victor call me, and tells me to buy minced meat. So I ask him why, and he is outraged, reminding me that his wedding with another of my friends camed Christine, and that they needed minced meat for dinner at it. He also told me he had accidently told the cake guy to send the cake by mail to my apartement, and that I was to bring it with the meat.

So I walk in to the store, and find a large pack of minced meat. I go up to the counter with it, and take up my wallet to pay. It’s empty. I walk back, seeing as how the cashier didn’t see me, and hide the large pack under my T-shirt, even though you can clearly see that there’s something under there, but i get out fine.

So I rush to my apartement, meat in my hand, when I burst in to my part of the building, wich for some reason is the same size as a room on a cruise boat. When I come in and see the cake, I notice that my roomate is having sex with it. I punch him in the face just as he finishes, and starts running with the cake to Victor.

Then I woke up and was like “WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DREAM?”

Nov 02, 2010 at 08:57AM EDT

I had a dream that I was in a barber shop. The manager called me to his office.
Next thing I know I’m being assraped on the floor.


Nov 02, 2010 at 05:24PM EDT

You are browsing NYM. All of a sudden there’s a strange noise and all the words you see are replaced with “NOT THIS”. You make a thread to ask others if it’s a hack, but you can only type “NOT THIS”. You look at your keyboard, but all the keys spell "NOTTHISNOTTHISNOTTHISNOTTHIS… " You scream. The next thing you know, you are in your chair, face lying on keyboard. Thinking to yourself you just had a bad dream, that you spend too much time on the internets, you turn around. But there is an old woman standing behind you. “Who are you? How did you ge- ….” But you can’t finish; she opens her wrinkly eyes wide, and you realize they are completely black. All of a sudden you can’t move. She opens her mouth, and screams so loud your ears hurt:


Nov 03, 2010 at 04:16PM EDT

I keep on having dreams that I have more than 2 cats and I have more than 3 hamsters.
I only have 2 cats and 3 hamsters, but these dreams are insane.
Most of them are about me not having enough cages for like… EIGHT of them, and I have to make them live with each other, praying that one one kill the other.
I also had a dream in which there was this boat that was transporting cages of ferrets and hamsters, and my point of view was me being on the boat, being part of the crew.
Then Team Rocket attacked the boat and my point of view changed. They started throwing hamsters overboard, and my point of view changed to one of the Rocket Grunts.
It was very unnerving, and when I woke up, I cried D’:

Nov 03, 2010 at 04:52PM EDT

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