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If KYM was a videogame...

Last posted Nov 15, 2010 at 08:33PM EST. Added Sep 07, 2010 at 12:49PM EDT
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what would be the plot?
who would be the main character?
would it be a platformer or a something else?
who would be the villain?

me personally,
the trolls have siezed the KYM castle and all the members have been either kicked out or killed.
i think mellow and watcher should be the main characters, you know, being able to choose between male or female. with chris the pimp abra and Omomon as side characters. and the choice of choosing two more of any member in kym.
i kind of want it to be an rpg where you battle all kinds of memes like pedobear and slenderman while upgrading your weapon till it reaches over 9000! then the climax would be all the members are trying to get there castle back from the trolls. you know, an epic battle between good vs annoying. then how you played the game and what choices you made will affect who dies at the end. it could be morgan(which would be the most emotional one) or some other member of equal importance. also, what would your character look like?

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Well, of my preference, the game would be kind of a variety between genres, but mostly 2d platforming. You wouldn’t be anyone currently on the site, and your quest is to find a treasure that will give you untold power (aka. a rickroll, trollolol or a note that says “the game”).
On your journey, you will meet several people trying to stop you, those being members of the community, all with challenges related to them. The final boss protecting the treasure will be the cheeto. And there’s no way to beat him.

Only with the Konami code.

Oh yeah, and the game shouldn’t contain any texans :3

if KYM was a video game it would be this:

BUT…. my video game would be a shooter, TORENOROSE has taken over the world and the only person that can stop him is the cheeto. As taking role of the Cheeto, you must go through the site fighing evil baddies.
The game in later levels starts messing with your head and keeps showing 404 and 500 errors, then the game takes you to the sites HTML code where the battle against TORENOROSE takes place. The only power that can stop him is over 9000 Tommy Lee Jones attacks. then the game ends.

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No, no, no. The main character of an epic such as this would be the KYM anon image:

The epic will sort of be a video game adaptation of Tristan’s awesome story meaning that it will probably be something along the lines of an adventure game of sorts.

Though, Omomon’s idea of having the game as an RPG is pretty interesting as well.

Maybe it could work something like the Suikoden video game series wherein which you can collect party members along your way as long as you can find them in the many different areas in the game, the members being the countless number of users on the site.

Samus Aran, Master Chief AND Isaac Clarke are trapped inside USG Ishimura, with a bunch of things that are made from a combination of Flood, Metroids and Necromorphs. Also, Ishimura has been taken over by GlaDOS, who used Portal technology to create an wormhole system connecting all worlds, and is using Suiseiseki as an energy source, since GlaDOS needs A.D.A.M. to maintain the fusion between the “races” since she made it using a derivate of plasmids (somehow slugs that live in deep sea can fuse races from different plans of existence). The final plot twists are that Samus is a special kind of Big Sister that has free will, which was created to protect Suiseiseki, who is not only a “super” Little Sister(all dolls are prototype versions of Little Sisters, and Rozen was a high-ranked employee at Aperture Labs), but also part the metroid who used to be Samus’s “daughter”; Cortana is an updated version of GlaDOS; the Monolith is actually a different kind of Halo; Isaac Clarke (and his girlfriend) created portal technology (way before the necromorph incidents), but they accidentaly teleported the device capable of controlling it to another universe, where a crazy dude found it, and the events of Portal played out. Oh, and Rapture was funded by Aperture Labs. And USG Ishimura is jumping from universe to universe while this happens. And the game allows you to play after the story ends, because after they destroy USG Ishimura, they somehow end up in the Zone(the one from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.). Did I mentioned everyone in the ship is going insane(including GlaDOS)? I challenge you guys to make this plot more confusing(or awesome). TL;DR: Blame GlaDOS.

Omomon’s idea combined with Stoffe’s: RPG, with a changeable character system (Like FFVI or VII). Characters, other than the main, are regulars; Watcher would be a berserker, while I would be a monk (I love the monk class).

The bad guy who converts near the end of the game and joins you would be Sweatie Killer. why Sweatie? Because he created the final boss…


the only way to beat him is to make him lose the game first, and once he is defeated, he turns into


who has OVER 9000 HP. Once you beat him, KYM is free and no-one ever writes crappy articles on non-memes again.

And Mellow becomes Queen.

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i would be the first boss and you can only beat me with the leaf shield but first you have to collect 1000,2000,200, and 5 clocks in bttf the video game, toast toast that was already toasted, while simeltaniuosly dumping in your kitchen sink. Then, when your kitchen timer hits 88, attempt to stick a game boy cartridge into your model 3 (only model 3) genesis. Then, beat battletoads in 5 seconds WITHOUT game genie and kill chuck norris with one hit. Then you MAY beat me. (Loss will end in repeating all of that)

alright, the common enemies would be deadpooled memes while the tougher enemies will be nice submission memes and confirmed memes should be boss battles. ALSO!!! the level before the castle would be 4chan’s /b/ place. and the boss for that level is desu. you must dodge the desu attacks desu. and the way you can tell she got you is when you end every sentence in desu desu. OH SHIT desu.

Actually it would be full of anime, furries, eurofags, amerifags, no one really cares about asia or africa since they cant afford internet, gay hitler nazis, etc.

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I have recived it! An early copy of it! So, first and foremost the game takes place in Manhattan during the invasion of the Technodro- wait. Wrong. Now on to the real game. The game begins with an opening cut scene of Shadow falling from the sky with that damn 4th Chaos Emerald. Then the game cuts to Chris Menning who has stolen all of the Hentai of KYM and made it his own. He then hides under a Double Post on /b/. Then the first level starts and it is revealed that you can switch between three playable characters. Omomon who is strong but slow, Vlad who is Fast but weak, and Ramses who dies in one hit but carries the ultimate in badass creations, a burreta 92SB. You then learn of Chris Menning and his diabolical plot. To use the power of the Hentai to spread a disease known as Menninggitis. Then, Pikachu comes and begins humping a frog. An egg appears and you find the first boss. A Tentaquil egg. Big whoop, right? Wrong. The egg then hatches revealing a Battery powered, spring operated, Tentaquil. It then spams Hydro Then, in a suprise appearance, Shadow falls on the boss. You then play as him, and can only lay bombs. Once you defeat the Tentaquil, shit happens which I won’t explain for spoilers sake.


Why am I fast and weak? That’s the Scout, not the Engineer.

Achievement: Get 1000 Sentry Kills as Vlad, unlock the Level 4 Sentry.

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Deatomizer Mk4/9

Carbonizer Mk16

Strike Rifle

Shrieker (It shoots guided rockets of radioactive biomatter.)
Radiation Grenades
Other nuclear weapons.

Lastly, a bladed parasol that fires nuclear blasts.


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