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This is interesting.

Last posted Oct 06, 2010 at 06:07PM EDT. Added Sep 08, 2010 at 10:30PM EDT
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Would the outcry be nearly as loud if one were to burn any other holy book, I wonder? It’s doubtful.
While I do not support Islam, I do think that the action of burning the Koran is a very poor substitute for an argument. You don’t see me burning Bibles or Korans or Toras because I disagree with their teachings. Nor do you see any other rational person doing so. Perhaps he could try something less pointless and unnecessarily offensive?
Speaking of offensive, those Muslims who were burning the American flag were also being unnecessarily offensive. The only reason someone would burn a flag, besides the ritual flag burning used to dispose of soiled or worn American flags, is to be as offensive as possible to the target nation’s residents. So why, then, do they resort to unnecessarily offensive acts to express their views and then get angry when others do the same to them? That’s extremely hypocritical.
In all honesty, this whole situation seems rather ridiculous to me.

Dammit! My stupid school laptop blocks youtube videos from playing, but I’m guessing it’s about the ‘Burn A Koran’ day thingy going on in America? I saw it on the News last night, and to be frank, this is the most stupid thing I’ve seen in a while. Yeah, I get it, some terrorist group claiming to represent Muslims worldwide hijacked planes and crashed into the World Trade Center to A: get revenge on all the lives taken in the Middle-East, and B: to go to heaven and get shitloads of virgins. A terribly stupid act that ended the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Firstly, burning Korans will not only anger said terrorists, but Muslims around the world. Proper Muslims, that know the 9/11 Terrorists are going to hell and do not support them in any way, will be extremely offended. I mean, burning anything sacred and holy to any peoples is just downright disgusting. That goes to Christians, Muslims and Jews alike.

Secondly, this would outrage Extremist Muslims possibly to a point of a further Terrorist attack. Or a “Burn A Bible” day in another country, leading to more and more hate-fueled events.

I myself am not a Religious person, even though I have family members that are Catholic, Muslim and Buddhist. But this comes down to simple respect. Korans (Qur’ans) are holy books which Muslim people consider the writings and teachings of God. To burn something of that importance to people is a way to get a hell of a lot more enemies.

Humans need to grow up and have some goddamn decency to each other.

i don’t get news from TV/Internet/strip clubs/applebees, i just make up my own news. like yesterday was the first day of the out lawing of all religions, and today the word nigger was redefined to now be put in all greetings of small children.

I live in Florida, and I must say, this just degrades the state into being filled with moronic racists. You can believe what you want, but to burn a holy book to one of the largest religions? Thats insane. And to make up a lie that you solved a problem (aka, the New York Mosque Controversy) you get worldwide fame and immense power. Its just insane.

rant start
my people’s holy book gets burnt all the time and we don’t get news stories.
the difference? they get a misconception that they all have bombs we have a misconception that we’re crazy
rant end
It people like this that get me more annoyed than anything In the world what good does burning a Koran do? nothing and no matter what I do to say we aren’t all like those people it still gets blamed on the likes of me.

it’s like yesterday, we had a debate in one of my classes over this. Some moron said “I say we kill all the religions and extremists off they’re all evil!”
which would mean HE would have to kill himself too.

rage rage rage rage rage
ok I’m over it

what a hillbilly that guy, someone in the middle-east is going to burn a bible and then the pastor will get mad and say he had a reason to burn the koran


Actually I removed my comment above its rather pointless immature and hateful, anyways some Islamic guys gonna do it just for the lulz anyways.


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