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Lets all hop into my time machine

Last posted Sep 24, 2010 at 01:00PM EDT. Added Sep 23, 2010 at 06:27PM EDT
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I was wondering, if you invented the time machine and brought your past self into the present, would you then have memories of being in the future? Would you have them all your life like a weird loop?
Would you forget them? then remember them when you make the time machine?

What if something happened to your younger self while you were in the future, like you die or something. You would end up missing in the past, but your future self would die.
What if you shot yourself, would you remember being shot right before you died?
Going back in time is dangerous because you could change something, going into the future I think is a safer bet.

Also, if you had this time machine, where would you go and what would you do?

Personally, I would go back the early 90’s buy a basement full of dunkaroos and sell them online.

head asplodes

This is a MAJOR overanalysis, although a very complete and logical one.

I would prefer to go to the fututre, personally. I could cause an infinite loop of technological advancement if I brought back a hovercar from the future. This would eventually adavnce cars so much that teleporters were invented in 2007.

Depends on what time travel theory you are referring to;

If its the one where its one full timestream, I would go back in time, use a videocamera to document evolution in high speed, and come back to the present and own the entire Catholic Church, Glen Beck, and the state of Tennessee.

If its the idea that time is split into many different copies of one another, I would go back in time and punch every major political leader in the face, just to piss them off.

I’d go back in time with a game-boy color, and give it to some genius like eddison or einstein, to see if they would take it and advance us even further into technology, or set us back because all they did was play pokemon.


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