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so im new in town

Last posted Nov 01, 2010 at 10:16AM EDT. Added Oct 28, 2010 at 09:56AM EDT
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Welcome aboard, Levi!

You should take some time and read the rules and FAQ about this site and posting on the forums. There is also a thread for newbies that you should check out, as well.

As far as changing your title, start making useful contributions to meme entries/forum threads and you can be as powerful as the Emperor itself.

Karma does absolutely nothing (ask Sweatie Killer about it)

More or less, it just lets you know if anything you contribute on the forums is liked or not. Typically, funny posts will get you more Karma. If your username is Mellow, Jamie Dubs, or Chris Menning, well…

Suddenly Karma! Thousands of them!

Hey, Levi! Welcome to the site. It’s nice to see new faces around every once in a while.

To answer your question, karma is completely useless. It doesn’t really affect anything. All it does is show how many of the other users like your posts.

Of course, like BSR has mentioned, there are certain individuals who have made plenty of interesting and/or hilarious posts in the past that they automatically receive karma for nearly every post they make nowadays be these posts interesting/hilarious or not.

The same goes for people who have made constant bad posts in the past. Some of them regularly receive neg karma for nearly every post they make now.

So, what I’m really trying to say is, if you really care about it, be wary of how you post on these forums if you want to receive a good amount of karma and stay smart with every post. You’ll do just fine.

Moving on, though karma is useless, the karma system itself has a purpose. As Stoffe has mentioned, when a post receives five downvotes, the post will get hidden. The purpose of this is to filter out bad thread posts without the aid of a forum moderator or community manager.

Hope I’ve been of help. Have a good day, Levi, and enjoy your stay on the site.

Hello Levi, IF that is your real name, and welcome to KYM, and to a better extent, The Internet! The land of Noobs, Trolls, 1337’s, furries, /b/tards, and just about damn near anything else that your parents would be ashamed of. We will do our best to assist you in taking your side in the eternal jihad of all the many meme-sub cultures, and to have as much lols as you need.

Let’s not pick on anyone here. How would you like to be in angrypwnzer’s situation?

Anyways, as has already been mentioned, read the FAQ and rules, maybe lurk a bit and you’ll fit right in.
Welcome to the site.


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