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Guess what I just got....

Last posted Nov 22, 2010 at 07:14AM EST. Added Nov 20, 2010 at 06:37PM EST
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I got a original Nintendo, with the original Zelda,all Mario games, a SNES, and a N64 with the expansion pack ,and golden eye.

I had a game cube, but I sold it for 10$ since its about worth that.

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I remember bying a Gamecube for £50. I used to love it. Best console ever, for me at least. Too bad so many people didn’t like it. I’m looking out for that yellow giant game .

Omomon wrote:

i got a super 8 camera
with a videotape in it already and yep…
it’s 10 year old porn.


Or vintage porn, one of the two.

Holy Granola wrote:

Yes, just got my first game for my snes! Starfox!

May I recommend some SNES titles?

Soul Blazer series (soul blazer, illusion of gaia, terranigma)
First 2 Lufia games
Super Metroid
LoZ: A link to the past (the original is MUCH better than the GBA remake, trust me)
Super mario World
Super Mario All Stars (A collab of all four original SMB games)
Final Fantasy 2 and 3 (Final fantasy 4 and 6 in japan, respectively)

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ILuVKDyEr wrote:

I still have my Genesis and NES. My brother sold our Dreamcast and its games though. I liked Shenmue and Resident Evil Code Veronica a whole lot.

I miss my NES…I still have my N64 however! The drama ):

@Jamie I remember coming home one time after trying out the playstation move (Months before it’s release, with a bunch of cool swag to show for it.) and seeing the VGcats comic about the kinect. It was all “Hurr durr, kinect is just wii” and i raged, because The Move is the rip off of wii, not kinect, which I heard actually works, and has the potential to gain a lot of support. (kinect not move)

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The thing that sucks about old systems is that you cant play online with them, the thing that sucks about them even more is the fact that they got the only games worth playing online.

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