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Funny things you did as a child

Last posted Dec 04, 2010 at 12:49PM EST. Added Nov 26, 2010 at 07:29PM EST
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Ask your parents about something you did funny as a child that you don’t remember and tell us, ex: I was talking to my dad the other night and he told me about this one time, when I was around 3 or 4 years old, that I put my cat in a backpack and then put in a dresser drawer (i always locked my cat up some where when I was done playing with it so I could find it later as a small child, don’t know why) my dad had walked past my bedroom door and he saw me sitting 5inches away from my t.v., in my underwear, eating a block of cheese(I had taken a whole pack of kraft singles and stuck them together) and he said “What are you doing?”, I just starred at him for a moment then went back to watching t.v., then heard the cat meowing and let it out and started laughing.

I think I was either three or four when I decided to write my own fairy tales. The only one I remember was called The Good King. A group of poor women cannot feed their babies for lack of money, so they go to the good king with their babies to beg. The good king says that only one of the women will have her children fed. Each of the women present their cases to the good king. Then the good king chops up all the babies and feeds them to his dogs.

What? Why are you looking at me like that? It’s political satire!

Are you (at least partially) German, HoH? Because a lot of German fairy tales have gruesome twists like that.

It’s all fun and games until a little elf comes along and eats your baby.

I watched the East German version of Rumpelstiltskin the other day, and the morals were pretty much “money corrupts you. You work for mother Russia.”
And also that a little creepy fucker would climb in yo’ windows and snatch up yo’ children if you didn’t like being in jail.

This version only has that pedophile leaving when his plot to kidnap a babby failed, but the original had him so angry that he tore himself in half.

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Sweatie Killer wrote:

I kicked Hitlers ass, because I am mother fucking Russianess, thats why!

I didn’t know you are a woman.

I did a lot of stupid/funny things when I was a child.

One thing that comes to mind is when I was a kid (don’t know what age but I’d guess 3 or 4), I went up to my mom with something in my mouth and she wanted me to spit it out. It turns out, I put rocks in my mouth for some stupid reason.

Also, I used to walk around my old village with big sticks coz I thought that was the cool thing to do. Knowing Teddy Roosevelt’s famous slogan now, I can safely say that I was right.

Oh yeah, and I also used to call McDonald’s “McDonuts”.

Oh, childhood… how I miss thee.

This didn’t happen to me but it did happen to my sister. We went to the pumpkin farm and my sister wanted this big white pumpkin (she was about 5 or 7). So she carried it to my dad and, she could barely hold it. So he says “we can get that pumpkin if you want just go and put it down somewhere.” Knowing my sister she has to carry it everywhere or someone will take it, and so she walks off drops the pumpkin and, there is pumpkin all around the ground where she was and on her shoes. So my mom grabs her and runs away acting like my sister really wanted to go in the corn maze. My dad on the other hand grabs my brother and they walk off in the complete opposite direction. We tell this story every year at my sisters birthday. (I wasn’t born yet… funny as hell thow!)

Also my mom forgot me in a pot head music store once though.

I was throwing around a baseball with a friend, then a black dog passed by and started trying to get the ball from us, the ball got thrown between my legs just missing my crotch, the dog runs after the ball, I get head-butted in the crotch so hard that it makes me do a flip.

When I was three, my mother made a batch of cookies and unwisely left me alone with them. Apparently, I took one and bit it, but I didn’t like it, so I put it down and tried another one. And another one. And another one. When my mom came back, there was a plate full of cookies each with one bite taken out of them.

I walked in on my parents once. I just stood there in the doorway lol’ing. For, like, 12 minutes. My dad was all like, “Shut the damn door and get outta here son, get back to bed. FUUUUUUUUUUU-” My stepmom just turned the color of a thousand tomatoes.

They never had sex again.

Ashbot wrote:

I was throwing around a baseball with a friend, then a black dog passed by and started trying to get the ball from us, the ball got thrown between my legs just missing my crotch, the dog runs after the ball, I get head-butted in the crotch so hard that it makes me do a flip.

Sounds like every episode of America’s funniest home videos.

When I was teething, I would bite on the edges of coffee tables and doors. My mother thought she’d remedy this by putting hot sauce on my favorite biting places. However, this backfired on her, as I ended up liking the flavor and not only was biting on said places, but now sucking on them as well.

I love spicy foods.

My neighbor when i was five was a retired porn star… I got scared one day because i thought i was left home alone. It turns out my sister was asleep… and well I decided to go next door. (And for all you perverts nothing bad happened to me she was a very nice lady… SHE GAVE ME COOKIES!)

ILuVKDyEr wrote:

Banged my stepsister before our parents got married. Same thing happened with my friend Bryan. lmao

THAT was my back to KYM suprise….?

Travis went back ta skewel, at least we got to see him for thanksgiving 8D

When I was about 7, I would constantly ask McDonald’s if they had ‘smashed potatoes’

>> if they had ‘smashed potatoes’
>> ‘smashed potatoes’
>> smashed

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I used to walk around and flip peoples ears, screaming while I did it. I also used to say “I’m black and I’m proud!” All of the time. And I’m not even black D:
I was a weird kid apparently.

I think at the age of 5 or 4 I was addicted to the show wheel of fortune. You couldn’t pull me away from that show. This is how I learned my alphabet, because I would repeat every letter they said. I also had one of those wheels that if you pulled the lever that it would spin and make a farm animal noise. Apparently I got so excited that I pass out asleep.

@Jeane, I was actually referring to the time I hit Tyler with that brick. She was pretty banged up after that.

@Caps, I had wheel of fortune on SEGA Genesis….. I didn’t know how to play it though so I cried and shut it off.

My father’s a basketball coach. I found it funny to try to walk on to the court while they were playing. I was almost trampled many times. (I also found it funny to ask my dad what was the color of so-and-so’s clothes or that object over there. My father’s colorblind.)

And my brothers and I were just plain weird to begin with.

I think we might have been high on something that night.

This wasen’t as a child but about a year ago.
I was talking to my coushion on facebook and I started saying stuff backwords.
I often said indeed but When I wrote it backwords I said deedin Instead of deedni.
Her reaction. :|


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