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KYM RPG Weaponry/Skills/Items

Last posted Dec 07, 2010 at 07:28AM EST. Added Dec 03, 2010 at 07:22AM EST
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Jack Candle wrote:

Thin Peel: basic armor
Thick Peel: upgrade
Tough Rind: upgrade
Heavy Rind: max defense

No Pulp: basic weapon, shoots Orange Juice
Low Pulp: upgrade
Med Pulp: upgrade
High Pulp: max attack

That’s not a meme….

In order to stay true to UBOA’s roots, he must only be able to be summoned when the character summoning it is asleep. However, it requires a lot of magic and it’s a higher level summon. This is what I believe should happen.

Of course, Shoop da Woop and Mikuru Beam have to be techniques.

Banhammer – only able to used by a character who is Mod-class. A heavy-hitting weapon.

Also, a watermelon slingshot. It deals damage to both the enemy and the user, but deals a good amount of damage. Actually works more like a whip. The animation for it shows the person holding a slingshot big enough for a water melon, shooting it, the watermelon hitting them in the face, while the sling itself hits the enemy.

Vuvuzelas can also be a weapon. They are sound based and have a 30% chance of confusion.

Powerbook – An equipable spellbook. Used for troll-type summons.

Goggles – they do nothing

Brushie Brush – 30% chance of putting enemy to sleep

Eh Marine! – Technique. Single-slap to enemies head. Knocks them down.

Surprise Buttsex – Technique. Self-explanatory

Kittens inspired by Kittens – Spellbook. Used for cat-based summons

Will They Blend? – technique. Only usable with a Blentech blender. User stuffs enemy into a blender.

tl;dr – Spellbook. Used for summons inspired from copypasta.

Aretha’s Hat – Raises magic stat.

Ooo Wutcha Say – Technique. Chance of one-hit KO

Robe and Wizard Hat – Raises magic stat.

Card Crusher -Technique.

I’ll probably have more ideas later.

Last edited Dec 03, 2010 at 02:34PM EST

Meatspin (skill) – Sets targeted opponent in a hypnotized trance (lasts for 1 round).
1 cup (item) – Gives the player +5 strength (lasts for 5 rounds).
ROW ROW, FIGHT DA POWAH (skill) – Takes away 75% of all current opponents health points. Requires level 50 rage.

Mama Luigi’s Stone Football. Legendary Item, can cause massive damage and has a high critical hit rate, but costs a lot of MP.

The Mikuru Beam contact lens. Found in a later dungeon and is equipted like a Pokemon TM to a certain character. It has a high hit rate, damage ratio, and Critical Hit rate, but uses up half the characters total MP to use it.

Also there shouled be a dancer class that can learn dances like Carmelldancen and Hare Hare Yuaki.

Last edited Dec 03, 2010 at 03:20PM EST

The Game (item) – instant game over upon pick up.

Falcon punch (skill) – instantly kill an enemy but can only be use once an hour.

cheezbugr (item) – summon a lolcat to fight a target of your choice.

proxy (skill) – instantly resurrect every time you die.

Oclaf wrote:

Who the Heck Downgrades all the Posts in this Thread?

It happened in almost all of the threads, from what I’ve seen.

And now, relevance.
If I am still safe in my position as a midgame boss, I would like to drop a Heat Vision jewel.

Bang Install (summon)
When summoned, Bang Shishigami will appear and activate his Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan, powering up the entire team and dealing moderate damage to the enemy.

Trollface (item)
Will start trolling, dealing damage over time.

Double Rainbow (summon)
Will heal the entire party, filling HP to the max as well as removing negative status effects and will revive fallen teammates. You will also hear “Double Rainbow all the way!”

Green Man (summon)
Will distract the enemy, causing them to be paralyzed and open to attacks.

Waffles, don’t you mean carrots? (item)
Throw waffles at opponents. But when they go to eat them, the enemies transform into carrots.

Cup of Rage (item)
When used, it will increase the attack power of the intended target.

Dat Ass (summon)
When summoned, an ass will appear in front of the enemies and they will have sunglasses on now. The sunglasses blinds the enemies.

Jesus (summon)
When summoned, Jesus will get the team into the car while he deals with the enemies. If the enemy is a lion, Jesus instantly kills it.

George Takei (summon)
Calls enemies a douchebag. That’s right, a douchebag. Causing all enemies to resign from battle.

Cake (item)
Poisons enemies as it is a lie.

Last edited Dec 04, 2010 at 02:19AM EST

Magnets: Causes the enemy to become confused, damaging themselves.

Rick Astley (Summon Character): Out for one turn, causes enemies to become enraged, increasing their attack but lowering their accuracy by a lot.

Antoine Dodson (Character Summon): Out for one turn, hides your teammates, increasing their chance of critical hits, and lowering chance of being attacked.

Paul the Octopus: (Character Summon): Out for one turn, decides one random PC to have all of their stats increased by X%.

That’s all I can think of right now.

angrypwnzer wrote:

Should shoop da whoop be a cannon, or a spell?

Spell, cause the cannonballs are inert. The cannon is controlled by piccolo.

Last edited Dec 05, 2010 at 11:52PM EST

Invisible Gun: Wepon: Acts like a regular gun, with the added effect that you can take it into No Wepon Zones.
Large Breifcase of Money: Item: Alows you to screw the rules, and attack as many times as you want during that match.


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