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Fable 3 (Help)

Last posted Jan 06, 2011 at 12:24AM EST. Added Dec 30, 2010 at 04:30PM EST
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Before I say anything read these first
- I have already read the guide and it doesnt help, shut up.
- This is the only forum I use and Im not joining ign or some other shit just for this reason.
- Yes I have googled/yahood/asked Jeevs, so dont start.

I am at the end of the game. I am queen of Albion and have to make 6,500,000 gold to save the people durring the final battle.

My problem is that I am good and not evil. Being good puts the money you have saved in the negative, while being evil lets you easily stack up gazillions of dollars. So I have to sacrifice my people for the sake of being good :/

One of you can help me out. Is there some sort of twist to this? Do I HAVE to let my people die? Can I still continue the game if I don’t make up the money??

Thank you, and go easy on the neg karma, Im only asking a site full of good users and friends for help.

I haven’t actually played fable 3, but it is anything like 2 just buy everything(if you want to be really nice about it you can set all the taxes to the minium), wait afew hours, sleep is a great way to do that and than by morning you will have more money than you will ever need.

I am watching the Fable III Walkthrough this Period of time.
The Walkthrougher Investment his Gold on Buying Shops from the very start of the game (if you buy them, you earn more Gold on Daily Basis, now he owns all the shops in the game)
He also Married a Rich Woman! ;D

In the End, he Deposited the most of the Gold he collected (through Investments) in the Treasury (Look at 50:00)

Unfortunately for your case, if you don’t have enough money to Investment, you have to chose the Evil Way.
There is a Time limit until the War, isn’t it? I am afraid that you won’t manage to Earn enough money through Shops until then! :S

Last edited Dec 30, 2010 at 05:00PM EST

Thanks for the help.

My weapon is just the standard hero sword fully upgraded.

And @Oclaf, I can still finish the game the good way but it will cost me the lives of many people if i don’t have money, however i will still be loved and honorable to my left over people, and to those I made promises to. Im sure its nothing but I just wanna do everything perfect and have a clear conscience lol.

Again, thanks all.

@Bad Girl, I finished it the other day. You CAN go on and finish the game without the money, but yes, all of your people will die, and they will hate you for it. Your true followers however will be forever indebted to you and will gladly serve you. I call this ending SACRIFICE. It’s a lot similar to what The Boss does for her country in MGS3. Sacrifices all of her honor, glory, and her name to save what she loves and stands for. Though this seems cool it sucks. I recommend earning that money before progressing any further. Because if you don’t you will have to deal with a bunch of ungrateful peasants bickering and bitch about you for all eternity. Unless your up for befriending EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ALL OVER AGAIN :)

Actually the good way is to break your promises and do the ‘bad’ thing, because in the long run it saves lives and preserves the civilization, while the ‘good’ thing costs out the ass and takes away from being able to fund, raise, train, supply, equip, and lead an army, which includes the ships and the artillery as well. But at the beginning of the game I bought every house and shop, set taxes to highest they can be 200% and did the good option while saving everyone.


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